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  1. Right now I'm into modern craft because military aviation was a goal for myself for a lot of my youth. Having an f18, being on a carrier, etc. I love the modern avionics too. If Dcs had ww2 naval stuff I would go nuts though. Battlefield 1942 was my 1st experience with anything near simulation of the SDB . Ultimately though, I think modern craft offer more to do and master. That's more than enough reward for me.
  2. For whatever it's worth, I've been debating whether to get a setup now and wait for the f18 module or wait. I'm only flying the su33 and f15c so I'm not needing a lot of input. If I get a stick in a month, it would be the TM. And while I didn't touch on it before, the saitek software is true garbage..
  3. 4k+, and no usb. Haha no. Edit: actually, am I missing something? It seems the civilian consumer market moved to USB years ago while govt/mil seems to have stuck to the COM port. It's kinda bugging me...
  4. X52 pro was my first setup. Worked well in arma 2/3, got me through DCS A-10C and FC3. I didn't mind it, but I eventually started to have issues with the axis, and the buttons would sometimes stick later on in its life. I'd take the TM right now just because I haven't used it yet, and I like its physical design vs the x52p.
  5. Nothing beats AH-1 Cobra for helos. I'd accept the Apache.
  6. Tacview continues to be a key part of serious learning and review during multiplayer and singleplay because you continue to add valuable features like these. Thank you.
  7. Yeah, I was doing 2 screen for battlefield bad company 2 and cranking out college papers
  8. I'd say so. Don't forget where you're putting it. Will your desk or simply fit and support them? I've done dual screen before, but never 3. And not for DCS, so I'm unsure of much else. Fit on desk Gpu able to handle them all. Power plugs.
  9. Yeah, it's cut from wood. I think you could possibly get different materials too, like some sort of metal or plastic? I'd bet it affects cost though. I actually haven't worked on getting costs done yet. I'm guessing it may be $200, but I have no knowledge of the work. I pm'd Flim. I'd love to see the Martin baker seats available, but I don't really care too much. I just don't want to finish it and "OH look. NACES plans are here."
  10. So, I'm actually looking at buyingFlim's VRPit seat. hang on: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=110847 Of course, the vrpit idea fits more in line with a full simseat. if you want something..dual purpose to pick up and move around, idk.. I'm pretty sure this si the option I'm going to take within a week.
  11. Not to drift, but I know missile Afms were being worked on as well. Seeing as the f18c will possibly launch standoff range missiles, will we see any developments? As a further aside, I can't remember if weapon aerodynamics affect the aircraft while being carried? Drag, etc?
  12. I would hope they want to. It's such a fascinating and critical part if military aviation! Its existence and constant change has directly influenced design of aircraft, weaponry, and most every other asset around modern power projection. SAM/AAA, EWR... I'd be disappointed if ED didnt
  13. Are these other forms of ECM not in DCS because of engine limits, or because current craft in-game do not have them?
  14. Any attempt to portray the difficulties of cooperation between forces like this is welcome in my book. I'm sure there could be high level strategizing between leaders, but I'm also sure AWACS/C3 craft play a large role in the field.
  15. ...Honestly? Maybe just walk away for a few weeks/months until DCS: F/A-18C comes out?
  16. That may be because SAM launchers often wait until a plane is well within the engagement zone.
  17. Hmm. I noticed in the editor you can restrict a2g/a2a attacks under "set options"if it's an option, maybe holding a2g would do it, if it's available..
  18. I think the vfa113 is still worth a join! I'd go back in a heartbeat with actual f18s. I found the mod to be a bit...distracting.
  19. I think I want to also see CONUS. Maybe even the Panama Canal too. It would be pretty awesome to see a giant map of nothing but water too. Especially if naval assets ever get a boost. For now? I'll settle for Korea. I think a Guam, japan, China map would be awesome too.
  20. Any idea on what it may be? Will we see a return to a nap as large as or bigger than the caucuses?
  21. Whatever it is, I want it to be naval based. Imagine landing on a destroyer or cruiser after a mission. Also, I want to remake EA's STRIKE series in DCS.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bevb8utWH4
  22. I hope so! Naval units right now are just eye candy, except maybe the Kuznetsov for Su-33 players. Even then, it's certainly an afterthought. It doesn't help that the map doesn't exactly lend itself to naval warfare. There are no naval bases, no navigable rivers for the speedboats, The bosphorus strait isn't modeled( even though it's the ONLY way any US units could actually be present..
  23. Is there a point or project scope that would force ED to hesitate in taking over? We've seen ED take over for the new NTTR map; can we consider that the largest possible project allowed by ED?
  24. At the end of the day, it's a solid VTOL unit capable of fairly fast troop transport, can operate from a carrier, and refuel in the air. It's even possibly getting its own armaments at some point. As a DCS player that would love to see DCS focus on being the flight sim to do naval air power right, I can only hope we get it. Time may be an issue, but as long as ED don't get saddled with extra workload( NTTR, kickstarter type obligations), we may well see development of modules and backbone stuff pick up pace.
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