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  1. Same here....we had some nice close flights already where you got me too....S! Anytime Baby
  2. All the F14 Tomcat angst gets annoying. Every time when people start to struggle with a module or weapon, its the developers fault. Instead of looking on there own tactics how to deal with a certain threat, in some cases the rule "go up, blow up" applies and if someone gets not out of this box he can keep complaining until he stopps playing the game. Everybody knows, we have a general desync issue in the game, deal with it. But, it gets obvious that the F14 gets nerfd at most. It seems nobody takes a complain about the JF SD10 TSS small (missile API), and the ultra strong nail from the radar, what shows up as 20 miles away from the F16 for example, what is in reality 100 miles away...I would ban this module too or restrict it to heaters only, sounds good? No, it dosent sound good....And I can deal with it, I take this issue into my tactics to fight this plane with proper SA. The F16, pulling 9gs with tanks on, or the radar, stronger then a F15 radar common guys, get a grip... I am not a fan of posting a tacview, where someone looses it, sorry for that, but I just wanna show how easy a 54 defeat is (easy is rong, u need some training too), if you train it with youre SQN or as a lonewolf pilot in SP. My last issue is to fight a Tomcat one vs one......thats a fact...the unotch able PAL/TCS 54s lol stop crying.... Tacview-20210615-153256-F-14B vs F16 low.zip.acmi cheers
  3. :) Placebo is youre defensive manouver, but you will figure it out. :thumbup:
  4. Looking good Mustang.... :)
  5. Its a DCS bug, with the "delayed flight" on the carrier.....The carrier stuff in general is buged atm.....Until ED fix it
  6. Start testing again, and different planes ;)
  7. this kind of bugs are forever, plus the AI wingman "slats down position" below mach 0.90...
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