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DSMS never load with my mission

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i did a mission with some rampstart A10c.

When i want to load the DSMS, all rack is red :S but i can see my weapons below wings.

In fact, everything is ''good'' if i push the MAster Arm to Training, and until i switch to ARM, everything turns red into the DSMS.

why ?

Is there an option somewhere to tell the mission is a training ? or .....

I dont understand why it happens :S

if i replace the plane by another, it happens the same thing.


thanks for help

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Hey Forza,

I see no scripts or triggers that would screw up your DSMS, I tried reloading it, loading all, changing nationality and also loadout. Cannot help sorry



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This problem keeps popping up again and again.


probably here:


and now here.


Thankfully,you attached the mission, so I was able to fix it- I think- for you.


Avoid touching the "prepare mission" button unless you really want to try experimenting around preparing a mission. It seems to be causing alot of problems.


Anyway, the fix is, as always, pretty simple. Unzip the mission, and delete all the folders, then zip it back up and change the extension to .miz.


This is what your mission looked like after unzipping it. See those folders? They are bad news.




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Did a quick search and I'm guessing the gist is, PREPARE MISSION, as described in the GUI manual, actually does not function? I've created a short landing mission and was trying to set the ILS and AM radio to airfield freqs but everytime I go back in, the AM radio is set to 000.00, with a loud tone playing, and the ILS is back to default and off. :(

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Hmmm,,, I just recently opened a custom miz made by others,,, been using it alot,,, today I decided to change the loadout,,, This mission starts out on the ramp all ready for take off,,, I have alot of red stations and I never touched the "prepare mission" , I:


Opened ME

Clicked on my Hog

Changed the load out via the options on the left screen

Saved Mission

Loaded Mission

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