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  1. I agree... and Im affraid, that most od us will be disappointed :(
  2. :doh: Hot Shots movie live, or was Mr. Bean there on the visit? :D ...on the sadder side, two men were injured :( "A maintenance worker accidentally fired a 20mm Vulcan cannon from an F-16 jet he was working on at Belgium’s Florennes Air Force Base earlier this week, destroying another F-16 while damaging another aircraft nearby, according to Scramble Magazine" https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/10/14/belgian-mechanic-accidentally-destroys-f-16-fighter-jet-cannon/
  3. Great work with the trailer! :thumbup: but I'm curious about 0:26 - I thought that it is forbiddent to turning the radar on if your are on the ground...
  4. Lets dig this thread out of the history - the game is released and it looks great!
  5. Is there any way to migrate a 2.2.0 OA from one disk to another? ... I have a SSD 120GB wiht 2.2.0 installed and I would like to install a 2.5.0 here as well. But the disk space will not be sufficient. So I would like to migrate 2.2.0 to another bigger disk and keep the SSD clean for a fresh 2.5.0 install.
  6. Lol, this pic has a veeeeeeery long beard :D If my memory serves me well, it comes from a BS1 era, even before A-10. You can also fing a Apache or Hind cockpit renders
  7. +1 Exactly what I wanted to say. With those collidable and LOS blocking trees It will be almost a whole new game :thumbup:
  8. Try to search for a second hand trackir v3 or v4 :thumbup: for example https://www.ebay.com/itm/Natural-Point-TrackIR-4-Pro-/142507354086 - 50 bucks seems to me quite affordable
  9. Hey mate, that was not meant as an offense, that was meant as a great bow to the enormous amount of work, that we can (barelly) imagine when we see that now/then comparison :worthy:
  10. Make a comparison vid with vintage Flanker to make it even clearer :megalol:
  11. Now Im 39. My first sim was Tomahawk on Sharp MZ-800 :D :pilotfly:
  12. This is not certain yet. Collisions with planes yes, but with bullets, misiles and LOS is still considerated acording to the high CPU load
  13. dumb bombs :D Do you think that was a 2.5? :huh:
  14. If I would be a nitpicker, I would say that there is too much "oczywiście" in your article. But Im not :music_whistling::D
  15. Chance for modders to overclock it from 20 to 40Hz! :lol: ...and maybe add the possibility to play Tetris or Pacman on the HUD :joystick::D
  16. Very interesting question, could you (devs) give us an answer please?
  17. Imho this is why the devs are speaking to the comunity so little... :music_whistling::D
  18. Imho the only stick with a scroll wheel was Saitek Cyborg X, aka Mad Catz F.L.Y.5
  19. for about an hour and a half now. Rumors say that their servers are under a massive DDoS attack! Does that mean that the WW3 is about to begin? :D What about you and your country? These areas are probably affected source http://downdetector.com/
  20. Makes good sense to me, those hypothetical new cheaper and simplified versions should bring new customers that have whatever reason to prefer them. Sorry SD for this chit chat - feel free to delete it :thumbup:
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