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  1. Has anyone tested whether the stores drag bug is still present? Curious to see if it was patched. Wags had made a comment about it's fix in a youtube video, but I didn't see it in any patch notes.
  2. What are you trying to shoot with a 45 degree loft? And what Mach are you starting at? 300kts is CAS in the HUD, which is dependent on altitude and other factors. When it comes to launching anything, you want to be as close to or above Mach 1 as possible.
  3. You can click and drag with the mouse super quickly as an interim solution until and if ED decides to change it
  4. They usually require new bug report threads for new issues.
  5. Adjust your altimeter to QNH.
  6. No. Not with the long version at least. I was testing against an SA-11 with snowdrift, and an SA-15.
  7. I did a whole bunch of testing. Although there seems to be no difference in burn through range, the Long variant seemed to consistently break locks more quickly, perhaps allowing you to stay in the threat range for longer.
  8. I thought so, but I checked again, and seems it was $1470 Eur.
  9. I ordered the day the pre-order went live. It looks like the price went up even higher after I ordered, so I consider myself lucky in that regard. I truly hope they can make the 200 unit pre-sale, or even more, in hopes of the price either staying the same or coming down. $2K USD inc. shipping is pretty hefty, and the $3200 Eur is going to be even more out of reach for most.
  10. It's always bothered me that this isn't implemented. It's such a small thing, but so iconic.
  11. So other than the PDLT, which Wags announced will come later, are the other JHMCS systems coming this update?
  12. You also don’t need to hold DMS. A short press is fine.
  13. You don't have a track, so they'll probably tell you to post one. #1 sounds like a binding issue. Perhaps the afterburner detent binding setting that can be used for those without a throttle detent? #2 - The HUD would be in the wrong place - do you mean that the content of the HUD was off of the screen? Check the wind. The HUD will offset based on wind conditions, but it can be locked on the ICP if you want to with the Drift C/O switch.
  14. The tutorial isn't borked. Something in your bindings is.
  15. These sound incredible! Hope this makes it into a future patch!
  16. Wags mentioned the HTS is not a possible mark generator. You can use the TGP to mark the SPI though. Or radar or whatever.
  17. Yeah, that’s the only way I was able to get it to work after usacop’s suggestion above. I never use A-A mode, only ever MSL for quick swapping between A-A and A-G.
  18. I know it should work, but it currently doesn’t. I guess it’s still WIP though since it was moved to the wishlist section.
  19. Interesting. It works in A-A, but not in MSL.
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