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  1. Seriously, the comments about "Big Boobs", long hair etc.??? I thought DCS had a more mature audience, apparently not. Very disappointing to see 10 year old nonsense (complete with poor spelling). As far as the change, an easy thing to do, either personally with skins/liveries or for DCS to do. All the arguments to and fro about helmets, gloves, clothing covering up identities is pointless and not relevant. The point is, like with many modern games, for someone to be ABLE to go into a menu setting, and select an entry for their skin type, and sex. Period, the act of checking the box, and seeing yourself, however small a snippet in the mirror, reflecting your chosen persona is what matters. Simple change, can be done, not a drag on current resources. DCS will probably do it, but it is up to them, in the meantime all the extrapolation is just vapor. Me, I am just a middle aged, white dude who is tired of the constant forum blathering over things that are a simple, one and done decisions on the part of developers. There is no coherent argument that can justify not doing this. IT is more a matter of choice, than of some glaring visual representation. The choices themselves are accurate, there are plenty of pilots male/female who are not Caucasian today, thousands upon thousands, tens of thousands. A no brainer as far as I am concerned, without all the controversy. Give folks the choice to render themselves by ethnicity and gender. Why is this even controversial?
  2. I love them all. A kickstarter person here for the original WWII push. Currently the Dora is my fav of the WWII era, and I love the Sabre. Like others, I wonder why the earlier aircraft aren't as popular . . . but . . . If you like ground pounding, the A-10C is something you need to look at, and give all the systems a try. Despite the fact she has a steep learning curve, and multiple systems to master, she is still a "danger close" aircraft, and can be unforgiving if not handled right, like many WWII or 50s aircraft. In my mind, the best of all worlds. Other than an all out dogfighter, she is a blast in the CAS role, and I have managed to shoot down other enemy aircraft with her in Air to Air mode . . . which always surprises folks.
  3. Me Three. Silver backer under the Luthier initial kickstarter. It has been a very long wait, but as with most DCS titles, it will be oh so worth it. :thumbup:
  4. Can confirm. The mission diversity and folks you can fly with is more than you could ask for. Having a blast in this group. The knowledge transfer regarding all things DCS, however arcane, is outstanding! I find that if you hang out in a voice channel, or on a map or mission - channel, in no time you will have a few friends in a variety of air frames to get your daily ration of flight, gun runs, and glory . . . some nice night missions also. :thumbup:
  5. Do you mean the complete whiteout/blackout when looking at marker smoke? Yay! if so!
  6. Thanks Dav - keep seeing a lot of righteous indignation lately, but looking at the size of these updates, the pace of rollouts and the sheer number of modules/maps that get hit: CA, WWII Assets, 3rd Party, OB, Stable, Maps. When you look at the pace, and the number of things they are addressing across all fronts, absolutely stunning. A frantic pace, and I can say having been here since 2011 (only registered in forums 2013), that they always deliver. Paying $60 for an airframe, and over a 5 or 10 year lifespan, injecting a few more dollars for updates, etc. IS a bargain. Just my world view FWIW. I have more more expensive hobbies. :thumbup:
  7. Dora has same characteristics. Once you read up or Google how she gets to rotation, practice a few times, take offs are routine. Everyone else has identified what needs to be done - take the time to learn those steps, and liftoff is a breeze . . . pun intended.
  8. Trying to keep it balanced here, seems to be a lot of comparisons to "Corporate", payment for "services rendered", and automobile comparisons. Bought her in 2011, love it. Still love it (though a bit dusty right now). Will buy the upgrade. Easy buy, easy decision. Dollar for dollar entertainment wise, a steal.
  9. First flew the original KA-50 in 2011 (Steam Version), BS2 came out, and I upgraded to that, moved out of Steam, full on DCS and created an account here 2013 (hence the discrepancy.) Now she gets a full refresh, for free and if I want a more advanced variant I can pay for it. Well, seeing as how much I have enjoyed her from early days on Steam till now, this is all I can say. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! I am a Triathlete as my other hobby, DCS is cheap by comparison . . . here, have more money for these excellent modules!
  10. Not having trouble finding the Master Arm switch myself, but man I had a hell of a time remembering how to bore sight the TGP, among other sundry setups. Every mission I flew with these folks was chill, no pressure, and plenty of space to work out the kinks. Still only getting on during the weekends, but the environment has really helped me become a better A-10C pilot, the premise of BuDs works. Every time I fly now, I am contributing a bit more to the missions, and having much more fun than I ever did with DCS. :thumbup:
  11. Chris, I am a tad better off than you spec wise, but run DCS just fine with decent quality settings, some on the highest possible. Running a 780 Ti, and the game looks great, but I have 32 GB of RAM, I am wondering if that is your core issue, 8GB might be your bottleneck?
  12. Well, it is called a "Wishlist". While I am all about hardcore mode, and have never invoked the "arcade" or game mode of this sim - DCS does need a path to invite new players, and let them ramp up without having to deal with all the complexities of sim level combat . . . much less punching in coordinates in a CDU and trying to remember rules about Easting values depending on your location to the Prime Meridian.
  13. The espionage claims regarding this seem overblown. I found several links where this can downloaded, the same flight manual, in the public domain. However, the second page lists a Disclosure clause, and it is very clear about releasing the information to another country. So, basically poor judgement on his part. As far as the F-22 and F-35, what nerd wouldn't want to sneak a peek.
  14. GAAAACKKK! For once, I am thinking, "I can help" . . . and I get the wrong panel. :doh:
  15. Must have, odd aircraft are fun!!!!
  16. Are you trying to only dump select stores? Because the "Jettison" button, upper right corner below HUD will dump them all?? Sorry if stupid question.
  17. Gonna waffle a bit here. I did joke about shooting down Cessna's and remarked about "Combat" in the DCS title, and yes that is why I am here first and foremost. I do share some of the concerns regarding development resources if Civvy craft start showing up . . . however: Long term, a true world, with the integration and interaction of land, sea, air is a worthy goal. Other games are trying this, and falling short, also monetizing it to death, and rightfully upsetting the playerbase of those games. The two I can think of off hand with "worlds" are World of Tanks and War Thunder. Of course they had mixed results, and never delivered on true integration in order to nickel and dime the player base. So DCS, certainly stands to gain, as they don't play monetizing games and use in-game micro-transactions or other silly schemes to "upgrade" units. You get a fully functioning unit, integrated into all the worlds with DCS to some degree. So long term, DCS should investigate Civilian aircraft, as it would open up new vista's and interactions for larger scale missions etc. Plus it would be blissfully free of the nonsense I have experience first hand in one of the above titles in regards to "payola" etc. That is the one thing I have always loved about DCS - no funny games with modules, you buy, you play, no cash grab schemes and "extra content" shop stuff. Everyone is flying, driving, the same thing with the same capabilities. So yeah, long term Civvy aircraft, and an expansion of the "World" and interaction among all these elements would be a smart move by DCS. I think there is an entire untapped market for DCS in this regards, and they do it so much better than anyone else. :thumbup:
  18. Was that a KubelWagon with a flame job at the 2:37 mark?? hilarious film!
  19. Every single weapon employed in this "simulator" or "game" whichever you prefer is capable of inflicting grievous wounds, from which people can survive. Blindness, missing most of their upper maxilla, missing arms, legs, reproductive organs, gaping wounds where faces or body structures where. Serious wounds which will alter their lives irrevocably. Your logic for how a cluster munition vs. Napalm (or any munition/weapon) being inherently less "destructive/painful/life altering" is missing some important factual information.
  20. " . . . the d C!!!!!! s people need to chill out. " DCS, a.k.a Digital COMBAT Simulator - it is after all their mission, bread and butter, and the main draw for most of us. I wouldn't go to hard on us combat focused simmers, after all, it is why we are here. :thumbup:
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