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  1. @Jafferson Hier ist der Test dazu zum selber nachlesen.... http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/me109/Me_109_Dive_Test.pdf Der Spielraum der Trimmung in der 109 ist einfach limitiert, aus dem Grund das die Kiste sonst bei Nasenlastiger Trimmung nicht mehr aus dem Sturz abfangen kannst weil die Handkraft nicht ausreicht zum Ziehen. Das nichts zu tun was an der Flossenverstellung möglich wäre, und im gegensatz zu DCS war die Trimmung fast nicht mehr beweglich bei Hochgeschwindigkeit. Einfach ein Sicherheitsaspekt das sich die Piloten nicht umbringen konnten. Keine Trimtabs an den Steuerflächen wie die P-51 z.B um die Kraft aufzubringen. Und nachdem der Auschlag richtung Nasenlastig gleich geblieben ist, hat der MW-50 Tank bestimmt nicht geholfen im Heck der 109 Und im umkehrschluss wenn du die voll Nasenlastig Trimmst ist auch nichts mehr mit großartig G-Ziehen im Dogfight weil der Ausschlag des Höhenruder nur noch minimal ist, kannst selber ausprobieren...
  2. The AI is allways go in a slow Speed Turn Fighting, thats where the MIG is a little bit stronger with his better Climb Rate. But against a proper Flown F-86 in the most cases it is a Steelmate. Most F-86 Pilots will unlikley go in a close Dogfight and they can Engage/Disengage when they want. F-86 is faster without doing a Headstand at Mach 0,95 and can do high substain G Maneuvers without Blackout you are not able to follow or you have to tab allways the Speed Brake. MIG 15 nearly requires Teamwork or Surprise. Was able to secure one Kill in a Dogfight on the Korea Server on the Weekend but most cases was 15 Min of lurking around on top of each other.
  3. Dont know why some of you so keen of flying around with additional MW50 Tank that probably add again 200 kg on the Netto Weight of the 190 even make the Handling worse, so why you need this? 190 was allready running on high Octane C3 Fuel compare to the B4 from the 109 There is not the tienest bit of Information out there the 190 was ever flying with MW-50. (exept Wikipedia not a source) When exactly they use C3 Fuel injection or not is little bit obscure More the Controversy all written towards the end of the War: MW50 dont needed C3 was enough Fw-190A9 Engine with 1,82 ATA again running without MW50
  4. Es gibt einen test zu Hochgeschwindigkeitsversuchen mit der Me-109, eine F-Version die während des Testes auf G-Stand gebracht wurde. Bedenke die G-Version hatte noch keinen 115 Liter Methanol Tank hinter dem Schwerpunkt. Wurde auch viel mit der Bügelkante während des Test am Höhenruder probiert, die Option haben wir nicht in DCS. In dem Fall würde ich sagen war Flugleistung vor Handling Eigenschaften und Komfort des Piloten.
  5. The Missiles as you mentioned and Engine's will be probably also Klimov TW3-117 VM, (High-alt Modernized) compare to the Soviet used the V Version in the 80s. This are that indicates a early Russian Version, but even 90s there are so many possible Scenarios where the LIPA are still Thing, think ED can not convince me every non Military Organisation that was Fighting for example in Caucasus/chechnya was able to get there Hands on brand new IGLA's Manpads. That time Russian millitary was not able self to afford such Things.
  6. Lipa ("Липа") jammer will not be implemented. Alex claims that this system is outdated, hasn't been installed on any Mi-24P for many years, and is useless in DCS (doesn't have any suitable threats). That's again make's no sense at all, by 2021 the Russian Army knows it self there former Soviet MI-24P are not any more up to Date and try to Replace/Update it so far the Rubels rolls. After we getting a Modul that's pargon is soviet MI-24 as it roled from the Factory 1984, what hinders me to make 1985 Mission in DCS where the Lipa was brand new and effective in its Role? So far read only excuse with dont want to make it? After the IR seaker are redone whats about we make LIPA and bring late one some Threads in form of Redeye and Strela/Stinger first Generation?
  7. The A8 realy suffer from it's take off Weight, its heavyer then D9 with less Power. The Handling suffers compare to earlier Anton Versions, the late A4 for example have the same Horsepower then our A8 +600kg additional Takeoff Weight. (Aux Fuel Tank, Armor). Currently the Plane with the highest Wingload in DCS, the P-47 have less Wingload (support slow climbs and slow Turnfights) that what matters. And so far i remember IL-2 uses for Clmax 1.56 without Flaps (your max Lift Coefficient) what is out of from the Fairy Tale hours, dissicused allready alot here. Take callculater and compare the Takeoff weights and the Wingload between P-47 and Fw-190, but less Wingload in the Fw-190 you will outurn him, but thats not a usual Combat Scenario. Keep the Speed high above 300kmh dont make harsh high AOA Turns with alot of G. Would preffer also A8 without outboad Wingmounted 20mm cannons to reduce the WIngload, often done by Front Units but this will affect the FM Rollrate think would be again rewritten Flight Model, so not gone happen.
  8. Hey as said was two Patches before end of December i asume, where the Engine was after 2 Loops gone. The Fuel Pressure is now stable again works fine your Ninja Fix, but the Random Engine Size as in my Track was before the Fuel Pressure Drop thing and is still Present. Two different things to clarify.
  9. Still there, after 33 Mins the Engine Quit. Normandy Dogfight Mission after Fighting the P-51 simple flying around. Replay checked, should be working but the File is to big to share here... https://www.file-upload.net/download-14426251/LastMissionTrack.trk.html
  10. Thats true was not able to loop 2 Times without Engine sizure, but since last Patch is gone...tryed no serval Times the Normandy Dogfight Mission and the Engine was holding pretty well together...but thats is not enough Testing that randomly Dora Engine failures now complete gone...was not flying to mutch Dora in the past...
  11. Some sort of LOD Problem, the Dora have the same Problem and switching between different Paintschemes of the Propeller Spinner...
  12. Is not supposed the RWR SPO-10 System that he talks trough as IFF Transponder at @36:46 for example?
  13. Good dam we getting old, think the Money raised by Luthier was not enough for one seriouly working DCS Plane. After failing the Project ED took over it. Only Plane what doesnt come from the raised Found was P-51. Was home Project from some ED Members. At least Luthier kicked the Door open for WW2. Only little bit sad about Me-262 from technical Standpoint to fly the first Jet Fighter, but the Combat expierince is rather Boring.
  14. The Test only give Temprature on the Peak Oil Temperature, either Level Flight or Climb in 6,5Km. For Climbs Cooling Flaps on Position 3, for Levels Flights in 6,5km Cooling Flaps closed. Air Density start to fall of, therefore overpressure in the Engine Compartmant drops Temprature is rising. On Ground Level cylinderhead Temprature is only 165 Degree so 70 Degrees Oil is plausibel, on 6,5 Km the cylinderhead Temp is near 220 Degree and 85 to 90 Degree.
  15. @Razo+r Where you found this 3 Minutes for the A8 dont know...actually they give permission for 10 Minutes increased Emergency Power for 1,58/1.62 how this worked out when the Engine blows after 3 Minutes on 1,42 ATA? Was perfectly fine still with the Emergncy Power in Limits, this overall will decrease the Lifetime of the Engine in Hours not Minutes but will not blow immediately the Engine in to Pieces. Bevor the Update Oil Temperature was to low and Oil Pressure allways high thats right, but after the Update the Engine is working Spot on. Tested that my self few Minutes ago, full Power Climb 6,5 Km where the Engine reached its Peak between 85 and 90 Degree Oil Temperature on full Throttel Altitude. Cooling FLaps Position 3. Same goes for Full Power Level Flight, reached its peak by same Oil Temperatur with Cooling Flaps Closed. Test for Engine Temperatur with Increased Emergency Power with Detailed Settings. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/BMW_VB_126.pdf
  16. Wie kommst da drauf Hobel? Hab ich irgendwie bis jetzt noch nie gehört?
  17. Hi Caponi, Kopflastig Trimmen +1 oder 1.5, und die Landeklappen auf 20 Grad ausfahren. Dan hast einen butterweichen Start. Im ersten moment ist man geneigt zu denken Klappen machen alles noch viel Schlimmer, aber das stimmt nicht. Weil durch das ausfahren der Klappen verändert sich der Auftriebspunkt am Flügel und die 109 wird Nasenlastig.
  18. It took me while to find something, but Photo in the starting Post is from the maintenance Manual (Aircraft Overview). General overview of the Aircraft for the Ground crew for Inspection where you can find everywhere in there Internet. But in there is no written Pilot Instruction in it how to use the Aircraft or this case how you start up the A8 or even when to use the Primer Pump. In German the Pilot Manual is called Operating Instructions (Bedienvorschrift). What is basicly hard to come by. Basicly the same for K4 or and A8, the Engines are Fuel Injected dont require ignitable mixture like the Merlin for the Start up to soak up the Fuel from the Carburetor. Only thing is Fuel start to Condense on Piston Walls at low Temprature, there for is the Priming Pump in the A8 as the K4 to get a ignitable Fuel Mixture at low Temp. After some thoughts where to search came across BMW 801 Engine Data Card with Operating Instructions: Bellow 5 Degrees 2-4 Priming and under 15 Degrees 6 Times, little bit low what NineLine reported, but Priming a Engine is not exact sience
  19. Correct me if i wrong, dont think it is so deep modeld right now. But from what i remember, the drop Tank will pump the Fuel direct in your rear Tank. There is no feeding Line direct to the Engine from the Drop Tank. First 10 Min or so you have first to drain the rear Tank to create enough space for the Fuel from the Drop Tank. Aux Tank is this 115 Liter Barrel behind the Bulkhead that is also installed in the 109, what can either hold Fuel in the Case of the A8 or MW50 for the 109. was installed to increase the Range. Edit also didnt notice the AUX tank was working,thx Saburo
  20. Put the 109 in a dive, Trim as far back tail heavy as your are able by pushing the Nose down with the Stick and then suddenly pull up..your wings will be happy
  21. Hi Purzel, Das was Nirvi geposted hat von Ciribob ist ein richtiges Script, also wird ausgelöst durch Wegpunkt oder Trigger. Das Script ist wesentlich umfangreicher und hat viel mehr Optionen und ist auch außerhalb meines Know-How wie man ein Script in DCS erstellt das auch noch funktioniert. Aber ich kann dir ne simple Mission machen im Editor die durch Trigger Logic von DCS gesteuert wird, mit Smoke Radio Beacon und Pilot (Infanterie) am Boden zum retten, wenn dir das Hilft zum Testen.
  22. Hi Purzel, Wenn der Pilot ejected KI oder menschlich im Multiplayer, dann steht zwar der Pilot auf dem Boden und als menschlicher Spieler kannst du rumlaufen aber das war's auch schon. Aber interagieren ist nicht möglich momentan in DCS, es besteht keine Möglichkeit den Spieler oder KI Piloten irgendwie anzusteuern über den Editor oder das Sie irgendwo einsteigen könnten. Das es absolut "sexy" wäre wenn es funktionieren würde und der abgeschossen Pilot tatsächlich einsteigen könnte würde immersion auf jedenfalls steigern und die Möglichkeiten. Ich bin letzter Zeit ziemlich viel CSAR geflogen MP und der Ablauf des Skript ist das wenn der Spieler oder KI abgeschossen wird, spawnt eine Infanterie Einheit auf dem Boden die den Piloten darstellen soll. Sobald du in die nähe der Infanterie Einheit fliegst, kannst du Sie aufnehmen per Skript. Ist jetzt nicht so schwierig zu machen, und geht mit dem Editor mit simplen Trigger. Gruß MAD
  23. With some magic you can also drop parachute Illuminating Flares in the Editor. Was in one of the Campaign Mission from the Ka-50 also. That was also used in Afghanistan and droped out from some Antonov Cargo Planes. Not statt of the Art but will do the job for night operation.
  24. Auf die Gefahr hin das ich mit meinem halb Wissen gleich erschossen werde, aber im meine der TARPS Pod wurde im lauf der Jahre auch immer weiter verbessert. Von komplett analogem Pod wo die Bilder nach der Landung zeitraubend ausgewertet wurden, bis zur digitalen Live Übertragung wenn ich mich recht erinnere. Was den Prozess der Auswertung wahrscheinlich auch deutlich beschleunigt hat.
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