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  1. Best of luck to you and the group neck :)
  2. Laser fire, NWS on ground, and refuel gate reset if you get dced from da tanker ;)
  3. Check your view axis bindings in axis controls.. seems like something is bound out of place on the y-axis...
  4. Id say just play something else... this kind of post does not help anyone or anything... look at where the dcs series started... bs1 standalone i can see you probably started when i did.. look at what it has become :D just give it time
  5. for the su 33, Dock up and press autothrottle when your very close to the tanker`s airspeed. ( i use a reference point on the fuselage) if your slightly gaining on the tanker, reduce the throttle a little and disengange autothrottle and then reengage when you match and vice versa for gaining speed... makes it a whole lot easier
  6. Oh its there... only for AI but trust me its there... try going head to head with a couple of f-14`s 100miles out ;) also if i remember correctly the F-111 carries the phoenix.. but cant recall to have seen it in dcs
  7. Working as it should... when your HUD is SOI it should say not soi on both your mfd`s
  8. We need this one in 1.2.8 :pilotfly:
  9. +1 Cant you just make the BS2 upgrade serial work with BS2 installer?
  10. Awesome :D t-shirt and alpha... now that t-shirt gets a frame and a spot on the wall :D
  11. I find the dcs mustang to be "good" allthough i must say it doesnt even come close to A2A`s for fsx
  12. Im guessing that was a off topic scenario :) btw, be sure to know you have 3 or 4 radio menus to map as buttons... UHF,VHF AM,VHF FM, intercom? be sure to press the appropriate radio button... as UHF radio menu for wingman and VHF AM for example tankers
  13. So im fiddeling with using winamp with global commands in DCS... This proves to be a hard task for me so im turing to you for some advice :) Ive set winamp global commands for play/pause and volume with ALT+CTRL+SHIFT used as modifiers for winamp I get them to work in the DCS Main menu, but as soon as i jump in a cockpit, its not working anymore. i managed to get it working by disabling fullscreen and alt tabbing to winamp, and hiding it in a corner but then, as soon as i wanna click on stuff in the pit, the commands are disabled again :S works well for FC3, but not for the clickable pits.. Any of you managed to use winamp commands in dcs while its running in the background id love to hear from you :)
  14. Welcome to the fray :) hope you will have maaaany hours of study and fun :)
  15. Read closely :) he said he had flown 23 testmissions :P This is simple but very useful imformation :) thank you sir
  16. Im just guessing here, but doesnt this game use DX10? I would think windows 2008 only uses DX9... i might be wrong My money would be on upgrading your OS to win 7
  17. Must be some sort of settings in the plane irl right? i cant imagine the chinese/indian airforce listens to russian warnings in their 27`s
  18. Turned on laser range finder/Designator/Whatever thingie?
  19. Signed up for beta as well :) Lets hope for the best... 138th. Teejay
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