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  1. mostly air to air for tanker now locking tanker as target for range
  2. Tancan no longer shows distance to transmitter in the HUD. Shows direction but HUD display for distance is no longer there.
  3. Version: DCS Open Beta Sounds are missing is with all hits to my plane also missing is other external sounds. In the attached file you will notice the sound of the hanger doors opening is not there. I have tried running repair checking all files and can not get the sounds back that were there before the last few updates. Aerobatics Online Caucasus OpenBeta-20201008-151150.trk
  4. All damage sounds are missing. Taking hits no longer have any sounds. Ripping a wing off has no sound one would think in would make some noise...
  5. lol.... Now that's funny. We have been told it is in internal testing. Well that has been in testing for so long the testers have forgot what they are testing for.
  6. Start with these settings: Deadzone 2-4 Curves: Pitch 30 / Roll 20 Rudder: Deadzone 4-10 / Curve 7-20 this will depend on what you are using for rudder.
  7. Yes it is very odd that a software company allows you to download a product with 2 free planes to try, which is great. What is odd is that the one they chose for the full fidelity model the TF-51. One would think you would want it to look more like a new Ferrari than an old Yugo. The P-51 is long overdue for some attention.
  8. Up until a month ago the game was stable with both the cpu and the gpu overclocked. Since I started to have this problem I have set the gpu back to default settings. GPU is an MSI 1080ti. This problem started 2 updates ago and I have been chasing my tail as to why? All other network games in the machine run fine DCS is the only one with a problem. Another game crash in DCS comes back with is "DCS has stopped communicating with windows".
  9. Yes cpu over 15% which is not over the boost clock of the cpu.
  10. Attached is the log file from this can you tell me why the game crashes? All other game run fine this only happens when online. Thanks for looking dcs.log-20200904-164454.zip
  11. Had the same problem it was being caused by an Nvidia driver. Updating to newest driver 451.67 stopped the problem. Hope this helps. This had me chasing my tail for 2 weeks.
  12. Question: With the new way the updater is am I supposed to keep the files or delete them? Strange it has no instructions as what they are or what it is asking for. So for me it was when in doubt keep.
  13. Oh I hope not, for that would now give them 2501 bugs to fix. They will never catch up.
  14. To effect the repair in real life would take hours or days. Just about the same time it would take to replace the whole wing as repair will do now? Or repair the entire plane if you land with gear up? Or all the surfaces that have been hit by rounds. So with everything else repair will do why should replacing guns be a problem? All other repairs to all the aircraft here shows real life has nothing to do with it.....
  15. yes as far as I am aware all gun related issues have been fixed Well then, here is a test for you. Take the P-51 up pick a ground target and hold the trigger don’t let it up until the guns are empty. Land call for a repair and repeat if you can hit anything then you can tell me it’s fixed
  16. Could it be the problem of when you use the guns the convergence of the guns turns into a shotgun as the ammo count goes down? This happens even if you use short bursts and allow time for cool down. Then landing and rearming even when you ask for a repair it will not reset the guns problem? ED had stated a few updates ago that this problem was an error in the way the guns were mounted in the plane. This did NOT fix the problem. Also calling for a repair should also fix the guns. If it will replace a wing it should also replace the guns…..
  17. The older skins use a different format (that was changed) and will not work well with what DCS uses now. If the creator of the skin did not update their work they may have pulled the skin. A good example of what has happened is load a P-51 and skin it with Big Beautiful Doll you will notice that it looks like it is covered with a Milk white over paint and not the finish it should have.
  18. Just wondering... Whythis conversation ended up here. All the 109 is to the P-51 is a target. All this information should be in the 109 section.
  19. A good place for switches and led's.... http://led-switch.com/Standard%20Toggle%20Switch.htm
  20. Good luck with that request. This plane used to have all that in version 1.5 and has been broken since the update to 2.0. Someone at ED has been working in the background to fix some of the graphic problems with this plane, which is always welcome. But this plane needs a major upgrade on the LOD textures that are missing. You will also notice the skins for this plane were never changed to the new format that is now used and all look really bad. Just look at the skin for Big Beautiful Doll it looks like it is covered with Milk. Unfortunately this is one plane they take no pride in and for many Americans it is the icon of the war.
  21. Which sound volume slider is this sound attached with so I can turn it up? I hear nothing at all.
  22. The temperature on the server is a constant +20C. We had no problems the Temps until this last update we just received in DCS. None of which was listed along with the nav lighting fix for them showing through the wing panels. And the new ammo type selections. So someone at ED is behind the scenes working on this plane. It is my hope they do not stop correcting the issues this plane has had for a LOOOONG time. Now if they would just slip in 150 fuel I would be a happy camper..... Fighting the K4 could be a more even fight with a little extra HP
  23. With this last update they made a major change with the engine and coolant temperatures. Before the last update you could takeoff with the coolant doors set in Auto and use max RPM and Manifold Pressure with no problem. If you do that now the Coolant Temp will be in the red before you get the gear up. You now need to open the radiator door all the way 15 seconds on the switch and do not go above 3000 on RPM and 50 on Manifold. Our group has found running both temps below the green zone is always better than running near the red. As such we now do not use the Auto Settings anymore which use to work. With the way things are working now you will need to always keep one eye on both of the temperature gauges.
  24. Add longer keypress timing to the macro. Some faster timings will not be picked up in the Sim.
  25. In this update you have now listed new gun loadouts but what is the difference between the selections? The A-A and the A-G.
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