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The F-4E Phantom II Prepares | F-16C Pilot Progress | F/A-18C Operation Green Line by Badger 633

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10 May 2024

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends

We are delighted to share that the DCS: F-4E Phantom II by Heatblur Simulations is slated for early access release on the 21st of May at 15:00 GMT, 2024. If you have not already seen it, don’t miss the F-4E release announcement video, you will be impressed! Hurry, time is running short to secure your -25% discount by pre-ordering now

The DCS: F-16C Viper and DCS: F/A-18C pilot models are progressing well and the 3D modelling of the suits, helmets, and equipment are being finalised. Additionally, we are implementing a large set of realistic and immersive body animations. Read the details below. 

Get ready for the DCS: F/A-18C Operation Green Line Campaign by Badger633. This is a fictional campaign that continues the "Rise of the Persian Lion II" campaign about the adventures of 'Ford' and 'Matrix' aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln.  You can look forward to this campaign in the next DCS update!

Thank you for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely, 

Eagle Dynamics


F-4E Phantom II

Last chance to save 25%


The much anticipated launch of the Phantom II is just around the corner. Renowned for its capabilities as a highly effective and versatile fighter-bomber, this iconic jet excels in both air-to-air combat and ground attack missions using a wide array of munitions. With Heatblur’s dedication to ultra-realistic simulation, you can expect meticulous attention to detail from cockpit graphics to the flight model. More details will be unveiled soon. 

This is your last chance to get the DCS: F-4E Phantom II with a -25% pre-purchase discount. 


3D Pilot Models

Development Report


The upcoming pilot models for the DCS: F-16C Viper and DCS: F/A-18C are set to significantly enhance the realism and immersion of these aircraft. We are excited to bring these updates to you, and we look forward to your feedback.

The primary objectives for the new pilot models are to:

  • Enhance visual fidelity and realism in line with new graphical technologies.
  • Improve animation fluidity for more lifelike pilot movements.
  • Incorporate detailed flight suits and equipment specific to the aircraft, reflecting actual gear worn by F-16C and F/A-18C pilots in the mid-2000s


Suit Modelling

The flight suits are crafted with high-resolution textures to accurately replicate the fabric and material properties. Special attention has been paid to the reflectivity and roughness maps to ensure that the suits react realistically under various lighting conditions. Harness systems and life support equipment have been carefully modelled. For the F-16C pilot, the harness connects to the ejection seat precisely as it would in the real aircraft. The F/A-18C pilot features a survival vest equipped with pockets and gear appropriate for carrier operations. The helmets are modelled with operational visors that can move up and down, helmet mounted displays, and night vision goggles.


Subtle in-cockpit movements such as head-turning to check instruments, hand movements for throttle and stick operation, torso movements, and even eye movements are being refined to mimic real-life. We continue to work on making the pilot’s body respond to G-forces more realistically. We hope to include inflation of the G suit during high-G manoeuvres and subtle shifts in weight.

Next Steps

Once these new pilot models are integrated for the first and third person views for the DCS: F-16C Viper and the DCS: F/A-18C, we will implement a similar 3D pilot model to the DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer


Operation Green Line

Campaign by Badger633


This immersive campaign features 12 unique missions that are interconnected through a continuous narrative across multiple Middle Eastern locations. Both carrier and land-based operations are included. Developed with virtual reality in mind, the campaign eliminates the need for jotting down transient coordinates, thereby maintaining immersion. Optional tanker refuelling is available, though careful fuel management can negate its necessity.

The campaign includes over 1,700 voice-overs, a 'Speed Stop' feature to prevent missing content during time acceleration, and adjustable AI settings for the final four missions to suit different skill levels. Each mission comes with detailed briefings that are accessible in-game and as downloadable PDFs. Customised aircraft skins are included to enhance the personalisation of the gameplay experience.

We hope you took advantage of the F-4E Phantom pre-purchase discount and that the preview of the upcoming F-16C Viper and F/A-18C pilots are to your satisfaction. Also, keep a lookout for Badger633's Operation Green Line campaign, coming in the next DCS update!

Thank you again for your passion and support, 

Yours sincerely,


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Posted (edited)

Very nice, will we be able to force NOT to use JHMCS? because right now we can dismount it in the ME but the players can re-equip it with F8 menu, and then we can only change it for NVGs, we can't return to the "nothing" configuration.

As a mission maker I would love to see some way to force players not to mount it.

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Posted (edited)

IMG_7072.jpeg Heads up: O-3 rank orientation is 90 deg off.  

O-4, O-5 and O-6 would be oriented with the shoulder seam as depicted   


But O-1 to O-3 bars are parallel to the seam.  

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Very happy to see an update on the Viper pilot body! 🥳


I know many people always hide the pilot body, but for me the empty cockpit is so immersion breaking (especially in the Viper, where due to the high seat inclination one constantly sees the rudder pedals), that I have parked my Viper one week after EA release, while waiting for legs.

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System specs:


i7-8700K @stock speed - GTX 1080TI @ stock speed - AsRock Extreme4 Z370 - 32GB DDR4 @3GHz- 500GB SSD - 2TB nvme - 650W PSU

HP Reverb G1 v2 - Saitek Pro pedals - TM Warthog HOTAS - TM F/A-18 Grip - TM Cougar HOTAS (NN-Dan mod) & (throttle standalone mod) - VIRPIL VPC Rotor TCS Plus with ALPHA-L grip - Pointctrl & aux banks <-- must have for VR users!! - Andre's SimShaker Jetpad - Fully adjustable DIY playseat - VA+VAICOM


~ That nuke might not have been the best of ideas, Sir... the enemy is furious ~ GUMMBAH

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Finally I don't have to fly in an F16  possed by a long dead fighter pilot who can't leave the living world until his mission is complete.

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i7 13700k @5.2ghz, GTX 3090, 64Gig ram 4800mhz DDR5, M2 drive.

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So far, the explanation for no pre-order on Steam was that an exact release date is needed. Now we have date and time but still no pre-order. What is the new reason? Maybe just admit that ED doesn't want to offer pre-orders on Steam anymore?

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Patience, while we cannot say for sure, I imagine that cutting off Steam users is the least lucrative option. In any case, a transition period would have to follow with ED voicing their intentions. They haven't done so, so don't worry. Obviously, F-4E has had delays of different nature, likely the reason why they held off.

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My bad. Should have searched better. Heatblur already answered about pre-order on Steam and made a very good offer

As always they are the best! Would have been nice to have this offer mentioned in the newsletter as well.

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Posted (edited)
48 minutes ago, cloose said:

Now we have date and time but still no pre-order.

Steam actively discourages pre-orders (pre-purchase) now. Very few games will have this option. So pre-orders are a thing of the past on Steam.

What Steam wants is that the game is discounted on release for the first week(s). Which is what HB is doing.


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Wonder what is meant by upcoming? Next update or 6 months? Hope it’s soon 

can’t wait for the viper pilot in cockpit. 

harrier landing GIFRYZEN 7 3700X Running at 4.35 GHz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti

32gb DDR4 RAM @3200 MHz

Oculus CV1 NvME 970 EVO

TM Warthog Stick & Throttle plus 11" extension. VKB T-Rudder MKIV

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