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  1. With the release of the Dora, it was common ED released some intressting Helpfull stuff what you can use to Fly and Dogfight, like Instant Turnrate continious Turn Rate for the varius Warbirds. But this is not case anymore, why dont know this is not anymore happen, to much Pointless Disscussion on the same thing over and over probably. With the release of the Dora Dogfighting the P-51 was doable at normal Weights, slightly higher Sustained Turnrate at medicore Speeds + Climb Rate but it was requesting higher Skill becauseof the bad accelerating Stalls and low Speed Turn was also Bad. (back then I know only handfull of People that was able of doing so). This Information is still visible in this Forum as Diagramm, when look out for hard facts and not XY can not do this because i am not able to do so... But there lot more that knows only ED or Yoyo, about Induced Drag Prob Effencie so on, so you can not see the hole story what happen... But dont know what changed, because this still top "Secret" Policie about Flight Models but everyone is welcome to test out the follow stuff it self: By 6% of Fuel in the Dora and 100% Fuel in P-51 will give the same Amount of Wingload, the Dora have around 1.35 Clmax at 15 AOA and the P-51 have around 1.2 clmax at "SUSTAINED" (i know what is comming). Dora Split Flaps are pretty bad compare to P-51 camber Flaps of the P-51, so this will only work against AI. Not mention the Climb Rate, dont know it right know from FF for this Takeoff Weights but should be significat difference in favour for the Dora. Feel free to Test it, at least I am not able to do something usefull in Dora anymore, absolute struggle (getting old i know) But Boom&Zoom with the Dora that have the worst Accelerating Stalls and high Wingload, for me it's absolute Boring and counter productive to use the Dora in this manner, that can spitfire and P-51 away more better. Can see clearly how hopeless the moste People crusing around the Server without scoreing any kills and try to force something. (yes it is fast wow)
  2. Yes but there is no actual Hind in the Russian Army you can find with something like a IGLA under the Wing. The first apperence of IGLA's was on the Ka-52 and Mi-28 in the past century. Dont think for US more likley they dont spend time an Money to integrate IGLA's in to the Hind (Hardware and Software that was never developed) to simulate something that the Enemy never had. After it is a Training Chopper to Simulate War Games, for me it's more reasoneable a Device to Simulate Attacks. But oblivios can be wrong, because there is not future Information to this Device.
  3. So far in can read out of the Russian Forum, they try to implement the R-60. But it will be there on release is unkown. Pretty Hilarious Storys about this Missle, because Russian Pilots did not have Night Vision Googles in the Afghanistan War, they tryed to pick up Heat Signatures in with R-60 in Night Operations. But success was realitive small, this was the kind of better then Nothing. By the Way there to the Picture tow sides before, like WinterH said the US Army MI-24 that probably Laser Tec stuff to simulate Training. There is no Russian Hind with this Kind of tube below the Hard Points. And P Version we get with SPO-10, was in the Time Frame of Strela Missiles at best. God Side for Technical Information in Englisch, z,b 16 Shturm Missles loadout in the NVA. https://www.16va.be/4.2_les_mi-24_part1_eng.html
  4. Heißt Engine RPM Decrease/Increase
  5. Hallo Kalle, Zum AFN-2 das funktioniert leider nicht, wurde bis jetzt nie richtig funktionierend Umgesetzt. (Signalquelle fehlt, Frequenzen usw.) Es macht nur kurze Ausschläge wenn du die Inner und Outer Marker beim Airfield der Funknavigation überfliegst aber das wars auch schon. Ja Prob Pitch der A8 sollte Funktionieren, von Auto auf Man umstellen und dan noch in der Steuerung RPM decrease und increase belegen, dan kannst entsprechend deine RPM Manuell anpassen. Ich hab die Channel Map nicht, kann sein das noch anderst ist. Auf den restlichen Karten ist die magentische Deklination drin, wenn du im Editor mit dem Lineal einen Strich ziehtst, kommt der rwK raus wie du beschreiben hast, und minus mal minus gibt Plus also 10 Grad dazu (beachte Datum im Editor 1944 war die Deklination noch anderst) sollte Passen. Gruß MAD
  6. Thx Fri, somehowe had the mindset i have seen this Collective before as Aftersale part, but found his ED Post with the self made Cockpit so pretty nice done.
  7. @Razorback, Witch kind of Pedals did you use for Heli Sim? Long Time ago had Saitek Pedals with removed Spring, currently use Crosswind Pedals, but they not realy suited for this kind. Think without good working Pedals with trim, shooting the 30mm should be somehowe difficult. Think your X-52 Collective Extension is also not currently anymore Aviable.
  8. 35 Liter Displacement didnt mean any specific Plane (DB 605 have this), only it doesnt sound like a Voluminous Engine...sound pretty flat in my Opinion trough the entire RPM Range..
  9. BMW 801 have devinitely more rough Sound then Asch82, didnt run that smooth compare to the Asch82T Engine. The only one flying in the World with BMW 801, is the Camoflaged 190 from the Flying Hertiage Museum from the US. Merling sound is the probably the better one in DCS, but still there is no impression you have 35 Liter Displacement under the Hood.
  10. Aus Erfahrung schauen die wenigsten bei DCS beim Warbird Fliegen auf die Instrumente. Trail & Error ist die Devise Weil gerade im Luftkampf bist du eh die meiste Zeit mit den Augen außerhalb vom Cockpit und eher "nicht" auf den Instrumenten. Was dan eher wichtig ist sachen wie Muscle Memory, und learning by Doing. Weil wer konzentriet sich in der VFR Fliegerei hauptsächlich darauf 10 KN Schneller zu sein als dein Gegenüber? Was ich Drotik und Agathos meine herauszulesen sind ehere Standart Verfahren die ihr euch antrainiert habt, Geschwindigkeit Höhe(dazu gehört nicht das Popo Meter) der realen Fliegerei um die Gefahren und menschlichen Fehler möglichst gering zu Halten, weil keiner versucht ein 4 G Turn mit 300 Fuß AGL und 60 KN im Endanflug. Respawn Deaktiviert
  11. SFM ist nicht AFM das hatte ich auch nirgends gesagt, weil habt ihr die AI schon mal im Stall gesehen oder hübschen gescripteten Landeanflug... Aber rein von den Flugparametern Drag AOA ist die KI genau gleich, heißt das was ihr Dogfight seht kann die AI nicht mehr.. Wie genau hab ich dan bitte die UFO KI k4 in der P-51 besiegt, müsste mich ja locker ausfliegen? PS: Was auch immer des sarkastische Kommentar soll, ich hab nur gesagt stimmt nicht brauchst nicht gleich Unfreundlich werden auch wenn du anderer Meinung bist. Jetzt sind wir ja wieder am Anfang, oder um aus einem bekannten Werk von Lewis Carroll zu zitieren..."Were all Mad here!"
  12. Von Yo-Yo ED FM Entwickler: I think that the legends of incredible AI fave their source in simple misunderstanding of energy management. I heard that F-18 can not kill MiG-15 with guns... Yes, it is not a simple task, especially as you are trying to play at MiG's field - it has the best turn at 350-450 kph where F-18 (and Su-27 and MiG-29, too) is not more than a flying joke. Or a sitting duck staring at MiG "in incredible climbs". But as you fly 800-900 kph you can feel yourself in god mode. But the only way to win is deflection shooting (quite easy) . But forget about sticking to its tail. The same is for WWII AI. Anyone can use Tacview and compare two plots - yours and your AI opponent. As far as I remember, it can plot full energy and g-loads in one plot. I am sure that the graph will show that AI does not use "incredible G's" - usually it uses lower G's than you all the way building its energy where human pilot pull G's trying to shoot as soon as possible. I can not say that AI is intelligent and smart like a dogfight championship winners, but it can do two things as a master - energy management and shooting. The best sign of a master is a Tacview record where he won energy against his opponent without giving him a chance to shoot. No. They have just the same drag FM parameters, the same prop and engine. But they never pull too much thinking that they catch the opponent right now. They can wait. And they never forget you any of your mistake. And I just recalled a story: as first 109F and G appearred in Russia, Soviet pilots experienced "Messerfear" reporting that 109s climb as rockets after attacks. But actually the problem was that Soviet pilots had no energy management theory and practice that time.
  13. Ganz ehrlich sowas hab ich noch nie gesehen, oder wäre mir irgendwie Aufgefallen..
  14. KI hat sich nicht verändert in DCS, die selbe Diskussion war im englischen K4 Teil vor einiger Zeit auch schon... Darauf hat auch der ED FM Entwickler geantwortet, das die KI die selben Flugparameter wie der menschliche Spieler hat... Video von mir 12 Min lang P-51 vs K4 AI ..
  15. Manitu da ist absolut kein Unterschied im Flight Model zwischen KI und menschlich... Einzig das die KI nicht in Black out geht und keine Fehler macht wie zu stark ziehen usw... Sonst gleiche Flug Physik wie der Spieler hat...
  16. Halt den Stick neutral in der mitte, Spitfire hat keine Spornrad-Verriegelung.. Möglichst nur die Maschine mit dem Seitenruder in der Spur halten.. Kommt durch das Drehmoment und Propeller Slipstream das deine Maschine nach links Abbiegen will... Querruder nur ganz sanft dagegen halten und minimal Ausschlagen, Spitfire hebt von allein aber also nicht am Stick ziehen das macht alles nur noch Schlimmer...
  17. How long will the Temporary Mission Place? I miss little bit the ATC.. Shame didnt fly for so long Time Korea Server, was hell of fun again...Keep it up :D Little bit of advertising...Greetings MAD
  18. Im Highspeed Handling ist die F-86 überlegen, zumal die MiG-15 bei ziemlich genau Mach 0.9 anfängt auf eine Seite zu Rollen wegen der Kompressibiltät. Da ist bei der F-86 noch Luft nach oben. Bei Hit&Run spielchen gegen zwei menschliche Spieler in der Sabre siehst du ziemlich alt aus in der MIG-15. Im Dogfight ist die MIG-15 überlegen, im langsamen Kurvenkampf kurvt Sie und steig auf jedenfall besser, ist kein Insta Win Button aber Merkbar. Problem an der Sache ist von High Speed zu niedrigen Geschwindigkeiten erstmal zu kommen ohne das man sein Vorteil verliert, weil soweit ich mich noch erinnern kann hat die F-86 eine G-Suit für den Piloten, MIG-15 nicht. Also viele hohe YoYo's fliegen, nicht zur hart Einkurven und nicht die Geduld verlieren.
  19. Yes exactly Saburo, they allow to use C3 in the second Gear (Höhenlader). Was discussed sometime ago, but what i am writing know is Hypothetically. They used the C3 Injection only in first Gear (Bodenlader) because they was afraid it would rise thermal Problems because of the leaner mixture in the second Gear (Höhenlader) rising Cylinder Head Temperature. The Document is exactly about the Time they finished Trails with Emergency Power without C3, didnt have any concerning negativ Temprature effects. So they allow C3 in second Gear Höhenlader also.
  20. By the Way in Found it again, to add more confusion here :D Shot Translation from English: BMW is working in order to allow C3 Fuel Injection above 1 Km Altitude, in the high altitude Blower Gear to increase Climb Power. Testing results still pending. Last important Text note: With the Notification from 20.1.44 above Altitude the Emergency Power is cleared for 10 Minutes.
  21. Can you tell all day long to do not this or this against AI, but you see the AI is not something that is not beatable... But soccer player doenst get good from staring a stratgey Board, only from Training..
  22. The AI was never doing any fancy things that Player doesnt can't do... You have to watch Angels and Energy, thats 90% of People are struggling, because when you have no Energy you can not Engage or Turn, the Turn rate is also depending on your Airspeed... Turning hard as possible doesnt help by any Means Was recorded this morning, this it is not K4 but is the same thing, P-51 vs k4 on Exellent..Video Quility sucks was done only for Training Purpose...Video is 12 mins long..
  23. Thank you enjoyed it...will probably some Day come back to your offer for Russian Voices over.. Thats was probaly the most Pain for me, to get something thats fit's for the Mission..
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