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  1. :thumbup: This is why I love these forums, that right there is advice worth gold.
  2. Like @Harlikwin mentions. I have been running OB for so long, that stable is a pain in the butt for me to keep updated. But, I keep both updated and available, and you can switch with ease once you read through @SkateZilla's excellent guide on updating via the CLI (command line interface.)
  3. Just jumping on the bandwagon . . . best CDU tutorial yet!
  4. What everyone is saying about the F/A-18C is true; however, the A-10C might be a better choice (despite the learning curve) for the following reasons: 1.) Survivability! All the fasties can't really take a hit, as you work through the learning curve, and you get in hot environments, be prepared to die and re-spawn many times. The A-10C will get you home, and if you can master Manual Reversion the thrill of bringing home a shot up A-10 is second to none. 2.) Loiter. Yes the Fasties can get there way before you, loft a few missiles for a/g mode, and run home. Meanwhile you are doing the Spooky Gunship dance for a long, long time. 3.) A/A mode. Nope, the A-10C can't do BVR, however, learning to use the 9X's the A-10 does have a primitive A/A mode, and I have shot down plenty of SU class aggressors. Master the EWR, Jamming module, and counter measures capability and you will be surprised just how many A/A engagements you can survive. If you do get hit with a missile, 9 times out of 10 you can limp home. The fasties drive me nuts in the regard, as soon as you are hit, 9 times out of 10, you are dead and watching your craft do a dirt dart from F2 camera view. Just some extra considerations in regards to the A-10; however, the Hornet is a freaking blast in A/A mode!
  5. Another perspective here. I am a network engineer, build networks that span from South America, North America, Western Europe, Russia and China. We use a well known manufacturer of Network routing, switching, firewall gear. The largest and most well known manufacturer. I subscribe to a thread for Bugs, Bug fixes and Vulnerabilities. Day, after day, every day I get at least 4 emails for a new Bug, Bug fix, or new vulnerability. Every day, 365 days a year, 24/7. This manufacturer is worth Billions, has some of the finest engineers working for it, and employs tens of thousands of people. Yet day in, day out - new bugs, new vulnerabilities, new code fixes. So all the yammering on this thread is amusing, because companies that dwarf DCS deal with the same problems and challenges. We have a good product, voice your discontent, but making cases on how they should run their business is just mental noise that serves no purpose.
  6. Probably not what we need, but at least they are trying and I am sure folks in this forum have seen this. Still, it is nice to know folks will dig around for you - the link has some nice colorized diagrams, and hydraulic diagrams. Hello! We did come across this. Not sure if it will help! http://rwebs.net/avhistory/history/p-47.htm Good luck! Best always, Dulari Dulari Mehta Director of Education (214) 330-1700, ext. 126 P.O. Box 764769 Dallas, TX 75376 CommemorativeAirForce.org
  7. Hmm I got a different vibe off the video. While the first half discusses Falcon 4.0, history of BMS, and other titles, companies. You get a list of dead and closed companies over spans of years. Now we are hearing about a reincarnation of Microprose. Meanwhile through the entire video, one thing remains constant. Eagle Dynamics, DCS manages to thrive and survive while others crashed and burned, reached to far or didn't reach far enough. I guess for me, it was more a video tribute to DCS and their longevity honestly. They navigated a lot of market conditions that doomed others. Of course the author of the video couches all of this in the context that DCS did this with no competition, kind of a veiled insult, but there is a reason there was no competition. You can argue all day DCS did this wrong, that wrong, and their competition actually had a better product etc. However, at the end of the day, what matters is open doors, and a business model that keeps the lights on. DCS must be doing something right. Plus the whole F2P thing . . . really?? My 2 cents FWIW.
  8. Are you trying to do it from Profile of DSMS, INV page and selecting CBU-->97 (example)? If so, under that menu you will get settings for (depending on ordinance) HOF - Height of Function, and SPIN. Referencing the DSMS MFCD screen. Also, a quick Google of HOF and Spin setting will yield a ton of references on this.
  9. Yup, can think of only one time it actually did something in a singleplayer mission. EAC in the A-10C would not engage, no matter how many checklists and items I went back through on. Possibly just user error though.
  10. Irons in the fire about 4 different venues. Even contacted a couple of Air Museums not local. This has probably all been done before, but what the heck, I am piqued now to see what develops.
  11. Everyone here has covered just about every angle; however, I do one thing slightly different that really seems to help. Specifically with the A-10C as the manual is pretty ginormous. After using many of the methods mentioned above, there are days, where I have no specific item in mind, and I randomly pick subjects in the A-10 manual and read them after I have done several flights, training flights, missions etc. I find that going back and hitting topics you think you have mastered, with a good review of a specific tech from the manual will really cement some of the functionality in your mind, and even add some "aha!!" moments. For me, one of those "AHA!" moments was how to activate the different EW Jammer settings, manually (don't like the auto one). Another "AHA!!" moment was reading up on how to focus the TGP. The manual answered these obscure (for me) items that many YouTube videos did not - but only after I had mastered about 80% of the material, and then the manual made much more sense for some nitty gritty detail.
  12. Can do, starting with local Museum and the local group that restored LST 325, as Evansville churned out more LST's than any other inland port - they probably have some ties to folks who can help. This should be fun, and challenging.
  13. So I am wondering about the Test Data that was lost at the Republic facility. I live in Evansville, and the factory still stands where we punched out over 15,000 of these birds . . . has anyone sought information from the Evansville area? I can certainly start poking around.
  14. Sorry, didn't mean to infer that I was unhappy with the choice, more a wishful thinking statement. The skin for the P-51 tribute is wonderful.
  15. Right there with you - P-47D, but then again, I am happy with what we are getting (since they rescued it), and am willing to wait. But like you, watching these threads with the attendant wailing and gnashing of teeth, coupled with "We paid X, we are due a finished product!!!! *cough *cough can you say "EA", and other comments about how DCS should run their business . . . are certainly entertaining to lurk in.
  16. Nice, what about a P-47 tribute, as the A-10 is also referred to as the Thunderbolt II, as homage to the P-47 due to the shared ruggedness and similar roles!
  17. Here here! Good sir! Original Kickstarter donator, and as you indicate, very happy that ED picked that particular train wreck up. We are fortunate they have worked on WWII modules and delivered over time, the pace is accelerating now, and the FM for these new birds should be marvelous! Waiting for both the Jug and the Swallow. :thumbup::thumbup:
  18. Since it is a wish list thread, and that is what they serve. Yes!!!! But it is so nice to get this cockpit refresh. I am sure the VR folks will rejoice!! My favorite bird, the first one I mastered decently. Such a nice cockpit to lounge in, as you limp home, as opposed to the fasties - if a missile even looks at you cross-eyed you either die, or are blown out of the sky.
  19. Well, then, I guess I am resigned to dreaming of these systems while we wait. :thumbup:
  20. OMG please stop with all the wonderful talks of Turbo/Superchargers, Intercoolers, overboost, this lever, that lever, regulators, flaps, cowls and so many engine management switches I could swoon. She is going to be a magnificent beast if managed properly, and you guys are killing me with all this nerd speak! Gimme my P-47 already!!
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