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  1. This is really not necessary right now, but ED could fix it later on, in the F-16, wingtip vortex are visible almost every time that you do high G turn, but they don't do that IRL, and for the Hornet they're visible almost everytime, the vortex is created by the LEX (I believe) and it depends on the aircraft. For example, in the first video you can see that the F-16 landing does not generate any vortex even in high humidity. Now in the second video a Hornet taking off in high humitidy. Now a high G turn in the F-16 in low humidity. And a Hornet high G turn. And yes, they all do wingtip vortex but there are certain speeds , Gs and weather conditions to generate them.
  2. So, I see that your point is that the pictures could be from "ages" ago, but now let's take a look at the pics, FoxOne007 Member Members 348 posts Author Posted April 18 First sneak peak of the HUD, and also the older style UFC Here you can see the new clouds, which were released in the 2.7 update by Eagle Dynamics about 4 weeks ago, so that's one point for the date that this picture was taken. Now on this one, that map is called "Syria" in cause you didn't know, the map was released in August of 2020. There is no way that they can use or fly in this map before release or beta test, and that includes the clouds. You can also see on the top of the page that they do not have an ETA.
  3. Sure I did, awhile ago, even now if you go IDLE at a high speed you won't get the open nozzle, even if it did there would be no AB, it just doesn't make sense for me.
  4. Haha It doesn't work like that, otherwise you would have some issues with the engines or nozzle fully opening for idle at high speed. You can try it yourself in DCS, it doesn't work.
  5. Any idea if keybinds for rudder pedal are coming?
  6. You can see the "ATC" activated around 1:43
  7. Something that would be cool is normal helmets without the HMD as an option in the Ground Crew menu, since they fly without HMCS sometimes.
  8. One of the things for our Viper's wishlist is the "pilot model" which I've already posted on forums, now it's time for the mask, the MBU-20/P which is used by the USAF and many other countries, even ANGs, I also don't think that any Viper use the same mask as the F-16 from DCS. If yes please correct me.
  9. Thanks for the explanation @mvsgas.
  10. So, I realized that most F-16s with GE engines irl open a little bit more than our GE engine in DCS, I'll show you guys a comparison between the real life ones vs DCS. Anyways this is a small thing, and it's my opinion, you don't need to comment anything if you don't agree.
  11. Ok, it seems that some of you are confused, this is a screenie that I just took of the AB, now compare the picture that ED put as loading screen in DCS.
  12. Anyways, wouldn't that look better/realistic? I don't think that I've ever seen any GBU-38s without the "cap". Thanks for explaining.
  13. Is the afterburner ever going to receive an upgrade later on? Just like the one from the Hornet loading screen.
  14. Would like to ask ED to fix/add the contact fuze to the GBU-38, I've seen this thing many times before, I'll attach a picture so you can actually see it. (I'm not sure if that's the right name, if not please correct me)
  15. "It’s called “ramp droop”. The stabs are hydraulically actuated, and when the hydraulic pressure drops after we shut the engine down, the stab moves to its natural position, which is the one that you see in the photos because the stab is heavier in the back." "And a stab that moves to that position naturally is a safety feature. Means that if you were ever to lose hydraulic pressure, the stab would move in a way to pitch the jet’s nose downward. If the natural tendency would be to pitch up, you can imagine how a momentary loss of hydraulics could make the jet go out of control." By an F-16C bl.35 64th AGRS pilot. I'm pretty sure that the hornet does that, but the F-16 doesn't. (I couldn't write anything in the post so I wasn't able to be more specific)
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