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  1. Nice work, that it, Didnt see until now been busy this weekend :thumbup:
  2. MI-8MVT-2 Cant equip president S, I think only the MI-8AMTSH with the "dolphin nose" currently is the only operational variant with the system, however since they're able to model President-S hopefully if they ever update this model hopefully they could make the IR Jammer on our MI-8 functional.
  3. Just a little suggestion, but if you get the UB-32 launchers off the L-39C/ZA they're HQ models. Looks way way better, i dont know how to upload screenshots here, but i do have a picture of them on my livery pack. If you look at the third image you can see them on the helicopter. Its a bit weird these were never added to the module since the high quality models of the rocket launcher is available in the game, it wouldn't ruin the polish of the module as the LQ UB-32 launcher would. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2831505/
  4. Try "JF-17: Bring Back Betty" in the User files. It gives the JF-17 the US style audible warning sounds
  5. I've also experienced something like this. When I tried to use the JSOW in PP mode when taking off from the carrier I inserted the strike point to be on Bandar Abbas airport, I imputed the correct coordinates for that location (and checked they were correct multiple times) but then when I attempted to use the weapon, the HUD was telling me to steer away from the airport 250nm in the wrong direction. Tried it again but set the aircraft on a runway instead and it worked. I think it maybe a bug with the JSOW and CV alignment?
  6. +1 for this. ANd the An-30
  7. Its possible for a 3rd Party Developer not based in Russia to recreate Modern Russian aircraft as Russian law will not apply to them
  8. Will the JF-17 be able to use the AIM-9, or only Chinese AAM's?
  9. I highly doubt it, and even if it could fire the missile it still would be unlikely be able to go further off boresight then the current R-73 considering it doesn't use the modern JHMCS style BINS-SP2 helmet used by the SU-57 and SU-35S
  10. Wait until the Hot Trigger light on the master arm panel is illuminated and then hold down the trigger, missile will leave the rail after about a 1-2 second delay
  11. That would be pretty interesting, or even something like the P-3 Orion or TU-142 would be quite fun I would of though on the Persian Gulf and Caucasus map. Seeking out ships and submarines to sink them with torpedoes and mines
  12. Kind of a trivial question, but are the Overwing Vapors planned to be added to the J-11A, or is that something ED has to do to the SU-27P first?
  13. It would have it uses despite its downsides. Against a jet that gets a little too close trying to take you out you might be able to snag against a kill against him. Or if you know where a group of enemy helo's may be, you could always mask behind terrain, wait for them to pass and come up behind and hit them with your missiles. Theres not too many images of the R-60 on a MI-24P, did find this one though.
  14. You're referring to KA-50Sh "18 Yellow". That wasn't a test bed, that was a proposed upgrade that shared the systems of the KA-52, it had three MFD's with GLONASS navigation like the KA-52. Think SU-30 and SU-27. I believe it was offered to India but failed to meet Indias requirements.Though I would agree, I'd pay full price for that variant aswell. Though I doubt it would ever be done. KA-50 production has ended and I would assume the prototypes were scrapped (could be wrong)
  15. I've done the UAE livery for the AH-64D. Its practically identical to the US livery, just with UAE ARMY written on the tail Download link with the C-130 UAE air force https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3303190/
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