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  1. No problem. I was really glad that HP had to put a power box on this one. On my G1, I always left the cable plugged into my video card and plugged it in at the headset when I wanted to use it because I was really hesitant to keep unplugging/plugging in the HDMI cable on my $1700.00 video card. With the power box we don't have to do that anymore.
  2. Another thing you can do is unplug the power box on your G2 after you're done using it. When you want to go back into VR, plug that box back in and WMR will automatically start and link up with your G2. Then, all you have to do is double-click on the DCS exe like you would if you're going to play in 2D. Pull the G2 down over your face and wait for the exploding orb of triangles. SteamVR automatically loads and in a few seconds, you'll be in the DCS hangar in VR. Heh...can't comment on getting all of the other cool stuff you have going though. Unplugging that power box seems to be a pretty reliable way of keeping the HMD from going stupid after sitting idle.
  3. OK, so now you have learned what it means when they tell you the sale ends at 15:00 GMT, so you can plan accordingly next time. I would have loved it if my Oncologist and Radiation Oncologist could have catered to my busy work schedule, but that just isn't how a business operates...even one that gives medical treatments. I adjusted my schedule to fit theirs. It sucked at first, but I sucked it up and got used to it. I realize its not as important as a sale for video games though. Improvise, adapt, and overcome.
  4. Right pedal turns the plane right.
  5. Hi LaCrepe, Take a look at my link in this old thread. Now, bear in mind that the screenshots are really old and a lot of things have changed since then, but the screenshots of my DCS settings are representative of what I still use today...except for the change in DCS PD of course. I made the change to running higher SteamVR SS (the level that SteamVR automatically wants to set for your individual setup) and lower DCS PD after reading about why SteamVR picks what it picks for your rig (barrel distortion). After some experimentation with it, I have found the combination of those two things to be beneficial to how things look while still getting the same performance. I don't spend much time chasing FPS counter dragons. What I do to test performance is to fly low and fast, while maneuvering hard, and look for a minimum of ghosting in ground objects while looking to the side as I fly past them. One DCS setting that I found makes a HUGE difference there is Cockpit Display Resolution. I have mine set to the lowest possible level. The only thing that seems to degrade is the quality of the reflections in your mirrors. I find that I don't spend much time staring at my mirrors, so its not even missed.
  6. MSAA 4X, AF 16X, SteamVR SS 126%, DCS PD 0.6 here with Reverb G2. Looks great and runs great. As others have said, contrary to claims otherwise, MSAA and SS don't do the same thing. You can run your SS all the way up to as high as it will go, completely kill performance, and still have more jaggies than you would if you left SS at a reasonable level and opted for increasing MSAA. I can't stand shimmering and jaggies either, so I always shoot for maxing out MSAA. But, in the end, its all about what looks good to you, and we all have different preferences.
  7. That's an interesting thought on Oculus. Chief, do you have your Oculus software disabled so it doesn't automatically start when you go into VR?
  8. It could also be that you're like me with seeing the improvement from the shader mod. I can see that its turning on and off, I'm just not sure how much "better" it is than the original. Some have reported amazing results, and my reaction is pretty much just "Meh..." It might just be all of those different factors you mentioned that makes it great for some, so-so for others, and not even noticeable for some. I'm in the middle group.
  9. Just to make sure the basics are covered, do you guys having this problem have the "use mouse" box checked on the VR tab in DCS?
  10. You can also bring up the properties for the Oculus exe, go to the compatibility tab, and check the "Run this program as administrator" box. Hit apply, and you'll never have to mess with it again. From that point on, when you want to use the Oculus software, you'll just have to manually start it...but it won't automatically start anymore when you go into VR on your G2. Others have had that method stop working for them, but it still works on my rig, so hopefully it'll work on yours as well.
  11. Yup. On the previous generation of the Reverb, the G1, the head shape (or face shape) thing was definitely a factor. A few of us ended up having to add a little extra thickness to the facepad to get proper eye relief from the lenses so we could have a good experience. But, that was very few of us, and other groups of people had an entirely different set of issues that were taking away from their experience. I have been pretty happy with my G2 so far, but I'm also a little baffled by some of the reviews on YouTube where they talk about a "significantly bigger sweet spot". If anything, I think the G2s is a little smaller than the G1s, and I hated the off-ear audio of the G2 so much I took the phones off of it and use my Bose QC35s now. Other people will tell you they love the audio on the G2, so its definitely all subective. Did you try using the END key to toggle the shader on and off while you had the HMD on to see if you could see a difference? The shader menus will only show in the 2D mirror, but you should be able to see a difference in the HMD image when you toggle the shader on and off with the END key. Some like what it does, others don't, so that too is very subjective.
  12. Nothing wrong with your English. That's why I mentioned possible tracking issues, but the Rift S shouldn't have those problems. No image stabilization on this one...just think of it as carrying a simple pair of binoculars in the cockpit with you (as A-10 pilots sometimes do). The image is going to shake around a little bit, just like it would in real life. It is also happening with your TIR, its just not as noticeable because in 2D you don't have a sense of scale.
  13. What VR headset are you using? It may be unstable tracking like we tend to get with HMDs like the HP Reverb G2. I have found that I get my best tracking, ironically, with dimmer lighting in the room. Any instability in your tracking is going to be amplified when you zoom in on something.
  14. I don't think I can remember a time when Vulkan wasn't just around the corner for DCS, and I've been on this forum since 2010. So, don't let Vulkan hold you up. Just checked on 3090 availability and its sad to see that even a dealer I trusted like Newegg is allowing scalpers as 3rd party vendors on their site. You can get a 3090, if you're willing to pay 3000 bucks to a scalper.
  15. One more thing that you need to download from Steam for the G2 is called "Windows Mixed Reality for Steam VR". It creates the bridge between SteamVR and the WMR application that the G2 uses by default. As the others have said already, no need to get the Steam version of DCS.
  16. Back when I tried it, I pretty much just had the A-10C module. I don't think the Tomcat or Viggen were even available yet. It certainly wasn't ideal when I already had a VR-capable desktop rig, but it did work. My input was geared more toward the uncertainty about the HDMI port and laptop video card.
  17. I have been able to do VR on my ancient Alienware laptop, and its 970m is connected to the HDMI port. Granted, I have only tried it with my old Rift CV1, but it does work.
  18. You could always use an old scuba diving trick and rub spit on the lenses.
  19. Got mine on the 17th, so it took only 3 days to get here from New Zealand. Just got a chance to unpackage everything and try it out. Its all very high quality stuff and comes with extra velcro patches for the eventual time where the material of the strap gets too worn for the hook part of the velcro to grab onto. The strap and counterbalance do make the G2 much more comfortable to use, without the constant adjustments I was having to make to it every time I moved my head too fast. The other thing I noticed is that with less pressure on the bottom part of the G2s facepad, you get a tiny gap (not even noticeable visually) at the bottom which keeps the inside of the HMD from turning into a fogging chamber for the lenses. Definitely worth the money in my opinion.
  20. G2. That being said, since you have AMD equipment, do some research on some of the problems people have been having with running the G2 with AMD stuff. Don't know if the gripes are legitimate, but I have seen some.
  21. I do the same. Its the main reason I became a fan of Nvidia cards, because you didn't have to do the "driver dance" when you had Geforce Experience installed. 471.11 working great here. The performance from the new driver, along with the extra color saturation and clarity from the VR Reshade tool have combined to make low-level combat in the A-10C a very intense experience.
  22. Nope. You just unzip the shaders .zip file into your /BIN directory in the root DCS folder. In order to see the shaders console, you have to push the "Home" key, and that console only shows on the desktop mirror of DCS. The console will not show in VR. If you want to see that its working, just jump into the cockpit in VR and watch carefully while you push the "End" key. The "End" key toggles the effect on and off, and if its working, you'll see a difference in the color saturation and the amount of haze.
  23. Good luck with the EVGA waiting list for the FTW3. I've been on there since early November of 2020 for the 3090 FTW3 and still haven't heard anything.
  24. Its a WMR thing that causes that, and I don't think there's a simple way to make it stop. I have read that there is a change that can be made in the registry that will stop it, but I haven't tried it.
  25. Have a look at this post from Speed-Of-Heat. Its the easiest way to turn it on for the G2. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/274791-when-i-look-to-the-sides-i-see-double-g2/?do=findComment&comment=4700219
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