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  1. If they gave MiG-21 Kh-25MP anti-radiation Missiles I'd pay a hefty fee.
  2. 10/10 would day one drop $180.00 on a Ju-87 Stuka/Dauntless SBD/D3A Val dive-bomber 3 pack.
  3. Not True, they teased an AI Zero over 2 years ago and have openly stated they will ship Corsair with a limited WWII Pacific Asset Pack. https://leatherneck-sim.com/2020/05/20/crouching-update/ "As we’ve mentioned a few months ago, our intention is to deliver the F4U-1D not only as a module but as an entire package containing a few more features, including an aircraft carrier and Ai units. Exact contents are not decided yet and they depend on many things, but apart from the Essex Class Aircraft Carrier we’ve been working on some ground units to build a very basic environment for the F4U-1D. A variety of such assets include the Japanese Type 89, Type 95 and Type 97 tanks, Type 94 truck (in a few versions) and the 25 mm Type 96 gun, 75 mm Type 88 cannons. A complete package of contents will be disclosed closer to the release date!"
  4. If the idea is to have as many players as possible, wouldn't supporting another FREE High Fidelity aircraft, lowering the entrance fee, be more a boon than a hindrance?
  5. Quiet in here for months, any breadcrumbs?
  6. I'd be interested in your thoughts on the artificial horizon, I find myself ignoring it most of the time due to inaccuracy.
  7. I love the Catalina, I really do, but if you're looking for more than an AI asset I don't think we're anywhere close to where we need to be with the Multi-crew technologies to satisfactorily make it a full fledged module. For WWII SAR Missions, Anti-Sub, Artillery Spotting ect ect, I think the OS2U Kingfisher is more practical and achievable currently.
  8. @Hiromachi Any breadcrumbs at all sir?
  9. I am by no means implying anything, just an honest question. Is this why most releases drop with the "paint kit" for the community livery designers releasing sometimes months later?
  10. Mav's would be a game changer for Tiger II in all honesty
  11. Everything? It's now one of the oldest modules. It needs a Blackshark 3/A-10C II treatment, and some of the bugs have been untouched for YEARS (see the now locked RWR thread).
  12. The Showboat would be a good choice, her Kingfisher crew is notable. On April 30, 1944, while flying off USS North Carolina near Truk, Lieutenant John A. Burns saved 10 airmen in one day by loading them onto the wings and taxiing a fair distance through 5 foot seas over to the submarine USS Tang. The abuse of the sea state on the pontoons caused the Kingfisher to take on water and Burns had her destroyed by Tang's Deck Gun. Burns, his Radioman, and the remaining rescued airman remained aboard Tang for some time as temporary crew members as she continued her war patrol before returning to Pearl Harbor.
  13. ED really needs to add a RN Seafire Livery to the Spit.
  14. China Lake was my first duty station, every time I fly out there and just see that sad half satellite image pasted on the desert floor i get a little vexed. There is ZERO reason for China Lake not being on NTTR, and since there's nothing down there that's almost an entire quadrant of the map that never gets used, its wasted space.
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