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  1. Throttle regulator Question for Dev's, or NineLine - if feasible at this time. Not sure which version of 262 we are getting, but will it include the throttle regulator that was added late war to reduce stalls and flame outs (though not completely), or will the model be of the variety that meant you really had to handle the throttles with kid gloves, and light touch? Thanks!
  2. I would welcome them, as well as my A-10C and it's somewhat workable AA capability. This would indeed be a new "Fun and Engaging" scenario. :music_whistling:
  3. Just a quick pop in, to check on things, if any news. Obviously not, with so much going on, but wanted to jot an entry.
  4. @Hollywood not sure if this has been discussed, but recently Viacom will lockup during missions, of any variety. Once it does, even menus are no longer functional. They do display, but requesting actions gives nothing but silence. It is like the entire engine associated to comms, after Viacom crashes, locks up the menus and other associated DCS voice/command items. Recently started after last couple updates, up until then, ran flawlessly. Pro user, and latest version. P.S. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Hollywood (I don't think @ sign works here, but is a habit for me too!) Ignore my problem or have mod remove this post. I was one update shy, for some reason I didn't get it automagically, and I downloaded the update, installed. To date, no more issues. Sorry to bother. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for any ideas or input.
  5. Hopefully you all are still looking for folks?? DCS flyer for sometime, but recently really digging deep with the A-10C and looking to become proficient, but, need some relaxed online time to take that extra step. My kids are older, so not so much a busy dad, but more like a busy dad with work and training for races. Through the week I am pretty much out of pocket but like to get flight time in on the weekends.
  6. How much for the module? Will it supersede my ME-262? Should I wear tinfoil?
  7. My take on this, @SUBS17, is that you are either: A.) Purposefully making outlandish claims for comedic effect. B.) Seriously misinformed. On the Vaccine and Mercury, from the CDC: Thimerosal is a mercury-based preservative that has been used for decades in the United States in multi-dose vials (vials containing more than one dose) of medicines and vaccines. From my own research, at peer reviewed sites, Thimerosal breaks down quickly into a form or ethyl mercury, which the body easily excretes, just as easily as Uranium 238 which you consume daily from foods grown in the soil of harvested foods. Also, if you wish to avoid Thimerosal, or any form of mercury in your vaccines, you can ask to have a single shot dose which comes preloaded into a syringe. Single dose syringes do not contain any additives such as Thimerosal (added to keep the vaccine clean for multi-use vials) and thus you avoid any mercury or mercury derivatives in your vaccine. So as before, I am going to stick with TLTeo and peer reviewed literature or at least sites that have a vested interest in divesting information that is accurate and based on fact, such as the CDC.
  8. There are folks in my family, that post YouTube video's in response to their concerns regarding mercury in vaccines, or how the government is trying to keep them down with the insurance companies. I tend to gently remind them, that YouTube video's are made by people who typically have no empirical research background, nor are trained in the very topic they create their video's about. I know, I know, I read books, by subject matter experts. The Internet is the last place I try to go deep into knowledge, especially YouTube videos. Call me crazy, call me an Anachronism - but I will stick with SME books, and peer reviewed research. I am gonna hang with @TLTeo's explanations. BTW, thanks TLTeo.
  9. Welcome to DCS! Let us know how this works out for you. I am trying to find a way to introduce my son to this "game", without totally disrupting his XBOX gaming style to get him started. However, as others have said, this is a study sim, whose focus is on realism (your centering issue aside.) So hopefully you get your XBOX VR issues worked out, and come up with something workable - and maybe I can get my son to pick this up! Ultimately though, getting some type of HOTAS system is going to be the way to go.
  10. FWIW Assuming you mean folks with no DCS account, and you are wanting multiple folks to fly together? I have not stood up the new server, so I am guessing, but with other games which I have stood up servers on LAN's (If DCS does this) you could stand up a box hosting the DCS server on a loopback address i.e. but listening on a static assigned IP like private IP. Assign the other workstations to be on that LAN also, 10.10.1.X. IF the DCS server allows listening on fixed IP, and monitoring itself on a loopback address, the server should accept connections from anyone on the Private LAN you setup CAVEAT - I have not done this. So I am not sure how the DCS dedicated server works. I am just going from instances of standing up Team Fortress Servers for LAN parties, Rainbow 6 servers etc. If DCS does not do this, I would recommend that they include this functionality at some point. FWIW.
  11. Indeed. The NaCL is real. EULA wars are the best. My EULA lawyer is better than your EULA lawyer. I kinda remember stuff like this on an 3rd grade playground - but I am giving away my age and mindset.
  12. The angst and legal threats are still going? Kinda like the Jerry Springer Show, except in text form. A good prank, loved it.
  13. The angst and righteous indignation of the uninitiated. While I do have a soft spot for those who uninstalled, reinstalled etc. it is quite a classic April Fools, the bar has been set.
  14. Owned DCS for awhile, but my initial and first love into this title was the KA-50. As far as modules went when I started playing, the KA-50 and Warthog were probably the most complex. In fact, I shied away from the Warthog. Over time I dabbled with the P-51, and signed on for the up coming ME-262 and P-47. However, after tiring of other games I decided it was time to take on the A-10C, and all of it's complexity. To answer your question, if you have a hankering for the Hornet, dive in, make the commitment it is well worth the investment. The A-10 has always been a keen desire of mine, and I finally started taking it serious about 6 months ago. One Thrustmaster Warthog purchase in, along with the TRFP pedals and Track IR (one of my first purchases years ago), I can say I should have done this years ago. I still have so much to learn, but have gotten through much of the basics and learning arcane things like how to ripple fire Mavericks, and use "Force Correlate" along with a myriad of other little things that multiply the experience beyond anything I imagined. Since you still seem to be at the threshold for "do I want to go all in with this airframe" and you are walking around the edges with the Hornet, I say go all in, put in the time. Learn it, I am sure it will be as rewarding for you, as the A-10 has been for me. :thumbup:
  15. Thanks for this Silver, I played this and was so enamored of it. I had forgotten much about it till I watched the video and everything came back. Amazing how far Sims have come!
  16. Same, every now and again, whether by APU, or fuel override and manual restart, I can get an approximate 40%-70% of power, with some fan speed built up. Say one in eight or so. Really depends on how much altitude I have, how much overall damage there is before I attempt. All things being relatively calm, I will attempt it, and rewarded sometimes with a little extra juice to get home. :thumbup:
  17. As mentioned by another poster, Force Correlate combined with Altitude can extend those Maverick engagement ranges substantially. I think only the "H" model and above can do this, going from memory. The "D" may be limited due to lock based on MAV seeker limitations, even if using TGP to designate target before slaving MAV seeker to it. Again, going from memory, at work.
  18. Well, if they came out and said "We are developing and releasing an A-10C suite 8, and HMCS" - I would gladly pay full module price for a new version. They are substantially different, as to utilize new skill sets and techniques. So yes, if a new KA-50 comes out - Shut up and take my money!
  19. Once the Maverick MFD is SOI (after slaving lock from TGP), and you have the solid cross in the Maverick MFD, sometimes you need to "SPAM" the TMS short forward a few times. When she starts flashing (cross), let her rip. Also, I have found that around 3.8 km out seems to be the best range for lock by Mav regardless of model, using just the MAV MFD, and tracking locking with the MAV seeker. Also dependent on background noise like surrounding terrain, can sometimes launch out around 4 or 5 nm. Just mash that TMS forward a couple of times, and it will lock up. Force Correlate is a different animal and can extend those ranges significantly. FYI, FWIW.
  20. Holy crow! Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing this. Popping a comment so I can find it for future reference.
  21. P51 from a real pilot It has been a long time since I few the P-51 in DCS, specifically take off scenario. When I was, I struggled as the aircraft had a propensity to roll, to the port I think. I would crash more often than not. My wife's Uncle is an FAA fella. Goes to crash sites to investigate AND builds planes. His current favorite is a "hot rod" Luscombe that he rebuilt from a wreck, and has taken me up in, to do barrel rolls, loops etc . . . while cackling the entire time. He has also flown the P-51 or relaying what he learned from a P-51 pilot who is a friend of his associated with the confederate Air Force. Again, couple of years (however long since the P-51 came out), and now I fly the A-10 exclusively. Anyway, I was mentioning to him how much trouble I was having with the P-51 in DCS. He instructed me to set the trim just so, and (I think) lock the tail wheel, and apply power and rotate at XYZ. Guess what, next time from cold start to take off, I lifted off and didn't crash. For whatever that anecdotal evidence is worth. When a real pilot, tells me to do XYZ, and I apply it to a aircraft in DCS and it works as compared to the same P-51 I have flown in the other "high end" titles, I would say in my own anecdotal real life experience that DCS flight models are pretty darn accurate, more so than any other flight titles have I have flown - and I have flown a lot of them.
  22. Played other "World Games", and other flight sims. From my perspective, the direction DCS is going long term is a true integrated world, across era's across platforms. Based on what is out there now, a long and difficult road to go, but in the end far far superior to any "World" combat simulator out there now. Worth the wait, and one of those folks (backers) that is thankful when ED stepped in and saved the mess that was the original WWII effort. So many wonderful platforms to fly in the meantime, and the updates (for me) indicate that nothing has been abandoned. When I get my ME 262, it will have been worth the wait. In the meantime, plenty to fly and master. Nothing else even comes close to DCS, on any level, that I have played currently on the market. Even the venerable IL2 Sturmovik series, which is still better than most.
  23. Same, just started today, have been on since 21st. Odd. Tried running as Admin etc.
  24. Sorry Weegie, hope it gets cleared up soon. Worth the trouble.
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