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  1. i feel like i'm hearing some artifacts on my right ear all the time... not sure if it's coming from the rotors or what. it's almost like something is clicking every now and then. do you have clean sound? headphones are the 250ohm DT 990 PRO from Beyerdynamic.
  2. person: how's the hind? me: yes.
  3. if this is correct, it should be damaging the landing gear (or at least the tires), right?
  4. in other modules, DCS lets me assign kneeboard controls to my mouse, but i can't do it in the Hind.
  5. congrats on the release, but when can we read the manual?
  6. a nice thing would be for him to close his canopy door when i close mine, so i don't have to change seats just for that.
  7. maybe important information that goes into sticky threads could be shown inside the game? we have loads of free space at the main screen.
  8. hope this guy made it back home that day.
  9. gelendzhik tower used to answer on vhf am 126.000, but it doesn't anymore. uhf still working. also sometimes i only get the text on the screen and no voice from the tower, something that didn't happen before unless messages pilled up quickly. it looks like this is a bug introduced with the latest update. or am i tripping?
  10. do we have a final answer? i thought this was still open for debate...
  11. if we could at least have an audio warning when this happens... make betty say "out of focus! out of focus!".
  12. hello everyone! i know a spot in the caucasus map that will always (100% of the time, any graphics settings) produce a hiccup in VR when i pass over it. it's in the gelendzhik airfield, in the parking area. is it useful for the devs if i post a video showing exactly where this is?
  13. well, since wind seemed to be the problem and that's the only thing i found in the manual, i figured it could be a way to tell the HUD "hey, this is what you need to compensate". i'll try to grab that one, thanks for the pointers!
  14. well, i've been experiencing this drifting all the time while flying with wind speeds of 5 m/s to 10 m/s. i tried to input the wind data into the CDU, but it doesn't change anything for me. it's no problem while flying but landing can get a bit tricky because the TVV just doesn't want to help me at all sometimes and i just go by feel. i also don't think it's a problem of uncoordinated flight, because the ball is centered all the time, as you can see on this video. maybe someone can look at this and give me some pointers as to what i could do differently next time? thanks in advance for any tips!
  15. thanks for clearing so many points at once... really appreciated!
  16. sorry for bringing this back to life, but i find it a bit awkward when ATC tells me to fly heading 285 for 16. how am i supposed to know when i have flown that distance? the solutions above seem like hacks, not real tools a pilot would use mid flight, right?
  17. yeah, that's one way to do it, but it does not work very well when you want to use the UI while flying.
  18. hey guys! is there a way to set the distance to the UI (main menu, mission editor, etc.) in VR? it's a bit too close to my face for me.
  19. sorry, i should have done this before. here's a clip showing my issue... you can see that everything made of glass continues reflecting the sunlight as if it was still hitting the plane.
  20. thank you very much for the input! that's what i've been doing, but i just push that dial back and forth before takeoff as one step.
  21. hello! is this mod still working? does it work with the a-10c 2?
  22. hey guys! here's some very strange behavior i'm having with the a-10c 2 and would appreciate some help. suppose i have a mission with a few waypoints and i load and display them in the TAD by moving the STEER PT dial to FLT PLAN... that gives me lines between my waypoints in the TAD. now suppose i land somewhere during the mission for repairs. as soon as i land, the lines connecting the waypoints in the TAD disappear, even though the STEER PT dial is still set to FLT PLAN. if i rock the STEER PT dial to MARK and back to FLT PLAN, the lines reappear in the TAD. is this normal behavior? is it related to automatic realignment when the plane is on the ground? how can i avoid it? thanks in advance!
  23. it happens with all graphics settings all maxed out. i think this is a bug.
  24. VR is perfect for flight sims and racing sims. there's no way back.
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