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  1. Can I launch strikes on China from Japan?
  2. The F-15 is using a simple systems simulation. Advanced flight that may involve turning some system or switch may not be available because of that. I doubt the Hornet will have the same constraint.
  3. Willing to split the difference and take an MV-22 I sorry? I think it would be a lovely aircraft to own and could fill quite a few roles in game
  4. Tald launched in front and GenX dropped behind. I look forward to actually hitting the kuznetsov...
  5. The f18 natops manual should have the info. Can't think of it off the top of my head though.
  6. Will we be seeing the slim profile base paired with this for the pit builders?
  7. Yea. Anywhere 0-30kts. Really not much of a point to even have it move. Though I'd have it move for a campaign.
  8. You're right mx. I've confused the two more often than I'd like, and more often than either product deserves. With that said, I'd like to know your view of the extra trigger.
  9. mx, I've been a fan of the hat switch on the thumb position too. With the 2 hats on the top face, did you reassign those actions up top?
  10. AI units can not land and takeoff again. Consider maybe spawning a unit on or above the runway a few minutes after the tanker lands?
  11. Hmm. I didn't think much of making my own ffb gimbal. I could possibly use stronger FFB parts too... thanks for the suggestion! I'll begin researching how!
  12. I know people are modding the MSFFB2 with the newer grips. Has anyone read of someone doing the reverse? I like the feedback, but would prefer a newer stick and axis designs, like the VKB or VirPIL options.
  13. swapping grip shells? LAME. Attaching it to a MS FFB2? NOW YOU'RE COOKING.
  14. I look forward to pre-ordering. I really can not wait anymore.
  15. This topic doesn't exactly need a bump, but I'd like to say I look forward to attempting this with VKB's new Modern combat grip upon its release. I snagged a MS FFB2 off ebay and it arrived today. I've been playing around with it and I'm disappointed FFB didn't really continue or come back. The discussion and steps here have been a fascinating read, and I look forward to putting them into practice
  16. Won't the E3 and E2 be able to provide the datalink ? From relatively safe distance?
  17. I just got an idea on how I'm gonna make use of the hornet now. Low and blind, with only awacs to guide me. I'll carry 1 HARM to handle a popup radar site, then some Aim-9s for anyone dumb enough to get close
  18. Hah! Glad to know I'm not the only tmwh user to do the "sit on the base". I'm fat rhough, so the stick bumping into thigh meat got boring. Worked for a little bit though.
  19. Remember that glitch in world of Warcraft? The corrupted blood incident. Some very informative stuff has been written.
  20. Hmm. I didn't think much of s touchscreen until now. I guess a handful of those would work too. I wish we had some more info on the 18c. Once it's released I'm hoping for Helios compatibility to help with small gushes. But it's all hope until some more concrete news and a release.
  21. Third. I'd love to see damage to airfields reworked and expanded as a whole. Destroying ATC, ground radar stations, runway damage, parking shelters etc.
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