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Red Flag Rumble - Mig21 vs F5


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104th Red Flag Rumble

18th of March 1800z: Official battle

DCS theatre: NTTR

Battle duration: 2 hours - One life per pilot

Open slots: 52 - first come first served

Hosting server: 104th Dedicated Server

TeamSpeak Address:

TeamSpeak password: phoenix




We are proud to present Red Flag Rumble, a 26 vs 26 BFM event featuring different aircraft each round, our first round is kicking off with the Mig21 vs F5.


Red Flag Rumble will feature two teams of 26 going head to head in the Nevada Range, each pilot only has one life so every kill counts!


Both sides will have ground objectives to attack and defend, the winning team will be the side with the most amount of ground and air units alive at the end of the 2 hour mission!

The event will be Streamed LIVE on our Twitch Channel with commentary of the action!



Mission Overview

Blue side -F5 - Nellis AFB

Red side -Mig21 - Tanopah Test Range Airfield

Bullseye = 65A


Both Airfields are defended by SA15 Tors, SA19 Tunguskas, SA13 Strellas and Shilkas. There will be not be any No Fly Zone and clients will be free to use the entire map.






Blue Target Area


The Red side must defend their ground forces on the North West side of Bullseye.


Ground units:

15 BRDM2s

12 BTR80s


3 Shilka





Red Target Area


The Blue side must defend their ground forces located on the South East side of Bullseye.


Ground units:

15 BRDM2s

12 BTR80s


3 Shilka





1 Life per Pilot.


Aim9P5, R-3R, R-13M, R-13M1, R-3S, R-60, R-60M and Guns Only.


*** Mig21 Limited to 2 R60M / Heat-seeking Missile and 2 R-3R Only (per flight can carry total of 4 missiles). ***

All Clients must be on the 104th Teamspeak server.


Ground Targets CANNOT be engaged for the first 10 minutes of the mission.


Client pings must be below 330. We reserve the right to remove you for high ping / packet loss

You must have fun! Anyone found to be not having fun will be removed from the event ;)



Sign Up



To Sign Up for the event you must have an account on ED forums, sign ups will be handled on a first come first served basis! There will also be a Reserve List to replace pilots who do not show up.


You cannot sign up on your friends behalf, clients can only sign up themselves.


There is a limit of 4 pilots from any 1 Squadron per side, however you can add more pilots to the reserve list and if any clients do not show up we will allow extra squadron members to fly. You can have 4 pilots on the Blue side and 4 pilots on the Red side from any 1 Squadron, eg.. 4 104th on Blue and 4 104th on Red.


Remember... you cannot sign up other members on their behalf, you can only sign up yourself not your friends or Squadron members.


We will run this event every month 1 week before our regular Red Flag event, so if you do not make the roster this time you only have to wait 4 weeks till the next event!


Sign up format eg...


104th_Maverick - F5





Blue Side Roster


1. 104th_Maverick

2. 104th_Stuge

3. 104th_MoGas

4. 104th_Reserved

5. #Yolo

6. Coxy

7. Razor

8. rogonaut

9. mblackham

10. Viper

11. =DW=Wizard_VVS

12. Zooker

13. TurboRUSH

14. Kev2go

15. KevinHUN


17. =DW= Omny

18. Piper

19. Dino Might

20. Zanderdob

21. F99th-33rd_TSCRO #88

22. SF_Kapsu


24. comie1

25. AKA_MattE



Red Side Roster

1. 51st_Frostie

2. 51st_Rage

3. 51st_Reserved

4. 51st_Reserved

5. Topper Harley

6. HorAz

7. Croncat


9. [Vodka]LazzySeal

10. =EDP 71st= RuSh

11. [Vodka] Lev Yashin

12. Foghorn

13. =RvE= Tito

14. =WRAG= 345

15. 13.VLS Vati

16. HUNAF_knix

17. =RvE=Jman

18. =GR=Spanker

19. =RvE= Chico









note: 104th Aircrew only need to sign up on this thread if you want to fly the Mig21, 51st Aircrew only need to sign up in this thread if you want to fly the F5.


104th Aircrew see me for F5 slots

51st Aircrew see Frostie for Mig21

Edited by [Maverick]


104th Phoenix Wing Commander / Total Poser / Elitist / Hero / Chad

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;3064160']Please read the sign up rules.


You can only sign up yourself, not a friend or Squad mate.


Sry, my bad. I somehow missed that section. Post edited. Txs.

If I would like to fly SFM I could get it for free at World of Warplanes.


You only need 2 of the following 3: Altitude - Speed - Skill

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Please set the enlargement model at least in SMALL, with the model in OFF is impossible to see the F-5 until he is at 500 meters away! The MIG-21s are perfectly visibles at 2 or 3 kms


By the way the R-60M is worst than the AIM-9P5, I think that the MIG-21 should go with R-13M1


Is There AWACS or EWR? or human CGI?

Edited by JunMcKill
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Can you guys please host some events in the Caucasus map once again? Been so optimistic about DCS 2.5 and as such so reluctant to get DCS 2.0 (ever since it came out) so I never thought about buying the Nevada map. I'm just waiting for DCS 1.5 and 2.0 to finally be combined and kinda made it a restricting condition for myself before I get Nevada. Well, it's been a while now and I keep telling myself; wait a little bit longer, you've waited so long. 2.5 will be out soon and THEN you'll get Nevada :)

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