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  1. hey there, yes you can use a button as profile modifier. In my case, I´m using the HOTWAS Warthog and use the Boat Switch as modifier to cycle between 3 Profiles which works like a charm. But setting it up can be a bit tricky
  2. RS Mapper enables you meanwhile to create key combos for everything possible Combination. In your specific example RAlt + Home to start the right Engine. Let me know if this is what you´re talking about
  3. The developer seems to be LOA, what precisely are you trying to do? If a specific keybind is missing in the Game then you can just add it and assign that added function to the RS Mapper...but I think you mean something else, do you?
  4. Hey there @BIGNEWY are there any Infor about Carrier wake? I´ve tested it 2 days ago in 2D with settings all maxed up and the wake looks good from the top down view (even though a bit short), but from the actual approach perspective its still not much usable. In VR its even worse. Is the wake still under development? Thx in advance. regards
  5. The Standard Civilian Units in the Infantry Category are considered a module now that cant be found even though they are part of the core Game. Is that already known?
  6. for those who are interested, I´ve added a section on my Tutorial Collection with Casmo´s Videos about the Apache. The list is in a more logical order, have fun...he explains many interesting stuff. If you want to navigate from the frontpage, use the "Modules" Tab from the main menu. The Apache icon will bring you to the quick info page. http://www.dcs-tutorial-collection.de/contents/pages/AH-64D_Casmo.php#casmo
  7. The DCS AH-64D Apache Section has been opened with the first Introduction Academic Videos from Wags http://www.dcs-tutorial-collection.de/contents/pages/AH-64D_tutcol.php
  8. Not that know of. But that'd be a good time to ask whether this bug as well as the Mi-8 MC is in any current Pipeline @NineLine?
  9. @BIGNEWY I´ve attached 2 Tracks to represent the still persisting NVG Problem. DCS is Vanilla Game, no mods installed. You need anything else next to the tracks? It is absolutely impossible to fly Night Missions with the latest lighting condition. As comparison I´ve also attached 2 tracks to represent the massive difference. What we see at Fullmoon night is sort of what I expect to see in a Moon less night. Can you please share the current state on this (as of my opinion) major issue? Thanks NVG TEST FULLMOON.trk NVG TEST MOONLESS.trk
  10. Hey there, I´ve integrated your Series now on my website. You can either navigate to it by following the Series button in the head navigation on my website, or simply follow this link below http://www.dcs-tutorial-collection.de/contents/pages/SA342_seriescol.php#wf you´ve got some very good Videos there. You plan to make some more? regards Memphis
  11. hey there @[WF]-Templar thanks for the Info. I´ve recently updated the Gazelle Section with 3 Videos of yours and will very soon update the Gazelle Tutorial Series with your Playlist. Thanks for sharing your content. regards Memphis
  12. Leap motion website was linked to the Utilities and tools Category in the Navigation. User impressions:
  13. Nope, just tried it a few days ago and Forests are still pitch black in low level (Helicopter) under the NVG on full moon, would be great if we can get some info about it. I will create a track from Helicopter perspective and attach it to my post. @BIGNEWY
  14. @BIGNEWY Just stumbled about the same issue, is that an already known issue? It still persists in latest Gameversion
  15. I have a similar issue and want to create a Thread in the Bug Forums about it
  16. First 2 customer made Videos by Tricker and Growling Sidewinder for Mi-24P have been updated on the Website, have a look here
  17. We absolutely need that, we also need the ability to multiselect Units and Objects and move them around, the current System is sooooo much limiting.
  18. No reason to say sorry, @BIGNEWY, we know that and if an issue appears to be urgent to us then we can still contact you just like I did a few mins ago and your response came in immediately which I highly appreciate. You´re truly a great Community Manager. Thanks
  19. OK, thanks. Thus I think its no stupid User Error but really a bug on the dedicated Server, would be great if we can have a confirmation that this is a known issue @NineLine, have you heard anything about that?
  20. Hello, I´m struggling with an annoying issue with the Dedicated server since 2.7. I have it installed on my own machine. I´m using it when I want to fly with a few Friends only, so no big and huge Missions. But since 2.7 I have the Problem that the server runs a Missions that ran sometime before. Even if I stop the server and actively stop it. As soon as I run another Mission it is automatically running the same Mission as before. Any hint what I can do about it? Screenshot and logfile attached, thanks for taking a look into it... I hope that it just a stupid User Error rather than a bug dcs.log
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