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  1. Anybody tested vr performance with 376.09? I am stuck with a six month old driver because of vr.
  2. I can't thank you enough! 368.69 worked brilliantly! I can now play in VR with ASW off almost constantly at 90 FPS (although it's just a simple mission, with two planes dog fighting in a not-so-densely-populated area)! Never expected the driver can make such a huge difference!
  3. And DCS has been expecting VR... The DCS experience in VR is just unspeakably awesome... I become a better pilot simply because of the better perception of relative position and distance in VR. And the immersion... OMG! I am so glad that I bought an Oculus Rift. The frame rate, though, still needs improvement... I have set everything to low (see attachment), except the pixel density was 1.8. I am getting as low as ~20 FPS when looking at the ground. The stuttering is very obvious. I am on 1.5.5 and 2.0.4. Both installs yield about the same results. My specs is: i5-3570K at 4.3 Nvidia 1070 core clocked at 1835 16 GB DDR3 Oculus Rift CV1 I would consider mine a pretty beefy system. I could squeeze a little more juice out of my CPU, but I doubt it would make much of a difference. Despite the stuttering and the frame rate issue, the experience is still awesome. Patiently waiting for ED to work things out.
  4. It is considered an overclock. Maybe try increase the voltage a little and see?
  5. 1.5.3 is now silky smooth. Hoping that 1.5.4 does not change things in this respect.
  6. "The Rift’s American base price is US$599, but in Taiwan it costs US$650 and the Japanese price of Y83,800 is equivalent to more than US$700. And that’s before shipping costs, which are likely to be substantial." Quoted from https://www.techinasia.com/oculus-rift-preorders-taiwan-japan-cost-small-fortune
  7. It's not cheap, and my 6802g can't run it well. But why do I still feel the urge...
  8. I am a bit concerned with the flight model... How realistic is it? On ED's scale, is it closer to AFM or PFM?
  9. I am having a very weird issue on my convertible (vaio duo 13) with Win X. Windows key shortcuts (win+x, win+q, win+space etc.) triggers the start menu as well as the shortcuts. Sometimes only the start menu is triggered. This probably is a campatibility issue between vaio notebooks and Win X. It is not a big deal, but is annoying. So far I haven't found a solution...
  10. Upgraded to win10 pro from windows 8.1 pro.
  11. Maybe you already have the latest?
  12. I like the tablet mode of windows X on my convertible. On my gaming rig, things run just as well as on windows 8.1.
  13. "However, if you want to go back to your old OS, it appears that you're on a timer: Microsoft confirmed to Tom's Hardware that users will have only one month to decide if they want to continue with Windows 10 or not." "Microsoft has stated that even with customer support, some hardware changes will invalidate your free copy of Windows 10 and require you to purchase one. (This limitation does not exist in retail copies of Windows 10; those can be re-used by the user regardless of any hardware changes." Source: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/windows-10-revert-os,29727.html
  14. Mine is a full retail key. If it works, for 8.1 or 10? How do I install 10 on a new rig using a 8.1 key after the 1 year free upgrade period? Could you please point me to a source? Sorry for so many questions, and thanks for your information!
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