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learning curve!

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This might interest some, it's something that I've got gathering dust at the mo...


I started this 'casual' project about three months ago. The intention was for it to serve as a 'first year student project' to teach myself modelling, texturing and integration. Nothing technical, just static object design for starters... (i'm not a student by the way, I work full time - although went to art school many years ago).


Boy! Do I have respect for you 3d designers / modellers now!!


Such a complexity of technical knowledge to acquire, Learning to be efficient, and optimal, and then testing, and tweaking, problem solving, then re-testing (then repeat until it gets light :)). Different packages to learn in detail, switching between those packages, to test the simplest thing... It's like snakes and ladders, (only with more snakes than ladders, when you're learning) :) & the lack of intuitive processes!!


I / the project burnt out at the point shown in the images :) and it's been put on hold for about 6 weeks - I haven't even opened Max since then, until today when I looked at it again today...


I tackled the project really seriously doing loads of research - I'm probably on many Western governments watch lists now :megalol: and all the models are to relative scale & DCS scale (almost exactly), there were a few areas where I couldn't find exactly what I needed so some artistic license had to be used (such as the markings on the fibre packing tubes). And I wish I'd done the M933 cartridge not the M57 which seems to have been dropped (or perhaps Isreali?).


I shelved the project when I couldn't get a nice reflective 'copper' texture in the DCSW engine, for the M935 fuse - although I think I later read that highly reflective metal has always been a problem in DCSW? And EDGE should solve this?


Anyway the project was for fun - I still hope to finish it, although there's lots & lots to do as you can see already. Plus the LODS and DM which I never got to - Not to mention the fact that it's of dubious value to a flight sim anyway :) A good exercise for me either ways...


Hope it's of some interest :thumbup:


Many thanks to LuckBob and ALL contributors to the 3D modelling help pages!!!:thumbup:











PS This is a long long LONG way away from reaching any good for a MOD! I've got a nice machine, but it's VERY hi poly!





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Very cool.

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dude, this is awesome! nice work there M8! :thumbup:

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very good :)

More news to the front

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