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  1. Maybe ... I think I was climbing up to 20k but I can't remember if I had just turn on the vector given by the tower or already following Mother's TAC.
  2. During the first minutes it tells you that you can switch to G or dial 243.00 on M. I switched naturally on G when I saw the text saying ''respond to the distress call'', even if I did not hear that first call. I'm almost sure GRCV was ticked on PRI since it is part of my Hornet startup routine for a while. That is why I asked if that option was implemented in the Hornet. Some seems to have the same problem as me, some don't.
  3. Allright. I may have messed up something then. I'll try again.
  4. Are you on Open Beta or Stable, and did you do the last update ?
  5. That was my first impression but maybe it is related to how the trigger is working ...
  6. As I said, I wasn't receiving the chatter on the guard until I effectively switched to the G channel, which is already set to 243.00. But if I understand correctly the Hornet, I should be hearing the guard on any channel if the option GRCV is ticked. It is a common option in fighter jets to be able to monitor the guard at all time (but you can't respond until you actually switch to the guard) My question is : Is it a trigger related behaviour or is the GRCV not working in the Hornet ?
  7. Hi guys ! I tried the Mission 2 and I think the Guard Recieve option for the radios is not working. I missed the first distress call and been able to continue after I switch to the G channel. Is that a trigger problem or is the GRCV option not working in the Hornet ? Thx
  8. Niice ! Is there a store somewhere to check pricing ?
  9. TrackIr ... and using AMD.
  10. Well, I tried again and I'm still having the issue. Panels + Orion 1 throttle (Orion 2 is ordered ) I use DCS-BIOS and StreamDeck plugin. Everything is running like a charm until I engage the winwing script lines. To be honest it is not a problem for now because I can live without the sync. But there is a Hornet UFC in the works and they said it will rely on Simappro to be synced to DCS. They'd better get this solved before the release or they will get a nasty backlash ...
  11. Tried all of that, monitored my hardware while playing. Lately I did not have any crashes. I'm thinking about a certain numbers of units around the carrier, or some coming while some are going. I haven't been able to put the finger on something but there are quite a lot of errors in the log. Even after a complete fresh reinstall.
  12. Just to let you know that after a Liberation campaign the problem is definitely there. I have to ensure that AI flights have at least twice as more ordinance than targets if I want an objective to be destroyed. In general, the ingress is ok. But as soon as they are above the target, they attack from every direction with no coordination whatsoever. So most of the time you'll se one plane destroy a target and right after other mavericks or gbus coming for nothing. There is definitely no coordination between flights members.
  13. You'll notice the ZTOD and LTOD, over Persian Gulf
  14. And again without the DTC Script, fxo and metashader folders cleared and a slow repair. Could it be my pagefiles or the shadder and api errors at the beginning ? Note that on this one I never entered a plane nor displayed anything, I stayed in the F-10 view with Combine Arms. dcs.log
  15. Retried, another crash ... Here's the log. dcs.log
  16. Hey there ! I see that the nav lights of the Hornet are still going through the wings. That's not game breaking but not very eye-candy. Any chance this could be reworked with the upcoming big Hornet update ? Thx
  17. Unlikely because the actual Hawk radar is more than 200nm away from the boat. If I spawn directly in the zone it may change Skynet behaviour so not ideal for bug tracking and a very long track for you guys. I will retry without Skynet. I hope it is this because flying 70ft AGL all the way just to have a crash is kind of frustrating. And I never experienced any crash before trying Liberation. (on a side note, ED should inspire from Libertation because it really revived the SP experience and content)
  18. It may be a coïncidence but it appears the game crashes roughly when I come into a Hawk radar range. I had several other crashes when I was in F6 view following a JSOW that was targeted at a Hawk. It may be something with Skynet for some reason, even if I did not red anything online about a potential problem. I'll try to deactivate Skynet and see if I still have this problem. Will report.
  19. Still present, still annoying, still impossible to issue orders to wingmen when they start to talk. I think at least there should be a coding priority given to the player orders, meaning that any orders given to any AI should overwrite everything there are doing.
  20. It's a little app that act as datacard for the Viper but I wasn't using it since I fly the Hornet in Liberation. (Scenic Route, 30nm to Kysh - yes I'm THAT brave ) The app is not even running. It never caused me any trouble in the Viper and everything was working fine until now. I'm quite far into the campaign so there are way less units than in the beginning.
  21. Retried. It crashed at probably exactly the very same time, about 30nm to an airbase I was going to put JDAMs on, high speed, 70ft above the water. My machine has 32gb of RAM, a 6800xt and a 5600x CPU. MSAA is at 4x but SSAA is off. Everything was working well and fluid until the last update. I see a lot of errors in the log but I've not seen anything regarding RAM. The problem is when it hangs I cannot visualize the other apps so no way to check my CPU temps or RAM usage. The only I can see is the junction temp of the GPU and it's way lower than 110C. I can tell the CPU and GPU critical temps are not reached because fans are programmed to go full blow 20 degres before those limits and even with the headset, you can hear it (I did the test) There a lot of different errors in the log. Is that suppose to be normal ?
  22. Howdie ! Since the last update I get a lot of game crashes. It freezes and you can no longer access the other apps nor windows. I have do a restart for DCS to close. Everything is up to date, no mods and slow repair already done. Can anyone put some light on this ? dcs.log
  23. Happens in SP campaigns, Liberation or SP simple flight. You just have to put a Viper in Incirlik cold and dark at 3 AM. The first try the lightings are weird. Quit, refly ... and everything is normal.
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