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  1. Thank you for the clarification AerialGloria about the rectangular button on top being a Radar Altimeter Hold compared to the more persistently used Barometric Autopilot Hold below .... I was basing my input on my experiences in-sim to date and not any documentation (since it's not documented yet). I guess it makes sense also that it (RadAlt Hold) would be used mostly for when using Hover Mode in the Hind to help relieve the pilot of some work keeping things stable. Again, thanks for the additional info.
  2. I do own the Mi-24P Hind Module... Upper control is a quick "Altitude Hold" or "Hold this Altitude" Push Button while the lower right circled panel is the Altitude Autopilot on/off control panel. You can command the helo autopilot to send inputs to the pitch autopilot to climb or descend the helo (within limits) by left or right clicking the (guarded) toggle on the Altitude Autopilot to the right of the "CHECK" on that panel. The Mi-8 Altitude Autopilot is pretty similar to this but controls look just a tad different. On the Altitude Autopilot, if you are commanding the AP to increase Altitude by right clicking and holding on the vertical (guarded) toggle you will see the horizontal indicator line jump UP above the centerline for as long as you hold the right mouse button down.. same in inverse for the descent by left clicking and holding with the horizontal indicator line dropping below the centerline. I noted that if I turn OFF the the Altitude Hold and turn OFF the Altitude Autopilot (so red light is showing) .. and then turn ON the Altitude Hold by pressing the ON Push Button on the Altitude HOLD it will automatically turn the Altitude Autopilot ON and the small green light will glow, as will the Altitude Hold "ON" Push-button. This was inconsistent in my testing.. some times I had to have the other three autopilots (Yaw, Roll, and Pitch) enabled before pushing the Altitude Hold ON would cause the Altitude Autopilot Light to go green (turn on). Parts of it may be still WIP ... Regards AldoUSMC
  3. This was run on latest public beta version. Set up an AI vs AI in same basic area of Syria Map .... doing a capture on Crocodile Hunting miz was taking too long to get in an engagement and track files were too big to send. UH-1 (AI Crew) was able to kill insurgents in the end on this one but you can see in the track and log files that it took between four (4) and (8) 7.62mm hits on each individual to cause a bda call then get a kill call. I'm guessing the one that only took two (2) (see log) was a lucky head shot. In the view it appears the insurgents are wearing flak or plate armor vests. So my guess is that the vests are absorbing some of the damage states ? I had to laugh at the end when the one (1) remaining insurgent (RPG guy) scored a long-range RPG hit on the helo and took it down after all that ... Hope this helps in tweaking infantry vulnerability to 7.62mm fires. Regards AldoUSMC UH-1MinivsTough_Infantry.trk UH1MinivsTough_Infantry.log UH1vsInfantry.miz
  4. Copy.. I have similar results with large caliber weapons ballistic .... 7.62mm no joy.
  5. The Front PKI Reticle is now operational... put your mouse over the lever on the right side of the sight and click to push it forward... now hold your mouse over the pivot point on the same lever and mouse wheel up or down.. and this changes the MIL settings of the sight.. when you get it to a reasonable setting you can now see the reticle in the sight reflector glass. Don't forget to "pull" the lever back to lock the PKI sight at this new mil setting. This is also a way (by the way) you can get the sight up and out of your forward field of view as the Pilot-Operator ... push the lever foward.. roll the mouse wheel to get it to max up position... click to lock it in that position until you want it later.. wallah ! You "might" have to reposition your virtual head to get a better view of it using the keypad numbers and ctrl keypad# etc to get your right eye where you want it.... Semper Fi AldoUSMC
  6. @Callsign112 .. copy that.. issue here I am bringing up is that apparently infantry currently are not being killed by Multiple 7.62mm bullet hits on them. Blast damage kills are working fine. @BIGNEWY I'll see if I can grab a DCS Replay track of it in single player.
  7. @BIGNEWY Track File as requested... Tacview-20211024-113946-DCS-Crocodile_Hunting_Ground_c.zip.acmi
  8. @BIGNEWY Hi.. I'll add a pic from a TacView Track showing multiple hits on infantry from UH-1H miniguns in Multiplayer... troops getting hit but not taken out. I'm guessing getting hit by a 7.62mm round once would/should take out a soldier for the purpose of DCS World while multiple hits should (IMO) put enough damage on them to get a kill for sure. We had a very difficult time getting them to drop/die. The mission is the Crocodile Hunting Ground file by theSithis in DCS World Website User Files download section. This particular target is 2-05. I checked the mission file in ME and there are no immortal/invulnerable or other settings or scrips that would make these Insurgent Infantry units immune to 7.62mm hits. I was flying UH-1H with human co-pilot and one human door gunner. I was able to kill some of them with Rockets.. so know they were not set to invulnerable/immortal. Just something to look at and tweak so the Huey and Gazelle Pilots don't get discouraged. If you want a shortened Tacview track.. I can probably send it. Regards AldoUSMC
  9. Know this thread is a bit old... just adding that I too use them for a combination of either X and Y Mouse Axis when flying in VR.. that way I can use either to control the mouse cursor on the cockpit depending on what I'm doing. Some times I can let go of the stick/cyclic and other times I can't when I need to function something on a cockpit panel.. so go to the throttle mini-stick that is also set up as X and Y mouse axis. For FC3 aircraft, or when not flying in VR I have also found, like other above, that setting the x or y axis movment to BANDS and then adjusting the Band Width makes them effective 4-way hats or buttons. If I REALLY don't want to risk something happening by bumping the mini-sticks.. I program the function with the normal 1/3'rd bands... , make sure it works, then reduce the band width so that the top and bottom are 10% to 20% max.. so the middle band is 60%-70% and does nothing... that way I have to move the stick almost all the way to the stop before an action will be triggered. Of course.. for the latter use case.. if you've set Mode Switches to be.. say.. Mode 1=Takeoff/Cruise/Land Mode 2=A2A and Mode 3=A2G .. you could arguably change those functions for each of those modes.... and give yourself a headache trying to remember it all .. but it does work ....
  10. Like the "Mien" pies .... since "Moon" is already taken also ... but that packaging is burned into my brain's eye ... lol
  11. Hi @Zoddom. Have you ever used the mission editor to create a mission ? It's what I did to create a low-stress training mission for myself and my co-pilot to use for training prior to dealing with the increased complexity of some on-line maps you could both join. It doesn't have to be complex. You can simply place an apache at an airfield and set it to "Client" under the skills menu for the Apache so it can be occupied by anyone that joins the mission if not occupied. If you want, drop some static targets 10+ KM away from the airfield and save. You can set them to ROE hold fire and they won't shoot back if you don't want that. Or just place static objects. Or, for starters, don't put anything down and just target objects already on the map. Save it as something like "My Training Map" and then you will see it under "My Missions" when you want to host it. This quickly gives you a "no stress" environment to just fly around and get used to flying multi-crew with your friend. You can always add more to your training map as time goes on and you want to try something else out more complex. Great way to get into mission editing too... start very small and build over time. Good Luck.
  12. Ah.. I see.. that was not clear to me above or I would not have asked.. And here's a quick list of all the profiles for that HOTAS that are in the user files area already.. If you go to the Downloads > User Files area on this site and Search for T.Flight HOTAS or T.Flight X you will see a bunch of profiles other flyers have already shared for various aircraft/helos .... This link to that search may work.. if it doesn't do the above to find them. Showing results for 'T.Flight HOTAS One'. - ED Forums (eagle.ru) Enjoy ! AldoUSMC
  13. @UPKEEP If you can tell the community which HOTAS you are using that would probably help them (us) answer your question ! Welcome !
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