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Airmobile Air Assault Event: UH1+Mi-8+Ka-50


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Hello everyone!


I thought of creating an event on Sunday August 2nd for helicopter pilots, I'm currently modifying an existing mission (I think it's called Tactical Air Assault V1.1) for a big multiplayer coop event.


Basically, we assault up to three cities in helicopters. People will be able to join the event freely. We will form up flights together and take the best course of action to successfully clear out cities from insurgent forces. All helicopters will spawn on helipads (I placed them next to an airfield to provide better immersion) for helicopters of the same flight to spawn together.


There will be 8 x UH-1 transports and 8 x Mi-8 transports to pick up troops from the airbase and land them in the cities.


There will be 4 x UH-1 gunships, 4 x Mi-8 gunships and 4 x Ka-50 available to provide fire support. Be aware that resistance will be pretty stiff in some locations.


The goal of this event is to try to fly air assault operations as a unit. Gunships will cover approaches for slicks (transports) and provide fire support for the grunts on the ground. There will be flight leads and transports will attempt to drop the grunts together in the same LZ. There will be many different ways to clear the cities, different approaches... so the scenario is quite flexible in that regard.


If you want to sign up for the event, feel free to post on this thread or send me a PM.


If you have a good internet connection and want to host the server, be my guest. My internet connection is not really good.


If you want to be a lone wolf... well it's probably not the right event for you.



DATE AND TIME: SUNDAY AUGUST 2ND, 1700 EST (2200 UK TIME). Don't be late!





TEAMSPEAK IP: (ATAG teamspeak, DCS sub-channel)










Flight 1 Lead (UH1 Transport): Flyer

Flight 2 Lead (UH1 Transport): Chuck

Flight 3 Lead (Mi-8 Transport): Jarhead

Flight 4 Lead (UH-1/Mi-8 Gunships): Xtra

Flight 5 Lead (Ka-50): TBD


RightStuff KA-50

Beeroshima KA-50

Isegrim KA-50

*NOB*Bobby KA-50


Xtra UH-1 (Gunship)

Destroyer37 UH-1 (Gunship)

King_Hrothgar UH-1 (Gunship)

GSG_9_Gaunt UH-1 (Gunship)


*NOB*Wepar Mi-8 (Gunship)

*NOB*Aries Mi-8 (Gunship)


Chuck UH-1 (Slick)

Jetmechanic UH-1 (Slick)

JimTM UH-1 (Slick)

4535jacks UH-1 (Slick)

Saipan UH-1 (Slick)

flyer49 UH-1 (Slick)

Body Farm UH-1 (Slick)

*NOB*smrtoljub UH-1 (Slick)


Jarhead Mi-8 (Slick)

Iceman11 Mi-8 (Slick)

zaelu Mi-8 (Slick)

159th_Falcon Mi-8 (Slick)





1) You can use Starway's Vietnam Mod if you want, the map is compatible with it (I used Fall textures specifically for this purpose).

2) Be on time!

3) Once we're in the air, we are likely to have around 15 people in the air. Keep your comms brief and talk only when you really need to. We might set up Teamspeak Whispers between flight leaders to help maintain clearer comms.

4) We will be using the standard DCS version, NOT the open beta.








Reclaim insurgent-held Novorossiysk, Kabardinka and Gelendzhik by inserting friendly infantry and conducting CAS flight.




- Reclaim insurgent-held Novorossiysk, Kabardinka and Gelendzhik by inserting friendly infantry. Infantry are stationed on the north ramp of the airfield. An additional pickup zone is available at a FARP located in a small village 5Km north of Gelendzhik.

- Several US ammo boxes stolen by the insurgents are hidden amongst their camps, watch your fire and bring them back to the pickup zone.

- One Unarmed MEDEVAC is available.




Land on the ramp with the blue smoke and use your radio (F-10) to load soldiers.

BEWARE of the friendly trucks roaming the airfield, they do not like you. Best place to load troop is on the taxiway right in front of the ramp




Land in the desired dropping zone within 800m of the smoke (see briefing pictures) and use your radio (F-10) to unload soldiers.


Once unloaded, a squad can be controlled by players (who own CA) or picked up again and re-deployed or brought back to base.

They will automatically run for the smoke.




- Novorossiysk airfield : north ramp

- FARP 5Km north of Gelendzhik




- #1 Novorossiysk City Center - Red smoke

- #2 Novorossiysk Harbor - Orange smoke

- #3 Kabardinka City - Green smoke

- #4 Gelendzhik Airfield - Blue smoke

1st zone must be cleared to activate the 2nd, etc.

STAY AWAY from unactivated zone.









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Hi there,


sounds great! What time are you thinking about though? is it viable for europeans to sign up?


Well if you have a ping of 300... it's not gonna be a fun ride for anyone. It will really depend on who is hosting and how good his connection is. The host will very likely be in North America... so it's not ideal for Europeans.


Time will probably be around 1700 EST or later. Still subject to change depending on who can attend and what time suits people best.

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Count me in. UH-1H transport or CAS.



System Specs: i7 8700k @ 5.0GHz (not delidded), ASRock Extreme4 Z370 MOBO, EVGA GTX 1080 SC 8GB, 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200MHz DDR4 RAM, Samsung Evo 240GB SSD, Samsung Evo 500GB SSD, 1TB HDD, Noctura NH-D15S Heat Sink, Acer VE278H 27" 1080p Monitor, Ocukus Rift CV1.


Controllers: TrackIR 5, Thrustmaster HOTAS X, Saitek Throttle Quadrant (with DIY removable collective mod), Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals.


Just trying to keep my number of takeoffs and landings equal!

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is there a skill limit? my landings and hovering are not that great yet.


Well if you fly a transport mission, being able to land is pretty much a must ;)


This event is mainly a public one, so I don't expect people to be crazy good. Flying formation in a helo is quite instinctive and much easier than you'd expect at first.


If you know start-up, takeoff and landing procedures, you should be fine.

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Ok. I'll add a sign-up list, a mission briefing and TS info in the first post tomorrow evening.


We will need more Huey and Mi-8 pilots if we want the grunts on the ground to prevail. :D


It's good to see some Ka-50 pilots though. We will need all the firepower we can get.

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O shit! Sounds like I'm gonna get raped in transport Mi-8.


I flew this mission a couple of times and the first city can be assaulted from many different routes. If we drop down to the NOE (Nap-of-the-Earth) and fly between buildings it is possible to avoid some of the heavier city defences (like BMPs for instance) and still drop the grunts in their (hot) LZs.

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I could fly slicks... UH1H or Mi-8 if they are to many hueys . Also Ka-50 if needed.


Btw, have you found a server?


I5 4670k, 32GB, GTX 1070, Thrustmaster TFRP, G940 Throttle extremely modded with Bodnar 0836X and Bu0836A,

Warthog Joystick with F-18 grip, Oculus Rift S - Almost all is made from gifts from friends, the most expensive parts at least

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