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  1. I have the exact same problem. Is like when I activate Gorge AI interface, the game change the FOV. Is like it zoom out and in. Have this since release. btw Hind AI interface works fine.
  2. Have the same problem here. 1920x1080. Using TrackIR. I enable the George AI interface and I notice the "jump" in the screen. Hope it can be fixed soonTM.
  3. Hi there! Here Fercyful from discord please check that the file at https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3311889/ still is the 2.2.1a one (this checked at 23:18 GMT (maybe they didn't update the file yet) Other maps are fine on 2.2.1b version. Thanks for the fast update. Having a blast as reported at discord.
  4. The best map ! Please do a Nam one and Fulda gap zone
  5. wow! Amazing update. Is the SA-5 active? Can't wait to try the new version. Thanks!!
  6. having the same problem. Don't see the AWACS at radio menu with Hind.
  7. Thanks for the Iceman expanded commands!! (one of my most wanted features) Can't wait to try them for finally use the LANTIRN in a proper way. This will be the night
  8. amazing! thanks for 2.7 compatible version
  9. Can we use those nukes? I know NO still great work! thanks for update Can't wait for fly with the Hind and then the Apache there
  10. Many thanks for this :thumbup:
  11. :thumbup: great news! thanks for the reply on the topic. Those extra features sounds so nice :punk:
  12. Nice BIG update log! thanks :thumbup: Any chance to have the planned option (hope is still planned) to give Iceman the "order" to fly in circles a point in the map, so we can jump to the back seat and use the LANTIRN from there? I mean, before having the final full update for LANTIRN Jester? Can be a great option and substitute for use the LANTIRN in SP in a better way without using the nice mod out there :smilewink:
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