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  1. +1 for ex-Yu. ;) Vietnam would be nice, Falklands too...
  2. Do you have Flat shadows? Try Low or better and see if it makes any difference.
  3. grunf

    Any estimate

    "Stable" version usually refers to non-beta release.
  4. This is not a bug but actually a feature, which may come in handy when you brag in front of your friends with your awesome flying skill. Since your friends want to learn from the best - you - they will ask for a track, which you will happily provide. Naturally, the track will only show you crashing on take off, and when asked by your friends to explain, you can act offended and blame it on the track.
  5. Looks like you have Easy comms turned on.
  6. Glad it helped. :) Of course, besides the "Time more" from example above, there are more ways to trigger the action, like unit or group out of zone, or in the zone, even by using the comms menu... Experiment, or ask if you need assistance. :)
  7. Not many helicopters have ejection seat. IIRC only Ka-52 (Ka-50 too obviously) has one.
  8. Yeah, works fine for me. The only time I couldn't communicate with my wingman was in some of the Viggen's missions. Resaving in the mission editor fixed the issue.
  9. Try RAlt-\ For Ka-50 it's listed as SPU-9 PTT in cotrols.
  10. You have to use "Start" triggered action, and trigger with "AI push task" action.
  11. Check "Uncontrolled" option. Activate them with Start triggered action.
  12. LOL yeah, but fortunately that is not the case. If you wanna see some fireworks, replace Hueys with Longbow Apaches. :D
  13. It seems they are not attacking because of the night time. When I changed the time to daytime, helos attacked, infantry returned fire. One other thing, IMO it is better to have the last waypoint (the one with the attack action) to be further away from the target, gives the AI more time to prepare for attack. But in your case that my not work because you want the helos to follow the terrain...
  14. You can add "Attack group" advanced waypoint action to the choppers, like on the screenshot. The ground units should fire back on their own. No need to mess with ROE etc for a simple attack.
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