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  1. Bug: Game Crashing when jumping to RIO's seat after landing and turning off the aircraft Can I reproduce it 100%: yes, for three times (2x on Supercarrier, 1x at Nellis) How to reproduce/ description: Step1: Land, park and turn off your F-14 Step2: jump to RIO's seat Result: The game freezes and you'll be forced to reboot your PC DCS Version: Lastest Stable System Specs: in my signature Mods: A-4E Community, T-45C Goshawk, Hercules, SRS, Scratchpad Tks for your efforts!!
  2. Could you post the Discord channel? I would appreciate
  3. Hi I'd like to make a suggestion... to put the release date of the version available for download in the 1st page aside the version number... Helps players to know if they are up-to-date.
  4. You use VR... I only use a headtracker + camera... the fall of performance with this last update is a shame...
  5. I updated today (stable) and mine is consuming all 32GB RAM + 8GB VRAM.... and little lags on Syria map. It sucks.
  6. Very nice effect you got there another way of achievment is to create a layer over the eyes region, paint it black (or dark green, or gray) and add transparency
  7. For the pilot using sunglasses, you have to paint the eyes with the same sunglasses layer, so it will cover the eyes, like this:
  8. Wow tks Plusnine!! Will check it!!
  9. With no doubt, this is going to be another incredible module!! Can I pay today??
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