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Casting for the DCS MOVIE


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The name of the movie is "Out of Sight"

The main plot of the film is still in a very early stage


Right now, people who could help to write the script are needed the most. Please, read below:




1. Can create custom 3D models of characters like General, Admiral, Pilots (main heroes).

2. Can modify 3D models of Su-27 and\or F-15C.

3. Have some free time for this activity.


Military Professionals:

1. Know about USAF to help creating a solid movie script, make it more realistic.

2. Have a creative mind.

3. Have some free time for this activity.


Voice Over Actors:

1. Speak American without accent.

2. Have a charismatic voice (can you talk like a tough guy, or a military general?).

3. Have no problems with diction.

4. Can imitate a military speech.

5. Have an access to a condenser microphone.

5. Have some free time for this activity.


Virtual Pilots:

1. A virtual F-15C & Su-27 virtual squad.

2. Have some free time for this activity.



1. Have a A dedicated server to stage dogfights and other scenes.

2. Have some free time for this activity.


-> The seriousness of this project depends completely on the level of your dedication.

-> This project is meant to bring people together and have fun.

-> The movie will be available to watch for free after it's done.

-> If you're sure it's going to be fun then join in.

-> To volunteer, click on this link and contact me via private msg, with the topic name "DCS Movie". Only this shall certify that you are serious about joining the project and are ready to dedicate some time.

-> (you won't be paid for this)


What is my role:

I will direct the project, and compose a soundtrack for the movie.

The soundtrack you hear in the first act of the video is composed by me.


Remember, it's all meant to have fun together, and to create something interesting for the DCS community! :smilewink:

! In the actual movie the opening credits will be changed and will have all the crew listed.

! the video is without voice over so far



Download FullHD poster

Edited by H-var

2. The DCS MOVIE information!


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I'd like to volunteer as an actor. I've recorded a DCS video in which I've voiced a pilot, I'll try to find it an upload it on YouTube.

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I can host and fly. Don't know about the "American", but I can speak English with some accent here and there(probably won't match your needs anyway regarding the acting). Time Zone is GMT+2/3 so be advised ^^



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so is this like Hideo Kojima scenes?



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I can help a bit with storyline/scripting. Maybe a teensy bit of flying, I might be useful as an "extra" Russian Su-25 to get shot at or something . . . But scriptwriting would probably be the best for me, I have some experience writing screenplays for short films. How long is this film going to be?




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Awesome and very fresh, looking forward to the rest! :thumbup:

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I also understood that as clock time and not a count down ...


Looks like an interesting begining,carry on please.

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