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  1. Also, as much as I like the F/A-18, if a missile or some AA rounds hit a fastie, game over, you are either dead or totally disabled. Meanwhile, I just do some manual reversion, or adjust engines after putting out giant fires (sometimes even re-light an engine), and limp home in the A-10C, hell sometimes even get in a good gun run all busted up . . . fasties just fall apart.
  2. Was playing on Steam before I joined these forums, so my "join date" was mid 2012 - I remember when all we had was the KA-50 or the A-10C. I think some folks just depend too much on the advanced stand-off weps and targeting systems. I do use them in the A-10C, but she can be hella fun with a load of Hi Drag MK82's and good coordinates and Waypoints that you code into the CDU before take off . . . or just a good JTAC. However, my next most eagerly awaited module? The P-47 which I have been waiting on for what now? 5 years? Started with the Kickstarter project. So in effect, I am digging the vibe of the OP. I sure do like those "high tech" features on the A-10, but some of my most satisfying missions in the A-10 were taking advantage of intel, navigation, spotting by myself or other assets, and dumb bombs. Which is why I am looking forward to the P-47 in a CAS role.
  3. Ninja'd on TMS aft, curious Zimmer to see if you have tried the methods listed by Harker.
  4. Given that it doesn't work as IRL - I have found a use for it in DCS for not having to hug terrain. I fly high, and cruise on auto pilot while I setup targets and hit multiple assets from afar. Certainly not applicable for all scenarios, but I have enjoyed this method when I can. To each his own they say. :)
  5. Remember to look into "force correlate" in regards to the A-10C. A previous entry brings up all the limitations of the A-10C in a high threat Anti Air environment. However, with Force Correlate, and some practice, you can deal with older SAM threats by targeting the ground at the base of a radar installation and lofting a couple of MAV's from high altitude. It doesn't mitigate IR threats, and personally I run my EWR and jamming systems in manual, as I can toggle the ECM pod at will, and cycle through chaff/flare options depending on what I run into. Force Correlate will open a few more options for you with the A-10. Also, play around with Air to Air mode. Again, the A-10 is not a fighter, but once you learn to how to use A2A in the A-10, you can pull out some dicey situations if a bandit shows up. You will really enjoy the A-10, but yes, it is a ground pounder, and Force-Correlate and A2A scenarios are only going to open a few more options for you - but a fast mover that wants you down, will take you out. :thumbup:
  6. An impressive piece of electromechanical home engineering. Getting the motors, rigging, connections and all this to function is flat out amazing.
  7. Between two discounts, and a smattering of ED miles $19.00 for a "boatload" of other modules and a smackton of fun!!! Great discounting method, awesome job ED - easy buy!
  8. If it is in your profile inventory, it is applied as soon as you select purchase. It automatically applied the F/A-18 discount, and the 30% discount. That plus all the other modules you get, + company gift card + ED Miles Easy to plop down $19.00 for a whole smackton of fun!!! :thumbup:
  9. Goals are good. ED/DCS having them is a good thing. Even better that they share them with us. Managing large complex projects that span South America, North America, Europe, Russia, China - goals are how we move forward and set targets, we don't always hit them. Same for ED/DCS - glad they set goals, glad they share them with us, not holding them to anything. Pretty aggressive schedule they have there, glad to be part of what they can accomplish, and thankful to take advantage of it.
  10. This is an excellent post! I am a Track IR user, and have adjusted. Created a couple of snap views, and all is good to go. I love the new cockpit!
  11. NineLine - BigNewey - Tell everyone that worked on this thanks. It is stunning, love it! Much sharper and better contrast on lettering etc. (running as 1024 resolution), shadows are wonderful. Much appreciated, great work. The only thing I noticed was an FPS hit, which seemed odd to me, maybe I need to change something now in my settings? I was running around 70 fps with a mix of high, 75% tree's, maxed out grass/clutter, and 4X AA and I dropped to 50 fps. Outside of cockpit I run back up around 70 fps. Do you have suggestions for settings to offset this? I am running a 1660 Super OC, plus a Ryzen 7 2700, with 32 gig of ram DDR4. Thanks!
  12. In response to my question about the MH-60 version used by SOAR. If we are talking Iraq I time frame or Bosnian conflict time frame probably not. Have some Delta/SOAR friends from that era, they discuss ops, weapons and tactics all the time, in public places. Delta guys don't talk shop, unless it is old news and no longer relevant to current theaters. But, I am just some nerd civvy, and you could have a valid point. :thumbup:
  13. ED/DCS/TFC you guys just keep hitting home runs, and making me happy. Not even a rotor head, but the OH-58 will be an awesome addition. New Damage Model, that once implemented for WWII birds, the potential into other areas like fast movers and ME/CA are limitless. As a Kickstarter participant, so amazing that you are closing in on release of the P-47!! ME-262 eventually also. Exciting times!
  14. Not even a rotor head, and this is awesome news! Gonna ask this though, have you looked into the MH-60 Little Bird variant that SOF and SOAR units use for forces like the Rangers and Delta?? More out of curiosity! Thanks for your work on this module.
  15. The Huey, before this change was crazy OP. More effective than a Warthog at killing tanks, and that even included a near perpendicular dive on the engine deck of a tank, and giving a good burst with the GAU-8. Our flight group (BuDs) had a dedicated server that included armor, and a lot of tanks. It ran 24/7, and you could work the mission day or night. We had one fella, a Huey master, who could go into the server on full reset, with all the armor and objectives new and fresh, and run the entire map and all the missions by himself. He could destroy entire armored columns with the Huey. Granted that included some ground troops directed in ME to kill tanks, but he is very good at the sim, and using just his lone Huey could run the entire Caucasus map. No pun intended, but us Hawg guys were having no fun!!! I would load up all excited to run some missions on armor, and all the objectives were met, and the map was clean. He is an Aussie and would clean that thing at night, all by himself!!!
  16. Similar to the A-10, i.e. building the plane around the gun, but the concept of "building an airplane around a supercharger" is applicable.
  17. I am just here, to reinforce, we need the animated cow!
  18. Another post, that will devolve into what DCS can/should, can't maybe oughta do, and what developers are capable of, including surely how to allocate resources - when all the OP mentioned was hey, lets give some love to CA. I like CA too OP, it is fun, and I look forward to it being fleshed out. You go OP, you go!
  19. We get it, you are adamantly against subscription, ED makes enough money, and you don't want price increases.
  20. Out of all things posited here, this makes the most sense. Even if initial up front cost is increased, still cheap vs. a monthly bill, but increases revenue to some degree. :thumbup:
  21. Seriously, you just espoused that highly popular tank game out of Cypress/Moscow that does exactly this. It is called micro transactions and they milk the hell out of their player base, it is also called pay to win. Can you imagine MP servers full of Air Quake Whales that have poured money into the game to prey upon new folks trying to get in the game. Also, if you think the wailing and gnashing of teeth is loud now because "this is missing, that is missing, this is late", just wait till the threads with "I want a refund for this month" because of X problem start clogging up the forums. Or posts complaining about pay to win start clogging up the forums, because so and so got X because they paid for their skillz.
  22. Discussion about this system, or that system. Some are real, some are useless, some are partially implemented etc. The irony being that all the nuances that make DCS - DCS, exist at all to be debated about as a flight simulator, are what make this title so engaging. I have other flight sims, notable ones, I come back to this one, useless test screens and all, for a reason. Remove those "place holders", then DCS might as well become just another flight title, among many, with no defining claim or uniqueness. Since surely, this entire thread, is about the things that are what make DCS unique - love them or hate them.
  23. Building networks out in Western Europe, Turkey, Russia, China. I can say this from personal experience. Let sleeping dogs lie, and focus on the folks you are interacting with on a daily basis. What the governments require are one thing. What the folks you are working with day in and day out can do, is another.
  24. Did I just read the cliff notes of "How to win friends and influence people", or possibly "The CEO next door"? Doh, it popped right after NineLine's post . . . this is not in regards to that.
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