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  1. I had the same problem couple years ago but can't remember what fixed it. I am really not sure, but it could be the power management system from the usb ports. Try to deactivate it and hopefully it will fix it, but i am not really sure about it since mine was a couple of years ago. Just search for USB power management in google you'll find tutorials for it and also some explanation.
  2. I guess it always depends on what you are looking for. I for myself rather buy a generic stick and throttle than a replica of one specific aircraft. And for me the selling point on the vkb throttle is their magnetic detents which should give you the real detent range of every module in dcs and no detent for warbirds without any hassle(and in my wildest dreams i get all 3 detents for the viggen). Another selling point for a lot of people may be that they will also sell a rail option instead of the arc. And i know there was some trouble with the patent for the magnetic detents, because someone made a short statement about it in another thread. Also buerocracy takes it's time and the whole pandemic situation makes things worse. But i still prefer to wait a little longer instead of getting like 3 versions of the same product in a short time frame. And i don't know if winwing already got a CE certificate for europe, but otherwise if your parcel gets stopped at the customs it gets destroyed and you loose all your money, which maybe won't be a big selling point for european customers on a certain budget.
  3. The only idea i came up with would be that you map a modifier button in dcs on your joystick/throttle and assign the rudder axis with the modifier button to the toe brakes. So if you press the pedals you would use your rudder and if you press the modifier button and the rudder together you would use the toe brakes, the only thing which won't work will be rudder and pedals at the same time. I am thinking about the t-rudder pedals myself and when they bring out their throttle i am going to purchase both of them. My plan to realise it would be with a modifier for the toe breaks like i described above and an extra button for both brakes.
  4. I don't know as much technical details as most of you guys, but nobody mentioned the speed gauge between 400-450 in those 2 cockpit screens he posted and i think thats quite too high. I got the same experience in 2011 when i got the ka50 and was doing some high speed low level flying and overspeed the aircraft till i fell out of the sky quite quickly.
  5. Hi Mikhail and everyone else! Today i received my collective which took only 12 days to arrive, it's really really lovely built quality for that amount of money. It's heavy and sturdy and smooth to operate. The parcel went through customs free of charge and arrived straight at my door. Really solid packaging so it will not get damaged if the deliveryman tosses it around. A wonderful product for a really cheap price. Honestly this thing looks like it will work the next 20 years easily. I didn't have the time nor space right now to test it, since i am recovering from an accident at work where i fractured my left thigh near the hip. As soon as i am agile enough to setup my flightstand and mount the collective i will comeback with a little review on it. Mikhail thanks again you really do an outstanding job with this piece of hardware.
  6. What is the secret behind your overly calm responses to a lot of nonsense going on in the forums for years?
  7. 20 cinema tickets = 40 hours of entertainment if you are lucky 5 games on steam = 750 hours of entertainment if you are lucky 10 restaurant visits = 20 hours of entertainment if you are lucky 200 1 dollar bill tossing = maybe 10 hours in 5 years i don't know doesn't sound like too much fun for me i paid around 200$ for blackshark(+upgrades), 2 maps and a couple campaigns. Iam way beyond my 2000 hours of entertainment sofar. Mig-29 for 80 bucks and i see another 3-4000 hours of coming fun and entertainment without dipping into multiplayer at all. If you really think multiplayer only exists on those couple of servers you played on sofar, you completely deny the existence of all those squadrons out there doing exclusively PVE, aerobatics or some other kind of stuff, without a PVP component at all.
  8. I owned a x52 and when my throttle broke inside, i was on a budget and found a returned thrustmaster FCS set on amazon for around 130€. The t16000m is a good precise stick but it lacks a lot of buttons. The twcs throttle is really good for a single axis throttle, its a rail design and with the impulse slider mod its unbeatable in its price range. The rudder pedals are rudder pedals, quite narrow but they do the job. If you are on a budget and want to stay around 300$, i would go for a vkb gladiator nxt and the thrustmaster twcs throttle with slider mod, which is around another 25$. The gladiator nxt got some really good reviews, there are a lot of videos on youtube about it just check it out. You will also find a couple of vids to the Impulse slider mod for the TWCS throttle.
  9. I don't own the warthog, never have and never will, because i cannot live without ffb. In terms of buttons on the stick alone the vkb has more than the warthog, precision will be the same maybe even better because of a better gimbal design on the vkb. A lot of it depends on personal preference i think. But a lot of people are praising the gladiator on youtube.
  10. I own the impulse slider mod but haven't got the time to test it quite much (around 10 hours for now) but it is sooooo much better than the stock slider. My slider had a little bit of wobble around the middle section where the grip connects to the slider, or it was even the whole slider i don't know for sure. But i always had to slightly push it to the left and down to get somewhat of a smooth motion out of it. With the impulse slider all of the issues are just gone. Doing small adjustments on the throttle is a piece of cake compared to the original one. I even use nyogel with it because i like a bit of smooth friction with it.
  11. I own a trackhat wireless clip and a delanclip wireless and i can only recommend the delanclip because one charge of it lasts at least 2 times, when not even 3 times, as long as the trackhat clip. If you look for an alternative to trackir i recommend the delanclip. https://delanengineering.com/
  12. I personally would love some different asset packs, but in a combination with campaigns and missions for singleplayer and maybe multiplayer. Like someone suggested do some persian gulf or syria assets with all the right skins and get a campaign developer on board that you could sell your asset pack with maybe one campaign and some future campaigns of the same developer which would require the asset pack. Since i play mostly singleplayer and don't have much time to dive into the editor and set my own scenarios up, i completely rely on the user made content and dlc campaigns. For everybody dreaming of a FPS side with everything like arma just better, maybe in 10-15 years time. You simply cannot build a map as huge as all the maps we have, with the same detail as an fps game. It's simply not possible just a little comparison, Battlefield looks so damn awesome if you compare it to arma, but battlefield is tiny compared to arma. arma is quite tiny compared to DCS, but the whole terrain looks so much better than dcs. There is a limit what you can achieve within our limited resources and with everything right now already in DCS i say it's not possible in the coming years. Right now playing a soldier in caucasus would be plain boring and feel worse than operation flashpoint played today. Flat liveless landscape, nothing to hide, nothing to enter and most of the stuff probably looks quite awful if you get to close to it. All those added calculations for everything not flying but still relying to the same physics will not be possible from my point of view. If you play arma for example and add an ai mod so the ai behaves much better and is more of a challenge, your game starts to lag if you add to many units. Add to many units in a firefight and it will lag and stutter because there are so many calculations going on.
  13. Thats right but vkb is releasing a bunch of addons with throttle quadrants and more stuff you can add directly to the joystick.
  14. The only thing which is better in that price range is the gladiator nxt from vkb. The 16000 is a solid piece of hardware. The only really negative aspect of it is the lack of buttons on the stick itself. You just get the Trigger, a pov hat and 3 additional buttons. From the precision its the same as the warthog.
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