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  1. He's just upset he can't get any of these where he lives.
  2. Just open another instance of your pdf viewer and keep it at that page.
  3. Reading the newly released (beta) manual for the upcoming MiG-21, I see that they recommend setting curves of 20-25 on all control axes. That got me thinking maybe I should do this on the other aircraft as well. Since more realism is better, I'm wondering what kind of curve a real flight stick in, say, the A-10C would have. Is the control surface deflection linear in stick deflection, or what? Grateful for any info.
  4. Is this a serious question?
  5. I forgot the heating yesterday, and Justin didn't, and I think mine froze before his did. We had the same behaviour on descent, at least, but by then I'd turned pitot heating on. Also, our VSIs did stop working.
  6. Related to this: I saw a bug yesterday where the state of my (and a buddy's) landing lights weren't consistent between F2 view of our own aircraft vis-à-vis looking at each-other's. Looking over my wing I saw my friend's landing lights extended and on, while he saw them retracted and off on his external view. The same thing happened to my plane, I saw them off and he saw them on. Known bug?
  7. Over here at MA we have about 10 people confirmed as flying it on our weekly get-together on Thursday and thus buying it immediately, but it's probably many more than that who will end up getting it.
  8. I LOVE the faux canopy-shaped mountains. Very curious about what the top looks like.
  9. You also could consider the fact that more DCS-generated income to Valve is likely to get the DCS devs better deals/more visibility/more attention, etc. I'm sure there are some benefits of Valve making lots of money from DCS stuff. But yeah, I'd go for the standalones too.
  10. Nick, why do my trousers tingle when I look at pictures of your 3D model? Anxiously, Eric
  11. Two threads below yours! http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=128655
  12. You're asking if you can just move the program folder onto a new drive? No, I don't think so, I think the windows registry entries will break in that case. You'll need to make a new installation. A protip is to backup your [user]/saved games/dcs world folder in order to keep your screenshots, settings etc. They should carry over anyway, but best make sure.
  13. At work atm, but is it possible that it coincides with the settings for cockpit display resolution?
  14. Right below the canopy switch.
  15. I think LNS's generosity in offering backers keys has been met by an equally noteworthy generosity by the huge number of backers promising to buy the module again even though they're being given it. Amazed by both.
  16. Disable the mod, edit the file, enable the mod.
  17. Clearly, BST are strictly within their rights to work like this. They have done nothing technically wrong, or broken any agreements. HOWEVER, we are within our rights to say that we dislike this business model and that we won't spend more money on BST modules unless they start addressing our concerns.
  18. Well said. Churning out new modules, getting money for "early-access" and then not completing them might work initially, but if people get the impression of Belsimtek not taking this seriously, it might backfire. BST: You need to start responding to your customers' concerns.
  19. I really hope this is profitable for you guys at LS. I like you. I want you to make more stuff for us.
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