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  1. So I was trying to disable a ghost monitor in the display properties, now windows is running on a ghost monitor. All I got is a black screen...can't restart in safe mode. Connecting a second monitor doesn't help either. So how do I go about doing a hard reset to get my monitor back? Everything is black. On top of that, why are there ghost monitors in windows anyways? edit: fixed. Of all the things I had to do, this was a doozie. Reset my bios, plugged my monitor into my motherboard onboard display adapter and boot windows up to move back to the default monitor. Why does this garbage exist? This was supposedly fixed in Windows 11, yet here we are.
  2. I wouldnt recommend not using a sleep timer for your headset longer than 15-20 minutes. Some headsets will get burn-in if you let them idle for a long time, and on top of that they will shorten their lifespan.
  3. I reverted back to the original OpenOVR as it works 100% out of the box. OpenXR has been more hit than miss for me, that would be my suggestion. Someone was nice enough to pack the files into one bag, my turn to return the favor if you need it. openVR stuff.rar
  4. Hes suggesting going into your EUFI BIOS setting and enabling multimonitor support. I assume its an MSI thing but its been a while since I last seen my BIOS either. Ill give it a looksee.
  5. managed to find a lighter weight spring thats 40mm length and has a pull strength of 2lbs. seems to be working 100% and Im going to test it out on helis this evening to see if I like it.
  6. so any news? I might just do it myself this weekend when I get a chance. Take out a couple missions too and fix some stuff if not.
  7. Question: once upon a time, there was a video that mentioned removing the WMR home and replacing it with a smaller 12mb 3 sided wall that reduces the VRAM by almost another gig. Where can I find that info? Didnt see it in the original post. edit: nvm. https://www.skyspaces.app/ Install empty room and run WMR. Should load a new empty house that frees up a bit more ram.
  8. I dont even know where to start when it comes to finding this type of replacement spring. Guess Ill give slaw an email and see what I can do and report back.
  9. So I am looking to relieve a lot of spring tension on the rotation axes. To do so, (see the pic below) you need to adjust the tension marked as well as move your spring to this inner spring retention slot. My question is if anyone has been able to successfully decrease the tension to where its barely any resistance to turn the pedals? I know there has to be "some" tension to hold the wheel against the cam, but when I do relieve tension I have to recalibrate this whole unit. Right now I have the damper tension up high in order to keep the pedals from centering themselves but I dont believe it should be THAT tight to keep it from recentering.
  10. Honestly if you were to go back to the original, you would be better off and just stop updating IMO. I get solid 45 both eyes at max res in the Hind with this mod, and its great! You missed something the first time around from the sounds of it. DCS comes with all its runtimes needed to work, but you can get the rest of them from your windows update.
  11. I agree. Ive been able to refuel a2a since it was a thing in LOMAC, and the F-14 gave me the ability to flip the biggest FU finger to the tanker and shoot them down. Frustration = 110%.
  12. This could help some more ppl here. I went back to the old version of OpenOVR, and followed this video as well + kegetys shader mod. SmoothAF for me.
  13. All I had to do is add in an additional unit. Ill try to reproduce it today, but I did the Marianas counterstrike mission a week ago with an MQ9 acting as JTAC and they quit engaging anything. Ill try to get that done today.
  14. With the Hornet...I noticed that if B alt isnt holding like it should, then you have a slight movement in the stick that wont center. A small deadzone will solve that..I had a similar problem with my current stick as its very sensitive to movement, so I put a deadzone of 1 on both X and Y axes to neutralize that issue. Yes, its a $600+ stick, yes I have a deadzone for it in the hornet. The slightest movement away from center is enough to keep BALT from engaging.
  15. solution - it was OpenXR. Not sure what caused it, but OpenOVR isnt giving me any grief whatsoever now. I read a few ppl were having issues with the monocle recently with it.
  16. Also, not sure if people were having issues with the AH-64D with the monocle disappearing on them...but the fix for that is to put DCS VR settings to desktop and square in the VR menu. Ultimately the latest OpenXR is out of the question for me as the first iteration worked perfectly.
  17. ll give this a try and see if it works, thanks! Edit: yeah thats the stuff!! Works again perfectly and no troubleshooting involved...just turning on OpenComposite, drop these in the bin folder, turn off SteamVR in WMR, turn DCS on. Easier than waking up in the morning.
  18. Still cant get OpenXR to connect to DCS. Best I can get now is a black screen in VR. ANY chance to get the first version of OpenXR? It actually worked flawlessly before all these updates came out. Getting sick of DCS and VR as a whole.
  19. I also tried just renaming my dcs saved games folder and starting from scratch. My numpad 5 key just cycles in a clockwise circle at odd places in the cockpit, so its definitely in the main directory.
  20. Nope. The instant I recenter my view, the monocle disappears.
  21. my normal desktop resolution is 3440x1440 and this monitor is capable of 5120x1440. I normally keep it squared so it doesnt stretch out. I also keep it at 1080 because if I have it at 1440p, I am unable to click any boxes near the taskbar as the taskbar hides them.
  22. Just FYI the only time these change is when Im trying to get the monocle back. Tried ticking and unticking the monocle box in the Apache special options page. In the VR page, I tick Use DCS System Resolution to get the monocle to appear. The monocle appears at first with the aforementioned tick box unticked, but the view starts uncentered and the monocle appears...and when I center it disappears. The monocle stays when I have that tick box ticked.
  23. anyone having any issues in the apache, especially the monocle?
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