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AIs see through trees

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They can see me behind the trees without any problem. Please check the replay.

This is a critical issue for the helicopters performing popup attacks over the trees.


And it doesn't look like AI related issue, but the tree objects have another issue as well.

Projectiles penetrate the woods. Also seen in the replay.


I've never seen these issues before.

Some sneak attack tactics using trees as covers are completely useless for now.



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Although I experienced the occasional AI shooting guns through the very tops of trees in 2.8, it has become a regular thing since 2.9 in the Caucasus map and it's now occurring at tree trunk height. I have also seen a sam pass through the trees and I'm fairly sure the perimeter wall around the airbase, travelling a few feet from the ground to hit it's target, which I've never seen in 2.8. I'm sorry I don't have a track to share for this but will try and upload when it happens again. 

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Here comes a track, same issue.  I'm having problems with some vehicles on the move seeing targets through trees and buildings and stopping to engage because of it....

In the attached track, there are two groups of blue armor.  One moves up the road to attack the beach which is defended by some BTRs and a Neustrashimy.  The blue ground forces start shooting at the ship as soon as they are in max weapon range, completely ignoring the intervening forest.  The ship shoots back, completely ignoring (and knocking down) the intervening buildings.

The second group is moving on an airport defended by a mix of BTRs and BMPs.  I have set the BTRs and BMPs in ambush positions, except they keep getting ambushed buy the blue forces, who see them through the trees as soon as they are in range and commence firing.

This is making it very hard for me to "tune" the ambush enough to force the players to actually destroy the BTRs so that blue can capture the airfield.  I originally set this up with only BTR-RDs, expecting that an overwhelming fusillade of ATGMs would be enough to knock the blue forces out.... except that everyone starts shooting through the trees at max range and makes it impossible for me to get the desired concentrated surprise fire.


Unrelated:  AI "on road" pathing logic seems incredibly bad.  I notice units randomly swerving off the road to drive through buildings, blowing past corners and making circles forever, weird <profanity> like that.


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