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104th Festive Furball 2016 - Round 2


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Friday 23rd December 19:00z



Back by popular request, the Festive Furball returns for another round!


The event will last for 2 hours starting around 19:00z and will consist of two teams facing off at 10-15nm airstarts, guns only.


The teams will be even and will be selected at random for each round with a max of 20 vs 20.


Aircraft available will be ...





Mig 29


Mirage 2000

Mig 21



Mig 15



After each round the teams will be changed and another round will take place with the event ending at around 21:00z


The aim is to create as much chaos as possible with a large furball and survive! All aircraft will start within 10nm of each other charging head on in to battle at 500mph! Each rounds will have a 8 minute time limit.


To take part simply post in this thread with the aircraft you would like to fly and turn up ready to go on the 104th Teamspeak Server by 19:00z on Friday.


104th Teamspeak Server:

IP -

Password - phoenix



Don't know your Zulu Time?




The event will be Streamed LIVE, links will be provided in this thread on the night!




Aircraft Recognition


Here are the skin selections available during the event, along with using your radar (if santa gave you one) like a good little elf, keep this image handy for a visual reference.




The event will be hosted on the 104th Dedicated Server. The server will be passworded and only those on teamspeak will be given the password to join the event.





-1 life per round,

-You CAN spectate,

-Rejoin if DCS crash is ok,

-No landing,

-No running away if damaged (stay in the fight bro!)

-Do NOT take this seriously,

-Have fun!







104th Phoenix Wing Commander / Total Poser / Elitist / Hero / Chad

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Thanks Mav, for organizing!


Thank you all for flying, great fun! Great fights, I took quite some beating :music_whistling:



Here is a vid of a fight with me and Stuge. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.






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Heatblur Simulations


Please feel free to contact me anytime, either via PM here, on the forums, or via email through the contact form on our homepage.





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