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Airmobile Event #2 - Night Stalkers: Fall of Hercules


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Airmobile Air Assault – Night Stalkers: Fall of the Hercules


Mission Briefing


Note: mission file will be uploaded later on during the week.



DATE AND TIME: Sunday the 23rd at 1500 EST (or 2000 UK TIME) Don't be late!



TEAMSPEAK IP: (ATAG teamspeak, DCS sub-channel)






The success of Operation Triple-A has crippled the insurgents’ efforts to control Novorossiysk. Since that fateful assault on the Gelendzhik airport, they were forced to withdraw into Georgia. Months passed before more insurgent activity was reported in the southern mountains in the Batumi area. On the night of December 1st, a C-130 Hercules was shot down and crash landed south of Kutaisi. The Airmobile is called once more for a daring search and rescue mission in pitch dark. US Marines, three ships from the US fleet and the CVN-70 Carl Vinson are docked next to Batumi to mount a rescue attempt. We will have at our disposal Hueys from the Canadian Forces, Luftwaffe and US Air Force, Ka-50s and Mi-8s from Russia. We will be flying during winter time in high altitude (we might reach more than 8,000 ft depending on where we go) so don't forget to use engine De-Icing and pitot heat.


Whatever is down there… no one gets left behind.



-Find and secure the C-130 crash site

-Insert Medical Teams to the crash site

-Evacuate the wounded back to Kutaisi





Phase One:

We will takeoff from Batumi Airfield and load up on troops to secure the crash site. US Marines will be available for pickup in the three frigates docked at Batumi and on the deck of the USS CVN-70 Carl Vinson.

Phase Two:

We will fly to FARP HOPE to pick up two medical teams. Medical Teams will board the MEDEVAC slicks.

Phase Three:

We will fly to the crash site, secure it and insert the two medical teams next to the wreckage of the Hercules.

Phase Four:

Once the medical teams are inserted, there will be eight groups of wounded soldiers gathered next to the bridge south of the crash site. We will evacuate the wounded back to Kutaisi airfield.



CIA assets reported a substantial increase in insurgent activity in the mountains. Expect small arms fire and potentially Shilka batteries concealed in the valleys and mountain tops. Satellite imagery confirmed that there are troop movements heading towards the crash site. Time is against us, so we have no choice but to attempt a night CSAR mission.







-MISSION COORDINATION: The gunships and Ka-50 pilots will lead the operation and the slicks will fly behind them. We want to avoid AAA ambushes as much as possible so it will be the gunships’ task to guide the slicks to the safest route towards the objectives.


-FLIGHT LEADS: Without proper leadership, the mission is going nowhere. We will need flight leads for the slicks, gunships and Ka-50s. If a group doesn’t have a lead, they don’t fly. Period. This is a team effort and the mission is more difficult than the previous one.


-WHISPER LISTS: Flight leads should have a whisper list set up to all flights. We will use this as a main comms channel. Flight leads need to be aware that the use of a whisper list is MANDATORY in our case since if we keep everyone in the same channel, the teamspeak traffic will quickly become unmanageable.


-COMMS: Keep them brief and meaningful. We will be flying for about 1.5 to 2 hours in hostile territory, under constant threat of an enemy attack. Flight leads will need all the concentration they can get.


-GUNSHIPS: Gunships will be crucial to the success of this operation as they will be the only means we have to face Shilkas and pockets of enemy resistance. Gunship and Ka-50 pilots will be used to guide the slicks and warn them if any threats are spotted. Teamwork between the slicks and gunships will be essential since a mistake can turn a 40-minute flight into a smoldering pile of ashes.


-BLACK SHARK PILOTS: The Black Sharks’ role will be very important since they will act as the eyes of the CSAR air convoy. We will be operating at night, so the use of Black/White TV will help us identify threats before we run into them.


-FORMATION FLYING: Flying close and sticking together will be very important since we do not want to lose each other in the middle of Georgia. There are a LOT of threats in the area so we will have to get really small to minimize detection.


-NIGHT FLYING: Remember your NVG key bindings (“RShift+H” for NVGs if I recall correctly).


-SHIPS: landing on ships is already hard during the day, and it’s even harder during the night. I highly recommend you practice a little bit before. If landing on a frigate is too hard for you, you can still land on the Carl Vinson and load up troops from there.


-GENERAL RULES: We will be flying dark in order to minimize detection. So no lights, NVG goggles only. We can try to use IR lights but I am not sure they actually work.


-MODS: No mods are required to fly this mission. This means everyone will see the same units at the same place at the same time. This also means that you can have terrain/texture/sound mods all you want: there is no integrity check. If you want a great mod for this mission in particular, I highly recommend nrgized's NVG mod: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=100333







Slots: 8 x UH-1 slicks, 4 x UH-1 MEDEVACS, 8 x MI-8 slicks, 4 x UH-1 gunships, 4 x MI-8 gunships, 4 x KA-50



ULTIMATE ONE (UH-1 Slick Lead): (B/229) Cib

(B/229) Furious


(A/229) Ohgr



ULTIMATE TWO (UH-1 Slick Lead): Chuck



(C/229) Andrei Dragovic



ULTIMATE THREE (Mi-8 Slick Lead): Jarhead





ULTIMATE FOUR (Mi-8 Slick Lead): sniporbob








(A/229) dabomb




RECTIFY ONE (UH-1 Gunship Lead): (A/229) Phantom

(B/229) Nage

(A/229) PD




RECTIFY TWO (Mi-8 Gunship Lead): clebi99






UGLY ONE (Ka-50 Lead): Cooper









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Chuck, sign me up for a UH-1 spot please. I don't mind in what role, slick, MEDEVAC or gunship. If you have too many Uh-1H pilots and not enough Mi-8 pilots then feel free to sign up for some hip flying.



System Specs: i7 8700k @ 5.0GHz (not delidded), ASRock Extreme4 Z370 MOBO, EVGA GTX 1080 SC 8GB, 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200MHz DDR4 RAM, Samsung Evo 240GB SSD, Samsung Evo 500GB SSD, 1TB HDD, Noctura NH-D15S Heat Sink, Acer VE278H 27" 1080p Monitor, Ocukus Rift CV1.


Controllers: TrackIR 5, Thrustmaster HOTAS X, Saitek Throttle Quadrant (with DIY removable collective mod), Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals.


Just trying to keep my number of takeoffs and landings equal!

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Sign me up! I'm least proficient in the Mi-8 gunship role (I'm not so great at aiming it...) but I can fly any of the helicopters and have no preference.


Also, minor nitpick, the Ka-50 does not have an IR TV. It's just a regular black/white TV.

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Speaking of the Devil... do we have any volunteers to lead the Ka-50s? We will need someone who can communicate efficiently with the slicks and coordinate with the other gunships as well. Remember: it is in everyone's best interest to have good flight leads running the show.


We will need all the gunship pilots we can get... I have a feeling it's gonna be a HOT LZ.


N.B. Added a couple of pictures in the briefing.

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Mi-8 slick, fueled to top and no hardpoints if possible :D.




I5 4670k, 32GB, GTX 1070, Thrustmaster TFRP, G940 Throttle extremely modded with Bodnar 0836X and Bu0836A,

Warthog Joystick with F-18 grip, Oculus Rift S - Almost all is made from gifts from friends, the most expensive parts at least

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The next Black Shark pilot that signs up better be a lead... or the Sharks won't be flying at all ;)


Last mission was perfect regarding comms between slicks and gunships... except for the Black Sharks with whom we couldn't communicate at all since they didn't have a whisper or lead set up.


We won't make the same mistake again.

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Round one was fun so I'm in for the second. I can fly anything needed proficiently and am willing to take a lead aircraft if someone can help me setup whisper on TS and explain how to use it. Given a choice, order of preference for me is:


1) Ka-50

2) Mi-8 gunship

3) UH-1 gunship

4) Mi-8 slick

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I can fly anything needed proficiently and am willing to take a lead aircraft if someone can help me setup whisper on TS and explain how to use it.


Well, you're now UGLY ONE (Ka-50 lead). Congrats! :D


Here is a guide on how to set up a whisper list:




Check pages 16 through 18. Should be straightforward enough.

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