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Forum Abbreviations...


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After spending some time trying to figure what certain abbreviations in many forums means I gave up and pass the ball to you... ;)



There are some easy abbreviations I have no problem, but others... LOL!



ASAP - As soon as possible


LOL - Lots of Laughs


IMHO - In my humble opinion


TIA - Thanks in advance (?)


AFAIK - As far as I know


LMAO - Let me add oppinion (not sure, hehe)


IIRC - **** Have no clue on this one...


S! - No clue here too


FWI - Not only I don't know what means, nor if it's spelled right, hehe...




If somebody knows, please help...

=FN= Six o'Clock

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Florianopolis :: Brazil

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LMAO = Laughing my a@@ off


IIRC = If I recall correctly


LOL = Laugh out loud (Or so I've always thought. The problem with acronyms is that they can have a number of meanings.)



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I don't like the use of abbreviations, I started using it a bit... too much forum reading. but we have a wonderful language here, why not to use it in it's full version.. it's would be good also for non-english users like me.. strange we don't use abbreviations in Italian (AFAIK ahahah).


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FUBAR isn't spelled like that, in the movie (a movie from 1989 with Stallone, anbout 2 guys escaping from a prison) it was made clear that FUBAR should be spelled as f.u.b.a.r.= F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition

The movie was called "Tango & Cash"


And there is: BS, normally it means bullsh*t, but here it means Black Shark, which I find stupid as BS is bullsh*t and Black Shark is lomac, not nonesense :p

Creedence Clearwater Revival:worthy:

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