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  1. Yes, it's possible. Use TOO mode, designate a target with TPOD, and the coordinates will transfer to the JSOW automatically.
  2. Well, that would work if the field elevation was 600 ft, sure. But the trigger shouldn't check for radar altitude or QFE, it should check absolute altitude. And you shouldn't have to set the altimeter to field elevation anyway, if you set it to correct local atmospheric pressure, it should give you the correct altitude. The original post states the weather used was standard atmosphere, 29.92 inHg, which is also the QNH setting. Which is set by default in the Hornet. Something else is going on here. Please post your mission and a track.
  3. Do you think ED will match the "other product"? I'll believe it when I see it, but I sure hope they do... Anything would be better than the current ones though. It's particularly horrible in VR when the clouds rotate when you rotate your head...
  4. I tried joining the discord, but I'm thrown out after a little while each time.
  5. This is beginning to get ridiculous. How hard can it be to add a checkbox in settings?
  6. Yesss!! Nailed another one! Interestingly though, the LSO didn't give me a perfect score... :shifty:
  7. Sounds good. Sounds like you are doing it right, instead of rushed. Looking forward to it.
  8. Thank you for acknowledging this! I can not accept that it could be expected behaviour. If this would be how the real Hornet worked, the software would be rewritten. Software behaviour like this would be completely unacceptable in a real combat environment.
  9. I still have this issue after nov 18 update. Mav-E won't lock until I switch SOI to TPOD. Loses lock when swithching back to Mav SOI. Regains when switching to TPOD. However, it works with the first Mav, I can then get a lock when Mav is SOI! This is most definitely a bug. Attaching track. Mav-E not locking.trk Sub mav-e.miz
  10. It's here, and what a game changer it is! I love it!
  11. I have this issue as well. Primarily, the new post highlights are not removed after reading.
  12. Yes, that's what I was referencing. Thanks anyway!
  13. No, I don't want the TPOD to constantly follow the helmet, just working like you describe would be perfect! I have been cursing more than once, trying to slew the TPOD to a target I can easily see off to my side, and failing. If I can just get the TPOD to look in the direction I designate, I will be one happy puppy!
  14. I can't stop thinking that pointing the Litening targeting pod with the JHMCS would be so practical, and a logical thing to do. Is it done in real life? Is it a feature just not implemented yet, or is it not realistic and will never come? I mean, it's the Joint Helmet Mounted _Cueing_ System, what would be more natural than using it for cueing? With the upcoming feature (see latest Mini update) to designate ground target points with the JHMCS, will the TPOD automatically slave to that target point if activated?
  15. It's a mission in the Raven One campaign. Sorry, don't remember exactly what mission.
  16. Hi! I'm using the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, and I'm flying in VR as well. I'm not familiar with VR FA-18C though. However, I have no issues with using the throttle and stick, regardless of VR or not. As far as i know, the controls you are using shouldn't be related to VR. Are you sure you have your HOTAS set up correctly in settings? I don't use any additional software for either VR or my HOTAS, and it works flawlessly. Try without any extra software, thats just likely to mess things up.
  17. AI Hornet is taxiing right into me on the supercarrier deck, I have no way of escaping. If only I could request a pushback.... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kypmPPuABVUeUYZiCTp5DXAGsBCP_4M8/view?usp=sharing
  18. I have this issue as well, mav won't lock until I sensor select back to TPOD.
  19. It's been updated to be more realistic. Use the "STD HDG" (stored heading) button on the HSI page to cut the time from something like 8 minutes to 1,5 min. Provided you haven't moved your jet since it was last started of course.
  20. Fantastic campaign! Recently finished it, felt so sad it was over so soon! Hence, I started all over again.... :smilewink: The only thing I could have wanted more of was references to last mission in the following briefings. But other than that, all great! Fantastic voice acting, compelling and engaging missions, good variation. Really recommend it! Worth every penny! I'm hungry for more!
  21. It's not viacom, it's vaicom, if you want to google it. There is a subforum for it here as well. It's used as a plugin for VoiceAttack, so you need both. Can be a little bit finicky to set up correctly, but once you get it working, it's wonderful. Especially if you're using VR. And it really adds to the immersion to really talk to ATC, ground crew, your wingman, etc. I really recommend it!
  22. Yeah, that's what I figured was needed, but when I tried, the bombs dropped in pairs. But others seem to have made it work, so maybe I just missed a step! Will try again! Thanks!
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