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  1. I'll try to keep that in consideration, Justificus. For some missions it shouldn't be a problem, you should be able to play them without mods, you'll probably just have a warning message telling you XYZ is missing. Unfortunately, other mission will be unplayable without them.
  2. It didn't sound negative, I was just worried the issue had been raised internally and I just had to deal with it for the sake of a very subjective realism concern.
  3. Hi billy, I've got a few more missions for the NTTR but the recent update to the map make them less enjoyable so I'm waiting how the map will evolve to release them. Working on a coast guard mission for the caucasus map in the meantime Don't forget to post your mission on the forums too, would love to try it!
  4. Is that the official stance on the issue ? I mean, did you, as a translator, saw that issue raised by the testers and that was the answer provided by the devs ?
  5. Ok, thanks BigNewy. All these were uploaded a while back and never had any problem with them. But I updated the license today because some of them were listed as "Freeware, unlimited distribution", changed that to "Freeware, do not redistribute" I don't really care if the textures are removed but the cargo hotfix is essential in order to enjoy most of the new cargo objects if you're flying the UH-1H.
  6. After putting more thought into it, I'm a bit confused about ED policy regarding the distribution of their files. Now, my question has nothing to do with the Bell-47, it's about the files I've uploaded to the user files website: Desert M-4 Soldier Environmental Protesters French Navy E-2C/D Customizable Cargo Weight Hotfix Like stated in the description, all of them are based on ED's work, modified or edited by me. Is it tolerated or are those going to be taken down?
  7. you need 7zip (might also work with winrar) to open the mission file. For the skin, I realised earlier today it's an unreleased one by Upuaut, I thought he had made them public, I contacted him about it, I'll let you know. It's based on his %20Rocky%20Mountain%20Rescue.rar?dl=0"]Rocky Mountain Rescue skin
  8. That looks pretty, Bad_Crc. It really adds to the immersion. Seeing this, I wish we had ground crews :D
  9. Just click "YES", it shouldn't be an issue.
  10. Yes, don't worry. The following missions won't have radio broadcast. I added it in this mission because it's a really simple one and I think it makes it more enjoyable. The only audio you'll hear in the next ones will be your robotic copilot :D EDIT: oh, you were talking about this mission ? if yes, you can delete the audio file in the mission archive, don't remember exactly what's its name, probably LVKC something
  11. They will also eject if they run out of fuel. So depending on what you want to do, you could also have an aircraft flying into a trigger zone, despawn it and have a similar aircraft spawn (with fuel set to 0) Not the most flexible nor the prettiest way to do it but it doesn't involve any explosions :)
  12. That's the "Toggle External Cargo Camera", make sure it isn't binded to anything. Default keybind is Lctrl+Lshift+c I Don't know which version of DCS you're using, might be a bug with 1.5.6, I'm still on 1.5.5. EDIT: lol sorry, I assume you were talking about the helos, the UH-1H in particular. My bad.
  13. Thank you! I'm waiting for the 2.0.6 update to release the next ones, hopefully we'll get our textures and trees back :P As a teaser
  14. The main reason why I made this video was to let people know about my 2nd channel. But I've just realised this month is the 10th anniversary of this channel on Youtube so I'll end up uploading it there, to celebrate :)
  15. Yup, he's well aware of that, even when sharing it with me he told me which files I had to copy from the UH-1H folder and which one I had to replace with his :)
  16. Awww, so tiny, it's cute :D Is there someone sitting on the skid ? Thanks Stratos! I secretely hope for an agri version too! It's really a blast to fly NOE with the big bubble canopy. But if he can't do it, we'll at least have a medevac, armed and float version. At least that's his plan :)
  17. A big YES to big helos! Puma, Chinook, MH-53, whatever you decide to make, I'll get it. Well, if you don't release it this year, that is :D Yes but I think he means playable in first person view
  18. Thanks Yurgon :) A precision about the flight model, It's a modified version of the UH-1 FM, Upuaut has edited the mass, power and rotor area. Just so you guys know
  19. French Beauty :wub: (skin: AdA 3/11 Corse Shark. Friend is your google ;))
  20. 1. Click and drag to select multiple units and move them around the map 2. When previewing a mission from the M.E., have the ability to "exit mission in it's current state" and have that state loaded inside the M.E. (like DAWS Save Mission) 3. More trigger options for cargos, similar to what we have now for group and unit: -"Cargo Activate/Deactivate": dynamically spawn and despawn cargo object. -"Cargo ON/OFF": dynamically change the "can/can't be cargo", while keeping the object on the map 4. Ability to zoom in further on the map, for precise object placement. the few hair left on my head would be eternally grateful ;)
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