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  1. Hey, took some days until I could get back on my PC. So here it is. I have to put it on my GDrive since it is 1MB bigger than the allowed 5MB https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I2IJC-0WfecG40ZuL_ZTKRxYngBs6B4Q/view?usp=sharing
  2. Hey guys, encountered the following bug. Always repeatable in the Red Flag Day 3 mission in Nevada. I move to Battle Position South and order my flight to engage. No matter which command I use (Attack my target, Attack ground targets, Attack mission and rejoin) they will transmit unable and stay in formation (Screen attached). Comms channel is set fine, with a mission from the quick mission editor this works fine.
  3. Na spekulieren braucht man da nicht groß... Wenn sie sich an den offiziellen Rüststand halten wird es mindestens eine Tranche 3 Block 25. Ansonsten bunte Kuh (weswegen ich auch kein Fass aufmachen würde).
  4. Ich kann mich irren, aber bei Minute 1:47 glaube ich eine Meteor zur erkennen. Das würde bedeuten Tranche 3 und mit A2G Optionen
  5. Fullscreen to "false" via options is also the only way I can prevent freezes. :thumbup: Otherwise the first DCS start after booting the computer works fine, afterwards 80-90% freeezes during loading screen.
  6. You are right, missiles are another thing but as far as I know ED is reworking all of them. Regarding the flanker I would encourage you to search for some documentaries about the russian airforce in the 90's. Apart from their showcase models (25, 31) there was simply a lack of modern fighters and even training methods... Maybe you just look into some minutes of this vid...
  7. Thats the point, you can't blame ED for a slow down in russian aircraft development during the 90's :music_whistling: BTW apart from the Viper, A-10C and our Hornet, most of the stuff like F-5, F-14A&B, F-15C is more than a couple of years older. If we ever see a AH64A it will also be probably also be a model from the past century. Regarding old russian jets, Mover had an interesting interview with "Bio" Baranek where he told that their primary concern where MiG-17 and 21's. They saw the 23 more as some kind of a joke from the red side. That said, Zhen answered his question himself. Even old russian jets (like early SU-24) are still classified and it would be some kind of suicidal act for a russian company to reproduce such a plane against the governmental laws.
  8. Simply BS! The 21 and older stuff is there, the MiG 23 in development, the Mi-24 on the front door. You want something new? You won't get the Su-34, the 35 and all the others for the same reason you won't see a F-35, a F-22 or fancy Block 70/72 Vipers. Please direct your complains to the Kremlin and the Pentagon.
  9. We also ask since not everyone is sharing your experience and as it is asked as a minimal requirement in bug reports we need to know what kind of config you are using (mods, specs eg.)
  10. Would that not be the task of Link16? At least for equipped AC.
  11. Just something to think of regarding the use of bogey dopes in helos: 1. Aircraft reports are normally given in the bullseye form. Helicopter pilots tend to use other card material (especially the scale) for their operations than fighter pilots. You can imagine the use of a report where you operate 130nm away from the bullseye? Until you have done the plotting, the bogey will be on top of your position. 2. Reports can also be given in a ZZ format where ZZ is your ownship. For this Awacs needs your exact position. Can you imagine how this should work in mountainous terrain from dozens or hundreds of miles away when you opereate at tree top level? Even a normal radio connection would be impossible in this case and is done by other units relaying your requests.
  12. Correct, but with a wave height of 1m you will get a diving missile or a missile who can't seperate waves from ships beacause it can see only clutter as you estimated for the ships radar. To make it more easy I can simply citate Wiki: "The use of sea skimming increases the risk of water impact with the missile before reaching the target, due to weather conditions, rogue waves, software bugs and other factors. Sea skimming also hinders target acquisition, as many of the principles that hinder the target's detection of the missile also hinder the missile's detection of the target. Furthermore, sea skimming involves a significant computational load, increasing the required processing power and cost" The point is ship radars are far more sophisticated, even if it doesn't seem so because of their age (in our case 80's and late 90's). For sure the situational awareness makes 80% of the game. So if you don't know when it's comming and from where it's very difficult to see but there is a reason that modern sea wars (and maneuvers) are fought in good to moderate wheather conditions. You are right, I didn't mentioned it. After a short popup (which we could not see because the starting platform was behind the horizon) it used a cruise altitude of roughly 10m (~30ft). It came up on radar at around 24nm and was attacked by Sea Sparrows at 10nm with 2 shots. The first came very close according to its telemetry head, the second damaged the MM38 at 4nm from our ownship by a direct hit. Debris came as near as 2nm (ditching on the water). It's really no magic to shot sea skimmers down. Maybe you should ask why your plane at 20ft isn't hurt by enemy fire :music_whistling:
  13. Sorry mate this is pure BS. We tracked an incoming MM38 out to 25nm with a WM25 and a TRS-3D radar during a missile fire exercise and this was in 2000 and without fancy track management systems. EDIT for better understanding: A ship from our task force fired an Exocet from out of range at our group so in case we miss, we won't get hit. We tried to bring the MM38 down with Sea Sparrow missiles (telemetry equipment instead of explosives) which were semi active guided by our ownship. When you know the threat axis and when it comes you can't miss these missiles on a radar screen. How do you think a sea skimmer would find his target in heavy sea state at 20ft with his tine nose radar?
  14. Hmm, I'm not sure what to say... My condolence for having a minor real life at all for some weeks. Some nice old reports and thanks for the time you spent but... 4 mostly pictured pages about the FM, 10 pages about the RWR and the Mistral, 17 pages about "developer feedback"... I wouldn't call this a bug report. More than an indictment but thats pretty much the thing you intended right? To sum up your "bug report" I will use a direct citation from your text: "Whether due to sheer incompetence or malice" This sentence alone shows the nature of your pamphlet and the quality of your work. Nothing more to add...
  15. Yeah but this isn't happening. Why? No idea, Maybe the number of bugs? I think the OP could be happy to make it into the wishlist. Could have been also tagged as "No Bug" and closed. I would also agree that the pictures are close to each other and the diagramm is way over RL. Never seen a wing which was bend from the root like this.
  16. This get's boring. But for the 1000th time: There is no available data on modern russian planes. Break into the russian MoD. get it and stay alive long enough to bring it to ED. Wait , a russian company…., so no they won't use the data. Use mods or face the reality that we won't see modern eastern stuff until Russia and China become a little more relaxed regarding their secrets.
  17. I think this mod should stay alive, for single player purposes, like a....mod. In MP it should be disabled in general. People flying two seaters in MP solo? Hell, get some friends. Or at least some colleagues who share your hobby.
  18. F-29 Retaliator auf dem Amiga 500, auf Papas Computer natürlich.... Ich hätte mir nie eine 20MB Festplatte für 700 DM leisten können...
  19. F-5 definitely have it. Try the F-5 free flight mission in the Caucasus.
  20. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3937284&postcount=27
  21. Let's hope so. In the Hornet Forum (JSOW thread) Wags stated that the new munition will be introduced with the OB patch on June the 12th so we should be ready for another 7 days of waiting.
  22. Maybe this is the point you didn't understood correctly. The most conflicting issue on the 21 is the FM, especially from guys in possesion of polish or russian documents of the plane. So that you also understand it: There will be no further tuning or modification of the MiG-21 FM since it is assessed as complete. Thats the difference! And please, show me a quarter were you did not got a Harrier update. Two Questions: 1. Ever tried to do high drag bombing with the Hornet in 15kts crosswinds? 2. You have a pretty good idea of the final state of the Viggen? Please share it with us, I would die to know if we get the campaigns, full training missions and a comprahensive manual covering all aspects (including jamming, counter measures and so on) more than 2 years after release. It's still listed on the shop page. Again, this is not to apologize the development of the Harrier but to open your eyes that all the devs you compare to the devilish Razbam Team also cook with water and have the same issues with some minor deviations.
  23. Ok here we go again… Subjective - won't comment on this point I don't encountered CTD's, nor completely useless systems or not working weapons so there is no game breaker at all until you bring evidence. Game Breaker is not the same as fun breaker… Let us talk about it when the Hornet is in EA for 2 years, ok? I think you will see what I mean. This one is simply a lie as it where shown to you by the changelog that development didn't stopped. Adding bugs is part of the game which happens a lot, even in the F-14 (Jester, Power reduction of engines…) I also showed you that every other developer is working on other projects in parallel. This could become an issue, thats correct from your side. You are right, the 21 is more finished Overall but like Bogey Jammer said this is another level because development really stopped. AFAIK there will be no further change of the FM or the ASP so we have to settle with it. This is something to be alerted of. Some People could call it gameish but that would be… subjective. The Viggen is also nearly complete but you should take the time and Count the missing Features of the module from the store page :thumbup:. Regarding the Hornet... Take a look at the to do list… On the Harrier page the JDAM is missing, I won't count up the other list. Let's see what is missing in June 2020, everything else would be guesswork. Because of the EULA with you agreed to during your purchase. If they start with you, who will be next? Maybe the people who only bought the Huey to play with their friends? Im not interested in defending Razbam, I only try to understand why you guys Focus all your rage on one dev where nearly all do the same stuff in minor deviations. Maybe most of you didn't get it yet but I think the full price module release of the new FW180-A8 vs the existing D9 shows where the path is going. Maybe you start to count the different Viper variants...
  24. Just an experience from my side: From my point also very subjective but I had Viggen bugs which took more than a year to fix. Campaign? Still waiting. Training missions for all weapons? No way. Mig21: Ask some people there about the ASP or the FM. But beware of getting tared and feathered. Hornet: small step progress (which is fine for me) but no big updates (TGP, TWS, AG radar, FM) so far. More complex systems like the fire bomb or towed decoys will take years until final completion since damage for ground units and ECM for DCS has to be recreated from the scratch. Are you aware that it could easily take 2-3 more years until this module is complete? With only 2 points missing progress will be unbelievable slow from the outside world. If you feel (aside from the bugs) that the Harrier with all his features (only JDAM missing completely) is a joke I can't help you but encourage you to stop playing, don't buy any module from Razbam in the future but raging through the subforum won't do anything good for you, the devs or the module.
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