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  1. Warlord doesnt want to sound impudent, did work still one of these? Would be the last thing i need to release the Mission? :cry: Because for Misunderstandig sorry, was kind of looking for normal Staffel Skin, was thinking Kurt Bullingen was a extra by your Side :doh:
  2. Thx Mate for your hard work, looks Amazing
  3. Nachdem UGRA-Media auch für die andere "ungenannte" WW2 Simulation Karten und Panzer erstellt, sieht die Map nicht wirklich nach DCS aus. Unsere Epoche an Flugzeugen in DCS, wäre das auch nicht wirklich sinnvoll, Rata mal aussen vor.. Und die nächste in DCS angekündigte Karte für WW2, hieß irgendwie Europe 1944. Ich würde mal nicht davon ausgehen..
  4. Wären nur die zwei Sätze, sind nur 3 Parteien involviert... Bin schon froh das sich überhaupt einer Freiwillig meldet... Hab schon mal alles aufgenommen mit meiner lieblichen Stimme und in Audacity abgemischt, allerdings fehlt halt die Abwechslung in der Tonlage und Sprecher Nr.1 wäre dan RAM Nr.2 Veteran ist das Ok für euch? Veteran ich schick der ne PM zwecks E-Mail...
  5. Veteran und Ram wäre super wenn ihr das beide Übernehmen könntet. Ich kann euch vorab auch die Mission mal zukommen lassen wenn ihr wollt, dan könnt ihr euch selber ein Bild von der Mission machen.. Ich warte momentan auch noch auf JG2 Skins, um für DCS Verhältnisse einigermaßen Semi historische Mission zu machen. An Chir Front und Velikie luki wirds wohl nicht ran kommen aber trotzdem Danke für eure Hilfe
  6. Hallo Zusammen, Ich bräuchte zwei deutsche Sprecher die mir einen kurzen Funkspruch für eine SP Mission für die 190 Anton aufnehmen würden, die ich gerne hier Forum releasen würde. Wäre euch sehr dankbar für eure Hilfe! Nr.1 "Mission erfolgreich, das wird was für die Wochenschau zurück zum Platz" Nr.2 "Verdammt wo ist der Jagdschutz, wir werden hier Zusammengeschossen" Ich hoffe es findet sich jemand.. Kurzer Trailer zur Mission...Work In Progress...
  7. Didnt see it sorry Romeo...case closed :thumbup:
  8. Tank Selector Switch When the Tank Selector Switch is on Open, the Fuel Pump is not drawn any Fuel from the Foward Tank. Is the Fuel Selector on Foward Tank closed, Fuel Pump starting draw Fuel from both Tanks.
  9. Searching for Liveries of both Units equipped with 190s JG 26 & JG 2 Operating on Normandie Coast for Timeframe of 1944 is a freaking Nightmare... So long my preferred Candidate JG2 was in early 1944 armed with A-6 and A-7 Versions dervived from loses that i found from the Squadron. The first hint of A-8 is by June from the new Staffel Leader Kurt Buhlingen, but where the Photo is taken is pretty Unkown, more likley in Germany, and the camo Scheme is pretty different from the rest of the JG2. So was more looking for comon JG2 Squadron Camo, found single black and White Picture from October 1944, from the looks of it the Camo didnt change to much since beginning 1944... The Following 190 is Josef Wurmheller died in early 1944, RLM 74;75;76 and Yellow RLM 04. Warlord if you have realy Time, would do a JG2 Squadron Skin even with these limited Resources would infinitely Grateful :thumbup: Also A6
  10. Thats the Tail Number Generated by DCS Rogo, can only be fixed over the LUA that comes with the Skin, even when you delete the Number in the Editor (Tail Sign) still will patch 00 Number over the Skin.. Nice Skins Warlord, lookin for JG2 Skin without Swastika for SP Mission, would be nice some will do this...
  11. Two beautifull Aircraft to watch, Hawker Hurricane is realy rare Aircraft so think might be intressted... And DC-3 cross all the way over the Atlantic, possible the last Time to visit Europe... Sorry for the bad Quality, have only for record my shaky Handy Cam...
  12. I should put next time more Smileys behind that Fearsome, should be mean Ironic at best, every one can try the 190, abolute beast mode to shoot something Down in the Anton. Yes it doable, but dont think want to see my Fails, because between 16 and 20 m/s climb rate is not that impressive in 1944. But Plane is fine no complains, but I dont think will fly to often with the Anton or at least alone...
  13. After one Week the A8 have allready a fearsome Server Reputation...:) Enjoy
  14. C3 Fuel was later allowed in the second Supercharger Gear, have to look for the Document again... can only assume, that the worsen Fuel Economy by the hard pressed Luftwaffe, was a possible decision against the wide use of C3 Fuel Injection.
  15. Hallo Fritz... Für was ist genau die Sauerstoffdusche gut? Notsauerstoff wenn die Maske ausfällt oder was genau macht die?
  16. Nur als kleine Anmerkung, du musst die Motoren nicht Primen, weil im Gegensatz zu Mustang und Co die deutschen keine Vergaser sondern dirket Einspritzer haben und als Luxus oben drauf elektrische Förderpumpen für den Treibstoffdruck... Die Motoren wurden nur bei Minustemperaturen geprimet, weil sonst normal der Sprit gleich an den kalten Zylinderwänden kondensiert..
  17. Usually moan left and right...but thats how you love your Hobby... Have realy fun tonight with the Anton.. Thx ED for the for the A8 that i get more or less for free... PS...the Windscreen My Defelction Shooting wit the bullet Proof Windsceen
  18. Gut der Haubenrahmen für die Panzerglasscheibe ist ne ziemliche Katastrophe, + die rostige Textur dahinter... Da sollte sich ED noch was einfallen lassen, weil für Deflection Shoots verschwindet der Gegener gefühlt 2 Sekunden dahinter.. Auch noch allgemein noch ziemlich buggy mit Animationen und Tasten Belgung... Aber sonst richtiger Spaß zum Fliegen im MP ist vom Handling wesentlich angenehmer gegen die Spits und Mustangs als die Dora, zu zweit kann man schön austeilen wenn du umsichtig unterwegs bist. Aber gut ich darf mich überhaupt nicht beschweren hab die A8 von ED mehr oder weniger umsonst gekriegt :D
  19. Build up a small Train 6-7 Static Railroad Cars, is there way to count per trigger how many still alive, and make fail Option when the Numbers drop below 50 %? Probably wrong way how to Aproach this...only solution so far was to build Trigger for each Static unit and monitor the Conditon? But that feels wrong for me? Possible LUA Script, but have no Idear how to do this... Hopefully someone knows a way THX.
  20. Possible some one Found allready... Direction of the Compass is wrong it shows East when you actually fly West. (Normandy Map) When you start a Mission, there is a 30 Seconds Input lag, where your Trim for example doesnt work or move in the Wrong direction. (use FFB2) And the Animation of the Gear Fuse doesnt work correctly, on Cold Start when you click him once will power the Gear Mechanic, but goes down first after you close the cover, afterwards the Animation is stuck in the On Position.
  21. Just of Curioisty, my updater downloaded 2,8 GB of Deltas? What exactly is this, was afterwards installing Deltas? New Kind of Data Packing?
  22. MAD-MM

    Black Shark 3?

    Read some Time ago, but never was able to find it again, the Wingtips Countermeasure can repleaced with a third Row Hardpoint. But after as Weta sad, there is no evidence for it, never know how plaussible the Sources are...
  23. MAD-MM

    Black Shark 3?

    It's different System, called SPO-32 PASTEL RWR, after countless Disscussions over the Years the Conclusion was the RWR got never Operational on Ka-50 or past the design Phase. MAK-UFM, nice done ED finally some cool Helicopter Stuff. Round two for the Pesky IGLA Soldiers :D In his Operational History was also more Dealing with asymetric Warfare, then lunch Attacks on SAM Sites. Little bit offtopic, but there is a long long List how the Russian modified the Skhval for beeing night Attack cable, but wonder how this looks like? Was for example Shkval+N (Night Attack), was it operational without the FLIR Turret you see in the most Photos? Never saw any Picture with the Mercuy Low Light Sensor? There also claimed some get FLIR Sensor in to the Skhval and Thermal Mapping. Is there any good Information, about the Night Attack ability?
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