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  1. I don't suppose you could ask HB if it's intended to work that way?
  2. Is that the same or a different part to what I was asking about in this thread? https://forum.dcs.world/topic/301040-ground-crew-settings-unlock-how-to/
  3. The recently added AA missile panel is still in russian on the english version
  4. That seems like an unfortunate oversight. Are they at least going to give us a keybind to unlock it?
  5. How does one lower the gear in an engine out scenario? The normal gear handle seems to be held stuck. And is therefore unavailable.
  6. This still seems to be an issue
  7. Or is it a bug that the settings can't be edited even after fully powering down the aircraft?
  8. It seems the "Ground crew settings" gets locked once the CK is started... How can I unlock those once they are locked? Like for a second sortie etc
  9. You might indeed need to check your SRS settings, it's working fine on my end. I don't quite recall what combination of allow in-cockpit and whatnot settings you need for it though.
  10. with the current state of the elint system, I don't see myself using frequently enough to bother you about updating it.
  11. that might explain a few things... I had an incident once when I got shot by an SA-2 from straight ahead without getting a single lock indication on another note: is the CF elint library file up to date? I feel I've been seeing quite a few "unknowns" the last few times I've tried using elint.
  12. I did a elint recon mission last week, and it worked mostly ok... With the exception that it stopped registering new radars halfway through. It does seem to have a finite number of "slots" for radars, so it quite easy to end up filled up with friendly and aircraft radars. But another important step is to land and go into "BER" (stand-by) for the aircraft to save the elint data.
  13. we had someone run into something like this during a flight today, the C AUX would not enable no matter what. No dimmed lines and no filled circle. And they tried both XFER off and auto, neither worked.
  14. Make sure that: A) you're testing with the exact same loadout B) don't unsafe the trigger until you are ready to fire
  15. The new one does seem quite a lot clearer!
  16. While I do like the idea of this, I can't help but feel like it might have been better if there was some way to get more separation/differentiation between the original KM scale vs the added NM one. I just feels like it might be too busy with the new NM scale crammed into the same ring as the regular KM scale.
  17. Any plans for exporting plans to the newly added M2000 DTC format?
  18. Getting more range also helps. Staying around 6-8km will often mean a lot fewer atgms flying your way
  19. Is depressing the symbology select switch also supposed to bring up the flight page for both crew members?
  20. If your trigger uses modifiers, you may need to set up the same modifiers on the store button
  21. You set them to the "fly" position and let the computer handle the rest.
  22. this should help with that https://github.com/Quaggles/dcs-input-command-injector
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