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  1. AHahah. I may have to explain this to my downstairs neighbors
  2. I just got mine set up a few hours ago. Was playing counter-strike, and will move to trying battlefield bad company 2. So far I love it. I'll edit this before I go to bed with my initial thoughts in DCS without the SSA software Update: Done with DCS for the night. I plugged this straight into my audio and passed the headphones through it. I must admit, at first I didn't feel much except when I was in f2 and behind the plane. Some volume adjustments made the difference. I have my xonar Xense sound card lying around somewhere. I think I'll hook it up and put my main stuff on it, and run the BK through the onboard from here. Then I could give SSA a try. Ultimately, I think a good plan for this is BK as is, with jetseat using the SSA for more discreet actions. Either way, I'm quite satisfied for now. The wife called it a "buttplug" though.
  3. It sounds similar to an issue I have when I'm not setting proper trim at takeoff and leaving flaps to auto. Perhaps consider having the FCS and ENG pages up on your DDIs to see if you've got some mismatched trim and throttle.
  4. As things are fleshed out, I think you'll be pleased with the final results. Also, launching a shit ton of HARMS at the Kuz while su33s are trying to take off will be worth its weight in GOLD.
  5. Lunatic, I definitely agree that damage modeling leaves something to be desired. Perhaps we will begin to see that, or even a basic subsystem or critical hit %. I think its important to keep it in perspective too. We had no need for the ships to be anything other than a basic target for some AI units. Ka-50 and A-10c were CAS. FC3 was mostly A2A. The naval stuff is fairly new.
  6. Grimes, Thank you for the VERY useful chart! I think it shows what I've been suspecting for a bit of time: Harpoons have some use, but as pilots if we're fighting warships this is going to be a massive undertaking to deal with some of the heavier defense systems. Everyone else: I mean, a flight of 4 can launch 16 missiles. So a pearl harbor-esque over the horizon strike could possibly wreck a defending group. Especially if we arent launching it like AI, and changing the directions a bit.
  7. Is it the lineup and pattern work or the final and landing? "Proper" pattern work sucks for me, but I'm putting it down on pass 1 or 2.
  8. First, I'm on the fence about whether I enjoy the current BOL. I put in the bearing to launch and if I've moved at all, the Harps comically go off target due to the drift. I guess that could be solved with autopilot and a good Hoyas though. Now for the main course of this entree: How many of these does it take to sink the various ships? Not how many to overwhelm the defense, but actual hits. Seems the dry cargo ship for RU is down in 3 hits.
  9. I feel like if you weren't paying attention, the SU family are easy to have a tail strike on takeoff. I'm currently practicing my takeoff in the 18c and sometimes the trim stays on instead of going to level flight. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong though.
  10. Nice! May your flares attract your opponents missiles and may your bombs glide true!
  11. It's about 12:25pm for me. The next time I could check would be in nearly 8 hours. It's possible I'm wrong though. I look forward to some solid info here.
  12. Confident I flew last night in an 18c and was able to dispense in bypass mode while RTB with master arm safe. I was just faffing about..
  13. Phil, I'm afraid to ask how much those PDT displays cost. But I so desperately want them.
  14. Here's a question for ya: is the game going to always call this thing an "F-18c Lot 20"?
  15. I am currently using an Audio-technica ATH-M50 that I have now owned for years. TrackIr5 is snapped onto the left side. For microphone, right now I am using a rode microphone setup on my desk. In the past, I've relied heavily on Antlion's wired microphone attached to the headset with no issues. I literally got the rode to convince my wife to try her hand at doing videos because she expressed an interest, and I needed a new mic anyway.
  16. shift+tab seems to be the default text communication for the game. You can use a microphone or headset with a few programs like TeamSpeak or discord if you prefer voice communication.
  17. I'm sure I'll find out how the Jetseat feels, but for now, I went with the buttkicker. Major considerations were being under $200 USD total, and how fast I could get it. It's expected Monday. That said, the end goal is to own both. I've seen varying discussions where some people prefer the buttkicker and some prefer the seat. Either would be a major improvement for me and my setup.
  18. 120s should be good enough if you're taking hits from IR missiles. But, if you are close enough to be facing an IR missile from your opponent, feel free to drop a flare every second or 2 as you close in, and as you see your opponent off to the side or closing in behind you. Are you able to use your own IR missiles?
  19. I'd much rather have a solid su33 to match the Hornet for naval warfare before another blur plane. If its blue, I'd be ok with the f111! RU has a bunch of bombers but blue doesnt have much other than the 117, b1b, and b52.
  20. What's the setup? I believe this could go in so many ways. And truthfully, very few of the scenarios in my mind are with the Hornet just getting blown away. I last night was the first time experimenting with the g override in the 18. I imagine it could be useful as a last ditch dogfighting option. Otherwise, BVR and dogfighting are still the same as it's always been. Put an incoming missile at your 3or 9, accelerate and use countermeasures.
  21. I'm looking into upping the immersion now that I can play DCS again, and have the f-18. Before, a full pit would have been the goal, but VR became a thing a few years ago, so why the hell not. But VR's gotta wait. I only have a GTX 1660 Ti. I'm also unable to buy a racing/sim pit frame. At least until I could find one maybe portable or stores easily. That leaves me with my desk, a task chair from work, and TIR5. I believe my next addition then should be the buttkicker, or even the jetseat. For those that use either of them, have you had any issues with cable management or..bulk? A goal is to be able to remove and reinstall this next device fairly easily.
  22. VpR81 brings up a good point that people sometimes forget. As an EA use, negative training, and getting used to flight characteristics etc that are going to almost surely change can be a bit rough. I have made some upgrades to my PC to handle 2.5 and the Hornet. I'm waiting on a HOTAS to arrive. But I am enjoying the wait. Get either one. Just know where the thing actually stands. The Hornet is "functional". The Viper is..an assortment of flying switches and screens. Both are going to see changes. The Viper much more than the Hornet.
  23. Weren't there concerns about the sea state or lack of it? Even at a full 30 kts ahead, the boats seem to move smoothly. Unless you add wind. Which seems kind of off to me.
  24. I see some discussion about the carrier as if it's a whole new module. Is it really to be understood as a module or just an available unit with more features available? It seems like if we want more damage modeling, more naval units, etc, then this level of representation is going to be the norm, or at least close to it, right?
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