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  1. Sure but the Korean War is obviously the best scenario for it.
  2. The F-86F is certainly a nice module but lacks a suitable theater. I think ED should always consider this when introducing modules. There’s nowhere in the sim to realistically operate the Sabre or the MiG-15
  3. DCS is a complex simulation game that wasn’t really ever intended to run in VR. The challenge stems from the fact that it models or draws so many objects over such large distances. Games which appear to run better simply don’t draw the number of objects or have such complexity. A game like this is never going to run well in 3D at high frame rates. And an upgrade to Vulkan or multi-core isn’t going to triple the game’s performance. The best solution for DCS is to run it in 2D.
  4. Well now you have a reason to practice. It only seems impossible until it clicks and you get it. Then it’s like riding a bicycle where the skill remains subconsciously.
  5. Is it a realistic HUD element for these aircraft? If not then there’s your answer.
  6. I wonder if there would be any performance savings? No way to really test it that I know of. If you think about it, SP is automatically creating a track as well, you just decide whether or not to save it.
  7. MP already saves a track automatically
  8. DDCS has that disabled. Although you can still see who all the players are on the role selection screen. So I’m not sure what good that does.
  9. Indeed a dynamic campaign would not be very accessible without the ability to save missions in progress. I don’t see why the game engine can’t do that when it can record tracks of an entire mission.
  10. I don’t think the idea is “contentious”. Lots of people would want this feature, myself included. But I understand the game engine just isn’t capable of it.
  11. This is rather necessary to make using the DCS voice chat feasible. Otherwise all the HOTAS buttons are already assigned to more useful things. But I think it’s something the module needs to incorporate and not the DCS core game. I don’t think the command menu by itself can be assigned long and short presses.
  12. The scoreboard isn't displaying any info Edit looks like this must be a feature of this particular server DDCS it’s working elsewhere
  13. Servers like DDCS and Blue Flag have this info on their websites or in the F10 map.
  14. Actually you don’t give the bomb initial guidance, but final guidance. That’s why the laser switches on only for the last 10 seconds. If the bomb tried to guide on the laser from it’s initial drop it would try to fly a straight line at the target instead of a ballistic path as it should. It’s more aerodynamically efficient traveling ballistically.
  15. Is there a way to fix the INS ATT? I can’t quite figure what causes it and cycling the INS on and off doesn’t work. Maybe I’m too quick on releasing the parking brake once the alignment is complete or something.
  16. The thing about imbedding HD video in a game is that it actually takes up a lot of drive space. I can’t think of other games which do this to their menu.
  17. Yes, that was it, needed to do a second press of the D/L, thanks
  18. There are no datalink symbols in this mission. D/L is turned on, I'm only seeing my own onboard HAFUs but nothing from the datalink airbase.zip
  19. You can see the kneeboard in the video, it has some handwritten notes with numbers but not a checklist. He’s moving too fast to be using a list. I can’t do it this fast because I only have one mouse
  20. Well I don’t see any elaborate written checklist being used here. The kneeboard in this video doesn’t have a checklist on it and the list on the DDI isn’t an amplified list, it’s just the basics. I do see this guy starting up as quickly as possible using both hands. It’s not like watching this procedure in a civilian airliner or something. So when I play Walter Mitty fighter pilot my goal is to be like this https://youtu.be/yeij-YX9MdY
  21. I did an amazing nighttime crosswind recovery yesterday in multiplayer. I assume this is an abnormal situation since the carrier should always be headed into the wind. Never experienced a crosswind doing this before.
  22. Yes, the logbook will show this.
  23. We can all relax. Real pilots use checklists. I’m not a real pilot but I watch them on YouTube Well certainly they would. So I was wrong earlier when I said the manuals have checklists. Most actually don’t. But it’s easy to make your own and a good way to learn.
  24. You misunderstand what I said. What I saw was them having to memorize the checklist in training. Not doing that in actual operations. Here’s the show, check it out And DCS is a game so it’s fully possible to start up the aircraft from memory as there are no real world consequences involved. Yes we are DCS players after all, sorry to break the news…
  25. I saw that in a show about Canadian Hornet pilots, I’ll have to see if I can find a link, it’s really good. Heck they dock points from the trainees for not making popcorn every day too. Maple Flag supposedly mimics the USAF course and has startup and shutdown test missions. Are these realistic? Don’t know. But they’re fun and useful. After that campaign you won’t need checklists anymore
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