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Armament tool-tips

Lixma 06

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+1 Would be a very useful feature, and this is coming from someone who is pretty good at remembering what weapon does what - most of the time.

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Excellent idea.

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Having a tooltip showing up when hovering 1 seconds a bomb or missile, stating "250kg laser guided bomb" or "2000lb GPS guided 'bunker buster' bomb" or "Infrared guided 'fox 2' missile" would be very handy when doubting about certain kind of munition (GBU-31(V)3/B, huh what's that again ?).



The UI for choosing the weapon is not a classroom. Do not try to educate in a UI. That's not what it's for.

So what is the Windows talk manager ? Cause when I hover memory composition a tooltip shows up explaining me in 2 lines what this is.

Most UIs use tooltips like that to be more user friendly, no reason it would not work in DCS too.

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I support something like this =)


If it annoys some ppl, put a delay on it, so the tooltip appears after a second or 2. Then the initiated ppl won't see it, when they hastily select their favorite loadout.



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+10000 for this


Even old janes sim’s have weapon quide in loadout screens.


This is really good idea.


And maybe option like in Some other sim: filter weapons by target type. Etc..



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