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Does anyone know about this plane here???


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Why the pilot didn't eject?


It also seems like, the plane aimed for the building. Made a left turn and head straight for it.


Why didn't the pilot eject? Maybe he already ejected? We cant tell from that footage if the canopy is opened or closed?

Maybe he was unconsiouss?




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I'd say fake, the sound it not right ... unless you can google the incident, I'd say it is fake.


Here's one: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/1965771.stm


But that's no MiG-21 we see in the movie ...




... does it look like an F-18 to anyone?


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Video does not look real to me. I vote, fake!

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Guest IguanaKing

Fake. If you watch carefully just before the impact, the jet disappears before it even hits the building. Looks like someone just did a little chromakey and compositing. :D

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the planes movement is typical to that of GCI. I have a traibed eye to spot fakes and this is one of them.


BTW the growler F-18F of the other thread was real as I suspected it to be. I have a new book with a photo of the real deal and it has the wing tip jammer things as well as olf fashioned wing ALQ-99's.


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I don't see any debris flying off, and, judging from the WTC videos, a jet entering a building creates a short vacuum behind it, not causing such a plume shape as that mig-29 did.


I do have a video of a Mig-29 flying at 100m above trees, and then it goes WAY over maximum angle of attack, it almost did a cobra into the trees, and I didn't see the canopy coming off... The sad thing is, the voice commentary on the background talks about the 1989 Le Bourget crash :(

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