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  1. Haha ! That was definitely the money shot. I’m sure Virpil’s software will have the ability to set the tension too. I’m alittle intimidated on the software not gonna lie !
  2. I don’t know if I should wait for the US branch to open but I’m ready to purchase the CM3 throttle. But back to the main topic This could be a Realsimulator competitor… maybe
  3. Warranty has expired almost a year now was able to get the V2 cable before then though. That link is not working. I’m interested. Disregard the link works it was my wifi .Thanks !
  4. Also just learned the WMR pass through / Flashlight mode for the G2 may start putting together some extra panel also. Life is Good !
  5. That’s awesome and right on time because I’m upgrading my Throttle to the CM3 got the go ahead to so. I want to order this week but may wait til open up the US branch. Gonna read it now thanks !
  6. I'm just glad whatever triggered it did because I had no idea about it and it works great and will use it. Would be nice if it was alittle bit clearer but hey, no big deal. I appreciate it !
  7. Oh man thank you ! That is so cool ! Appreciate your quick response because this was driving me crazy because it just popped up out of nowhere. I’ll give it a go !
  8. Can’t duplicate it , how does this work ? Is it a OXR thing ? Anyone wheres this Flashlight option located. thanks
  9. Wow ! I just had this pop up while flying the viper, never seen this before. How does this feature turn on and off ? never knew the G2 had this ... pretty cool ! but would like to know how to turn it on and off. I had to exit the mission and restart.
  10. Gotcha I dont really see any difference being on or off. But I have another question, if your turning vsyn on fast in NCP do I enable it in the DCS settings?
  11. I’m gonna try this turning on MFAA and Vsync on high but what kind of difference will I be aware of compared to it not being enabled ? I’m running MSAA x2
  12. I never had to touch that setting and it’s been unchecked from the get go. Everything looks perfectly normal. It’s uncheck at 63.5
  13. Just get close and fly he’ll even the human body has issues and hickUps. I’m guess DCS 3.0
  14. Glide, how about the perf in the Marianna and Channel map? After the switch back. That was the big improvement vrs SVR. Well there is also a few other things that is making me stay on OXR.
  15. So what about the d3d_compiler47 file , will that regenerate when one switches back to Steam?
  16. Well I guess it fixed itself with use. It was my Sensor Control at 9 o’clock that was sticking. I use the original SC switch for my weapons and weapon/thumb for my sensor control, less travel for the thumb to lock and switch displays ect. The 9 o’clock position really doesn’t get used a lot as I have up for guns right for sidewinders and down for amrams so left I programmed for sparrows which are hardly used in the Hornet… for me. Now I can get it to stick but now it’s hard to do so and not like when I first got it out the box I had to force off the 9 o’clock position. And like I said before this is my 3rd F18 grip attempt and decided to keep it. The switch will loosen up through with alot of play. I got mine from the Thrustmaster eshop/us and I think it has a 1 year warranty so we’ll see how it goes from here. I do not recommend buying from an Amazon dealer. But as can see if really doesn’t make a deference it’s a hit and miss with these grips. But man I love this thing ! Good Luck “ If you ain’t Oradance you ain’t sht “ LOL …Love it !
  17. The thing is with thrustmaster parts tho they only use PayPal.
  18. I wish my warthog throttle had that issue so I can move on to the Virpil throttle … I want that thing soooo bad !
  19. " tweak colours/levels/saturation/vibrance etc. " Okay I haven't did none that yet so I'll check that out today. I guess it doesn't hurt to just keep it enabled. Much Thanks
  20. Good Morning, well I have OXR and my G2 running about best it can get so do you recommend disabling the toolkit. I’m not much of a tweaker and I think it’s as good as it’s going to get as of now.
  21. VR is really not that bad ! I just did about an hour in a bfm server with absolutely no issues, smooth and pretty damn crisp but not like a 2d scene. The thing is , you just got to take what it gives you at the moment. Kinda like golf.
  22. I think I totally agree. I just recently changed this just because I seen a video about it. I had to max set for 32gb. I will take your advice and redo.
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