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  1. VOID Ω Squadron Introduction clip. Send us a message if you are ready to start Your journey.
  2. Everyone I know would rather take F-15C over F-15E Strike Eagle. Its faster and more maneuverable jet thats also a single seat which alot of us want. Edit: I think Razbam would make a phenomenal work on the F-15C if they would be the ones to do it (ofcourse after the release of Strike Eagle)
  3. Phase 1 Course 01-22 induction is about to begin. Good luck to all participants!
  4. Formed in The Void, a special needs group arose to fulfil a certain Desire for Virtual Flight with Real Humans at the controls. And so it was that "VOID Ω" came into being... The Evening Star "Wičháȟpi Lúta" burns bright in The Hearts of its Cadre. "Hókahé!" The Viper and Tomcat allow us to move from The Void to an Omega State. We use Teamspeak/Dicord for Social and SRS for Flight. We fly tailor made Online Historical/Full Switch Events which sometimes include other Squadrons and Guests. Online servers include 104th Phoenix, Hoggit, Blue Flag, Alpenwolfs Cold War, ROGUE, Storm of War etc.
  5. It shot down a few Tomcats? How reliable is your source?
  6. Go standalone, there is no reason for going steam
  7. Preordered as soon as I've seen the video teaser with the pre order link Thanks!
  8. You got to know the plane you are flying.
  9. Shouldn't a Viper come out on top in a sustained turn fight against a hornet?
  10. With the last patch the new sound was introduced. Big step forward... it feels really nice and powerful. Clean and crisp jet engine sound... havent flown in formations to hear if they changed or added any additional sounds I really appreciate this. Anyone else noticed?
  11. I don't really see an issue here. It all depends on a situation...
  12. UFC -> List -> 6 -> GS displayed on DED
  13. Thanks for input, I've got few questions. Does it work with our F-16 module? Does it work for all modules? How long do you think the motors will last with everyday flying for about 2 hours?
  14. Can confirm -- can't see any servers and module manager loads indefinitely. I believe they are doing something on backend servers like last time.
  15. I think the game is broken. I can launch into the menu but I can't see ANY servers, and module manager loads and loads indefenitely.
  16. UPDATE: It seems that restarting my PC helps with this issue (for now!). So if anyone got the same problem, restart your PC as a remedy and try to connect again it should work. That being said, I got no clue whats the cause of this issue.
  17. Edit: log file is pasted in the post down bellow.
  18. When I try to connect, I click on "Join" and then I get a loading screen for 3-5 seconds and it gets back to server list again. Is there a remedy to this? A new bug? Started happening when I downloaded a new version of the game (open beta).
  19. I've made it to work! Thank you for your help.
  20. Hey bigalsunit, sorry to bother you. Where can I find this static sound so I can replace it with my audio file?
  21. Thats it man, I remember now! I don't need any mission triggers and those other thing-magics.
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