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  1. Useful, thanks, should be part of DCS core.
  2. Pretty map, performance not so great though, which is a pity. I am not interested in tweaking settings every time I change maps, my other maps give me a solid frame rate after years of tweaking, now I suffer tweaking fatigue, so I need a break from tweaking for a few years. I will put it back on the shelf for a few months and try again later stage see how it pans out. i7-9700k, 32gb ram DDR4 3200, Z390 mainboard, DCS NVMe drive, 1070ti.
  3. 2004 with my warthog HOTAS won't let my PC sleep or even just let the screen timeout unless I unplug it. The problem irritated me so much I rolled back to 1909.
  4. When did the moon get fixed/improved? Looks much better now.
  5. I have altitude hold and attitude hold assigned to a HOTAS switch (LASTE: ATH--ALT/HDG--ALT on the warthog throttle), I have found that when I enable "synchronize cockpit controls with HOTAS" if that switch is left in altitude (UP: PATH) or attitude hold (DOWN:ALT) it freezes DCS when starting with a hot start.
  6. Also experienced this on the PG at Qeshm, reports as Krasnodar.
  7. Also experienced this on the PG at Qeshm, reports as Krasnodar.
  8. Rowan


    Brilliant thanks.
  9. Rowan


    I have had the C-101 since day one basically, didn't like it at first so I ignored it for a long time, came back to it recently and the progress on it is outstanding. I really enjoy it now.
  10. Rowan


    Please could you add a throttle Idle Detent binding that works the same way as the A-10 or F-18, the toggle doesn't work that well with a warthog throttle.
  11. If I use a X:COCKPIT ARGUMENT IN RANGE on the ejection seat lever it needs two clicks to register a disarming. Is this normal?
  12. Massive fps hit at Nellis, 35-40 fps, poof, gone. Other places up north on the NTTR seem ok. Haven't tried McCarran but it's probably as bad there too.
  13. It keeps happening to me all the time in 2.5.6, not a once off thing.
  14. I cannot believe I just read comment like this on the ED forums, disgusting to say the least.
  15. Personally I am not overly impressed with the new cockpit, but your post made me think perhaps it's because I only ever used to Ricardo's HD cockpit mod and have forgotten what the vanilla cockpit looks like. I feel the same way about the new A-10 cockpit and there I also only ever flew it with the RICARDO's Horse of War HD Worn Cockpit. So perhaps compared to the vanilla it looks great but against the mods it's just meh.
  16. I have no idea, I have never seen it before, and I have flown this mission a few times over the last week or so. I was watching it as I was flying, it does seem like it is a single T, so the "shown twice besides each other" is probably correct. Didn't know that "Airport ATC Radar" was even a thing in DCS tbh.
  17. Picking up a Tarantul 3 Molniya [TT] on the RWR on openbeta The only ship in this mission is the Stennis.
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